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  1. I do rematches daily, but i enjoy the catch grinds, ditto boxing seemed good at first until you factor in the bad strings of rng on the repeat balls and your profit goes down massively 😕
  2. See the problem is, it is supposed to be 100% but they nerfed it on pokemmo, which makes no sense.
  3. There is no reason i should have to waste 5+ repeat balls on a 1hp sleeping ditto when it is supposed to be a 100% catch rate. The idea of ditto farming is to profit, and its hard to profit with these nerfed catch rates. Ditto only sells for 180k a box, aka 3k each, so spending more than 1 repeat ball on a ditto catch is so stupid.
  4. Hoenn guide is a bit wrong. Before going to sky pillar to release rayquaza, you need to go to sootopolis and talk to wallace.
  5. I think youre missing the entire point of what i just said, but it's okay, can't sink through to alot of people.
  6. There are also plenty of other moneymaking methods, from amulet coin farming, payday farming, pickup farming, fossil farming, etc which make 150-250k an hour with a proper setup. And the investment into alot of these methods is cheap. My gym rebattle team cost me around 200k and a few hours of xp farming to max out 2 typhlosions.
  7. Atm I just returned to the game, so i have not made a comp team yet, but i have made 8.4mill in 3 days, between gym rebattles, shiny hunting, and ditto box farming. to make a fully comp 5x31 team using a breeding service costs 6.6 mill. so in 3 days ive paid for 1.25 competitive teams. Ive found 1 shiny, which i sold for 5mill, made about 400k a day off rebattles, and 800k ish off ditto boxes a day. Even if you do rebattles and 4 ditto boxes a day which is only a few hours of time investment, (not very much considering most mmo players are no lifers who sit on their game 8+ hours a day), you can easily make 1 comp mon a day.
  8. Kinda disagree, it doesnt take that long to make money on this game to fund a comp team. honestly if the rewards were better i think it would pull more people in.
  9. How long does the average breed take? and is it okay if we hatch the egg ourselves for the OT?
  10. In the tiering post on this forum, FOR pokemmo, the thread itself states " 3. Uncompetitive Moves or abilities may be banned if they are deemed uncompetitive, based on one of the following aspects. Luck based: Uncompetitive Luck based Aspects are those that create unacceptable degrees of RNG that take away autonomy for the players. What may be considered an unacceptable degree is rather subjective, so it’s important to keep in mind that there is always luck involved in Pokemon, but not every luck based aspect needs to be removed. " Weighted coin tosses using any skill link pokemon + king's rock and arguably serene grace mons + kings rock + flinch moves (I am looking at you togekiss) are something that should be banned if following the tiering definitions on pokemmo itself. The goal of competitive pokemon is to reward skill, positioning, and smart play with victory, rather than allowing a player to potentially sweep another player who would have outplayed them in any other circumstance just because they brought X amount of pokemon that can abuse weighted coin tosses and pray for RNG to carry them.
  11. If anyone is interested, my discord is Harmageddon#7876 ❤️
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