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  1. Bring a lead with stealth rock and sturdy and 5 swipers. I used excadrill starmie raichu lucario and grachomp (with lvl 30 onix as stealth rock lead). You might start each battle with slight disadvantage but if your swipers are well built then it can be a cakewalk. i went all e4's in a row (except kanto) with 1 item use and 1 defeat (champ grachomp was faster). if you are set against a tank sword dance is your bff
  2. The game probably will never be on app store or play store because they take a large cut out of any transaction made in app (and probably impose some other fee's and limitations in addition)
  3. On my phone almost every time i try to switch pokes on party or the computer the game revert the switch immediately after. I also experienced what you described. I use one plus 6.
  4. Did you try to reorder your party by dragging? the game just refuses to make the switch. There are very annoying bugs that need to be fixed before something like this gets attention.
  5. If the game keeps track after each item individually you are probably right but if the goal is just to avoid something that they might consider not that important this mechanic seems much too complex codewise and they might as well just revert to the state before trick is used.
  6. So even if the balloon bust after i use trick as long as i capture i keep the balloon?
  7. If i use trick on a wild poke with consumable, use consumable then catch the poke, would i keep the item? (For example if i use trick on a drifloom with balloon, take a hit then capture the drifloom)
  8. The starters you get in this game are untradable gift pokemons with low iv, you are going to ditch them anyway. if you want a starter just buy a decent one from gtl or capture one later (they are lategame wild encounters).
  9. The information here is outdated as the shard tutors were replaced by 4 regional tutors in the poke centers and the prices were altered. You need the right items in addition and it is much more expensive now. You can try to get tutor moves and tm via breeding with the right male. If you use field pokes then smeargle is your best friend I accidentally quoted an old post. Can i remove the quote?
  10. Google play takes a cut from any transaction. This is probably the reason the app isn't there
  11. I think an option to filter the pokedex by type, egg groups and learnable moves would be very useful.
  12. update: i have just got past all e4's. the team i used made it feel like a breezer. sharing my team to help any others that might read this: lead: onix with sturdy and stealth rock. this is a sacrifice poke to get past sashes. can be low lvl. i kept screech in case onix is faster than the opponent. might not be neccesary excadrill high attack and speed iv and max ev on both (i got speed to 115 but maxing is probably better) item: leftovers (might not be necessary) sword dance earthquake rock slide rapid spin - used to finish off opponents to pop the speed buff. starmie with natural cure high sp.attack and speed iv and max ev on both item: leftovers (probably unnecessary but it might get you just past 1/2 hp mark on crucial moments) ice beam psychic surf thunderbolt surprisingly it consistently survived earthquakes with more than 1/2 hp. defense iv was 3 and ev was 0. garchomp high attack and speed iv. max ev on both. dragon claw crunch raichu high speed and sp.attack iv. max ev on both (i got speed to 121 but maxing is probably better) surf thunderbolt signal beam - expensive but important counter lucario i had steadfast but inner focus is better as intimidate is annoying this is the same lucario from the subject i maxed hp and speed iv and had 30 attack. probably an overkill. you might do fine with 20+ hp max ev on speed and attack close combat (used move re-learner to learn early) sword dance extremespeed (I got it for sinnoh but cant hurt earlier) meteor mash sword dance is very rewarding but risky. if you are set against a tank with low offense or weak moves use it otherwise it is probably best to attack. i only used an item once. it was a revive and it was just to get the killing blow on the hoenn champion. unova and hoenn was first try sinnoh was 2nd try as the champion's grachomp was faster than mine due to being under lvl'ed on the first attempt. if it is weaken enough starmie's ice beam might kill it. i couldn't test this on kanto as i already got past it long time ago
  13. roykl


    de-evolution theoretically can give a poke access to moves it couldn't learn prior evolving (or could it learn them via breeding?) i think this is problematic.
  14. is there any clarification on whether it is planned in the near future and if it is going to have the same lvl scaling mechanic the original roms have?
  15. I understand. So can we lock this thread?
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