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  1. no i am not dead, i was just busy this week and didnt wanna spend effort on this. believe it or not this stuff does take time. ill continue whenever
  2. based off of this (my 500th imgur image yay)
  3. look man im not creative enough to create something out of thin air. pls suggest something
  4. so this is the original topic, made 4.5 years ago, where i started my meme career of drawing stuff shitty for funny. i was eventually permabanned off of these forums within 6 months of joining due to being an edgy shit. i somehow managed to convince the admins to unban me 6 months ago, and i tried to revive my topic. but it didnt seem right. so im gonna revive this topic. please note that my art skills have gone from this: to this: (not an original thing, but eyed off of an art piece, which is how i want to do stuff now) so request away. also i have experience with avatars and sigs. these are all free of charge because i dont care. and if i end up abandoning this topic it's because i am not a good person. but i hope that i dont. so yeah request.
  5. We need you back

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