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  1. i gave u 680k already.. when i posted on this forum, i had already paid u through mail... (IGN: DionAlex)
  2. I'll take D6, D3, A7 and B7 I already gave u the money in game.. My IGN is DionAlex.. pls confirm if everything is ok...
  3. oh i thought 200/200 were taken ^_^".. anyway, i mailed u 150k for 10 tickets.. u got em right?
  4. I don't think that's an issue as such.. since they could just add "Do you want to travel to Kanto-Past, Kanto-Future,Johto,Hoenn etc." I think there are other reasons why they haven't added johto yet.. idk what those reasons are tho..
  5. Hanging out with pokegod outside the church city... IGN: DionAlex
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