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  1. Details Challengers must defeat the E4 and the Champion to win the grand prize. Wins must all be confirmed by either a member of the E4 or Neil. Challengers may challenge only once. Until the Champion has been beaten, any Challenger that defeats ALL 4 E4 is rewarded 100k. The first to defeat the 4, and the Champion, gets 1M! Anyone that beats Neil (I'm not an E4 Member ), get's a [Damp Rock]! (Lucky you!) Date & Time Friday, 26th November 2021 5PM PST | 8PM EST | Time Zone Converter How to Join Show up to the Day Care in Hoenn on Channel 1. Defeat the 4 player members of the Elite Four, any order is acceptable, however as previously mentioned wins must be confirmed by either a MEMBER or NEIL. ( = 100k ) Defeat the 4 In addition to the champion (Incoming) = a fat ass 1m. Clauses Evasion / Sleep / OHKO / Unique Species / Self-KO Requirements: Maximum of 2 OU Mons', PELIPPER AND HIPPOWDON ARE BANNED, NO EXCEPTIONS. Comp rules. Tournament Clauses Explained Host Incoming, FunFunder, Vesten, NeilDown, PrinceAdjahni, JokerxMI E4 Prize + Beating the champion (Grande Prize) (Only 1 person can win this) 1M. E4 Prize (Anyone Can win this as long as the event lasts) 100K
  2. Hey there! my buddies and I actually just started a team specifically geared towards NU! Specifically, smashing OU with it. x) if you’d like to join, feel free to PM me (Lncoming), FunFunder, or Vesten in game!
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