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  1. #FreeFlavaJabari

    1. dedegendut


      he's not banned anymore??

    2. mayuuuuu


      wow #FreeFlava is real!!

  2. theres some dots in the center of every floor that point out the floor you are on
  3.   sounds like alot of adrenaline involved in the shock & semi dying part, the sleep one idk, im sure if someone stabs me while im sleeping i'd cry
  4. sometimes i just dunno anymore  
  5. damn now to decide which one to use, umbreon or espeon. dilemma's
  6. 4f will be back in a few days with an update, since he got a 72h postban. not spidey related, i promise
  7. its just a small  shiny umbreon  
  8. damn that was fast, looks pretty sweet, gonna test it rn
  9.    if they portray such a good image for the game, and you put in that much work, why are half of them still the bite/splash animation?
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