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  1. xRdZiiiN

    Top Anime

    seems really interesting , i will check it for sure :)
  2. xRdZiiiN

    RakuenX's Signature Shop

    ➥ Character : Hisoka hxh ➥ Background : u can choose , impress me sensei ^^' ➥ Text : lava , ziiN ➥ Animated : if u think is better , i don't mind animated or not thanks in advance :* @RakuenX
  3. the rest of elfbot type vanities ~ (dark, i have a high expectation on this one, don't let us down darkshade , poison , etc) plz give us a chance to enter in the north pole cave alone this year, shiny hunters will really appreciate. a few new hordes will be cool too ^.^
  4. xRdZiiiN

    Sweet Scense / Recycle Smeargle

    adamant , 252 atk 252 hp. he already have a pretty decent base speed , i don't think is necessary to ev train it. yeah , it's pretty common to see smeargles with sweet scent, if u are planning to shiny hunt / ev train , go for it.
  5. xRdZiiiN

    Should we face inflation?

    and u are here crying about it , instead of do the same ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. xRdZiiiN


    thank god, claim all button finally , i love this game <3
  7. xRdZiiiN

    LAVA Roster

    :'( it's time
  8. xRdZiiiN

    Boss's birthday :)

    uncle mOnKeYdMaThEw happy birthday!!! i wish u the very best bro, enjoy ur day , go have some drinks or do something stupid, idk whatever works for u , ^.^' thanks for invited me to the team back in november :') ~ easily the best team i ever join, in this almost 3 years playing this game. é nois!
  9. xRdZiiiN

    OK team(s) for Gym rematches?

  10. xRdZiiiN

    OK team(s) for Gym rematches?

    i'm listening , ^.^
  11. xRdZiiiN

    OK team(s) for Gym rematches?

    can u be more specific ? i'm interested on this team ~ how fast to beat all gyms? thanks in advance.
  12. xRdZiiiN

    Should we face inflation?

    they're did it with npcs payouts / gym cooldowns , this was 2 , like u said ' zero risk involved ' ways to make $$ , they always do something about the easiest ways to make money , no idea why. and it's easy to be noticed this berry farming method is not something most of ppl know about , i'm mean ... until now , and i already can see they nerfing it in the next update. thanks @xExotic

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