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  1. Alrighty gang, I take my first crack at speaking while recording without too much of a plan. I think the parts where I had a plan were more distracting than when I was just rambling about things while progressing. Definitely going to be working on getting better at this as I go. Let me know if you have some tips for doing commentary like this! Would be appreciated πŸ™‚
  2. Here is a quick tip for catching a pokemon with a catching moveset from the wild! Enjoy πŸ™‚
  3. Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate you taking the time to watch the video and then let me know what you thought! I definitely am too monotone. I agree πŸ˜› This is something I shall try to work on as I go forward. Do you feel it was improved in this vid?
  4. This video is aiming to answer a question some people have asked in the community: "Where can I spend battle points?"
  5. A common question I see in Global is regarding how to make cottonee learn tailwind. I believe this is likely to make something which is suitable for gym reruns. I go over three ways to get the tailwind you are looking for.
  6. I posted this to Reddit a while back. Enjoy πŸ™‚
  7. I made this quick guide to provide some data and show off 3 approaches to the same method of making money while acquiring lucky eggs that you do not sell for that money. I did am trying a more concise editing style where the pace is faster and the video is altogether more tight. I might have over done the pace increase though compared to some of my other videos. I am not sure. If you have an opinion on this - I would appreciate your feedback and constructive criticism.
  8. Yeah, this is a more basic video tutorial but it is a question I see all the time with newer players. They go to where their friends are and cannot see them. I did this when I was new. It was one of the bigger things to learn for this game. I hope this video will help explain the channels to the new users and old one who are coming back and need a refresher.
  9. Answering a question this time accompanied by a battle. I am trying out a new editing style and I am also trying to make the video appeal at a glance.
  10. This is more of a fun one for me. A feature which I used way too much in my first 20 hours.
  11. Victory Road of Sinnoh can be a little confusing and frustrating if you are not prepared. In this video I note the HMs you need and route you should take to get to the swarm pokemon within the Victory Road of Sinnoh. The swarms here are often rather high value pokemon and very worth the trek to get the extra two pokemon which are beyond the rock climbs and strength puzzles. The thumbnail meme was made by a friend of mine. In this video I also begin using more informed settings for my microphone. Let me know what you think if you can hear the difference!
  12. I go over the chat notifications again. If you want you can skip that using the timestamps in the description / videos chapters. Then I play 20 to 30 second clips of each pheno with no commentary. This is to show off the sounds they make and what they look like. I also show the pheno making an encounter happen by walking into it. Often I also make sure to include the pheno being called out. I think this will be a useful thing to send along to those who ask what I believe is one of the most common questions: What is a pheno?
  13. I discussed the Asterisk with others yesterday and ended up making this as it seemed like an interesting thing to explore.
  14. Certainly I will get there eventually. However as this series is intended as a means of going from start to finish in terms of PvP growth. I think this is a fine starting point. The low barrier to entry means that any player can hop in and have an experience in PvP. They can begin developing their strategy within a battle before having to focus on the immense variables involved in choosing species, their abilities, their IVs, Their EVs, Their Natures, The Moves from the movepools, Understanding team comps, Knowing what moves will best fit the roles for their pokemon, etc. Simply being in a battle, and looking back at the more balanced matches like this one where either party could win I think has a lot of value. What choices were made which affected the outcome of the battle? What moves were super good at helping or harming various strategies? For instance in this fight the Heal Bell, Aromatherapy moves were super clutch. Haze also shined brightly as a very good move. These realizations that these moves, should they have a spot on a team, would be good to fit in is something I do not speak of directly (yet) but hope that by showing them off like this they will be considered for when one goes forward with actually building a team. It is not a short journey to understand the reason for why Pokemon are built as they are. Some people might look at an OU meta vs meta and think the meta is stale because the same species of pokemon are being used... but fail to see that there is so much more on display than just the species. Most people would probably let others do the thinking for them and copy a build for a pokemon / team off the internet and hope it does well. Sometimes they might stumble into a victory and maybe they will learn how to pilot the mons a little bit. But I think those people will be burnt out super fast. So Having a series capturing the learning process from step one (which is hard for me to do since I have played pokemon for years and so therefore have quite a bit of the system memorized) is something I strive to do in order to help people learn along with me essentially. I think this will be good for the longevity of the game and health of the community if more people didn't skip the journey and take on the final boss immediately. But yes, eventually I will dive into breeding, team building, and the rest. I will try to play in every tier. But randoms are where I am starting for now. There will be more foundations to PvP before I get there though. Join me for the journey? πŸ™‚
  15. Hello everyone! This video is the beginning to my series for looking at my approach to PvP and attempting to improve myself while hopefully allowing anyone who is watching to also think through the battle and improve their decision making. My commentary will hopefully improve as well through this as I try here but probably internalized some thoughts which would have been useful to say out loud. There will be growth from here on. I hope this capturing of the learning process will be interesting and informative.
  16. I rushed to make this be my Wednesday video for the catch event! I am releasing it early for anyone who needs some time to prepare! Here is three methods of identifying hidden Zorua within hordes of Lostlorn Forest. Here is the link for the catch event page: And here is the video:
  17. Wanna know what a swarm is? How to find it? I go over that in this video.
  18. The funny thing about this video is that there were people asking about how to do this while I recorded. Anyway, I started exploring this just in time as I was actually pretty close to achieving access to the route.
  19. Hello everyone! Wednesday again πŸ˜„ This time I have a longer video going over the locations where Audino can appear. This route will go over the easier to access places to patrol if you want to find audino. I also made a mistake about halfway through and did a little joking around it when editing since I did not notice when I was recording. (even went so far as to name one of my clips with the mistake.) I hope the meme in the middle is enjoyable. Lemme know.
  20. I go over the basics of honey trees real quick and then show off a fairly decent route for encountering a decent number of honey trees in the more convenient of locations.
  21. Here is a route I follow when looking for Alomomola pheno. Enjoy πŸ™‚
  22. Greeting everyone! Today is my debut to YouTube. Here is my fist video. More to come.
  23. got my SECOND shiny 3 days after my first (claydol as seen a few posts back) 1403 encounters between claydol and geodude.
  24. I made an account for this - My first shiny πŸ˜„ Found it in the volcarona chamber. I am 546 hours into the game so says my trainer card.
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