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  1. The funny thing about this video is that there were people asking about how to do this while I recorded. Anyway, I started exploring this just in time as I was actually pretty close to achieving access to the route.
  2. Hello everyone! Wednesday again πŸ˜„ This time I have a longer video going over the locations where Audino can appear. This route will go over the easier to access places to patrol if you want to find audino. I also made a mistake about halfway through and did a little joking around it when editing since I did not notice when I was recording. (even went so far as to name one of my clips with the mistake.) I hope the meme in the middle is enjoyable. Lemme know.
  3. I go over the basics of honey trees real quick and then show off a fairly decent route for encountering a decent number of honey trees in the more convenient of locations.
  4. Here is a route I follow when looking for Alomomola pheno. Enjoy πŸ™‚
  5. Greeting everyone! Today is my debut to YouTube. Here is my fist video. More to come.
  6. got my SECOND shiny 3 days after my first (claydol as seen a few posts back) 1403 encounters between claydol and geodude.
  7. I made an account for this - My first shiny πŸ˜„ Found it in the volcarona chamber. I am 546 hours into the game so says my trainer card.
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