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  1. I had a similar problem.. If I remember correctly, u just have to wait a day or so.. and you can delete the character. u dont have to progress story..
  2. The difference is in other games, u can get a printable diploma or certificate showing that you have caught em all.. In this game, a nice substitute would be a really cool cosmetic.. which is why i asked.. Yes, it is convenient.. but its kinda easy to just google it at that moment too. So i dont feel like its much of a reward.. Yeah, thats kinda nice too.. but its not too hard to just ask someone on global for locations or even ask ur team members.. so again, I dont feel like its much of a reward.. I'm not sure if I understood this point.. are you saying that the pokedex helps in catching other forms of rotom? I've never caught a rotom.. so.. can you elaborate? Overall, I just wanna say that these rewards arent a good enough motivation for the huuuge task of catching em all imo.. also sorry for the laaate reply..
  3. u already can.. u have to press that T button in the top left corner in the pc box..
  4. Is there a night mode for pokemmo forum? if so, where do i enable it??
  5. the wingulls who did the mail service long before never came back... I hope the chatots don't do the same :c
  6. Make a prize for completing pokedex? something like a unique cosmetic or unique particles or lots of pokedollars (or private access to johto xD)...? - It would motivate more people to catch all pokemon and thereby create more stuffs to do other than shunt and PvP and all.. - It doesn't seem to hard to implement too.. (I guess idk) - It goes with the pokemon spirit of 'gotta catch 'em all' - It would be really cool
  7. Plbbrt


    I want this too..
  8. I really want this too..
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