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  1. The best suggestion. 10/10 would implement it in the next update.
  2. It would be funny if everything that Kyu mentioned got implemented in the next update, even tho he posted it on april 1st and nobody believed him.
  3. Good job! I like it. Also, I wouldn't mind if you did anything differently from my description.
  4. ♥ Sig/Banner: Sig ♥ Render: [spoiler] http://www.officialpsds.com/images/thumbs/Future-Trunks-Long-Hair-psd69724.png [/spoiler] ♥ GIF: [spoiler] http://33.media.tumblr.com/eeaa30b276ec562cad8ba8bd7d44be22/tumblr_mtzyu2UTD81ruyj56o1_500.gif [/spoiler] ♥ Background: [spoiler] http://i.imgur.com/w3NMAIj.png [/spoiler] ♥ Colour scheme: Black and dark blue ♥ Font: Something like this... [spoiler] http://fontzone.net/fontimage/c/dark-crystal-outline.png [/spoiler] ♥ Name: AustinTheAverage ♥ Team: [OpTc] ♥ Quote: - ♥ Additional information: Place render on the left side of sig and GIF from end of render to right end of sig. Place name and team name where ever you want. P.S. Thanks.
  5. - Pokemon/Evolution Line: Aron and Pidgey line - Size of your monitor (in pixels):1680x1050
  6. Render(s): Pidgeot Animated: Yes, could you put like electricity passing through my name? Background color: Your choice Name: austinp Team Tag: [OpTc] Additional stuff: Nope
  7. - Render or tell me the character/pokemon/w,e that you want and I'll find it. Lairon/Aggron gijinka (Which ever you want to put) and Aggron. - Colour Scheme: Your choice - Animated? Yes - Name? austinp - Team? [OpTc] - Anything else? Nope
  8. - Name : austinp - Pokemon/Render : Aggron, Pidgeot and Dragonite - Dark/Light : Dark - Colors : Dark Blue and Red - Team? : [OpTc] - Extra? : Could you put him: http://th03.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/i/2012/305/f/d/pokemon_trainer_n_by_shikauninspired-d5jicr7.png in middle and pokemons around him? Also could you make flash animation on name (from left to right) ?
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