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  1. Mailed you a 30 days donation status pay me after.

  2. 21 boxes is the max boxes u can have , using pc ticket.
  3. gtl sniping , if u have a decent knowledge on how the market works of course. ditto farming, not that profitable as before , but still can make a good amount with lucky and knowledge of the prices. gym run ~ 'free' 300k ~ takes soo long , but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ e4 run ~ if u have a good team to make it fast as possible , can be a really profitable method , bp + $$ . breeders farming , with lucky u can make a pretty decent amount.
  4. I usually don't talk too much about this stuffs , but i feel like the need to shout out (ty, for this opportunity oz ) this 3 amazing persons who i happily can call them friends. @Kalamet , probably my oldest friend in this game since forever , he's one of the smartest and truthful person i had the pleasure to know. tmj mano! @MathewMat , best boss i've had, never change bro , everyone can notice u really like this game and the effort u put on the team ; team members and the community , thank u for make me feel comfortable and capable to trust on people again , i had pretty bad experiences on all my 3 previous teams , but luckily you and a few lava players made me forgot about it , thanks for that. and u can count on me on whatever u need. @RakuenX , best viet player in the game! :^} , always a pleasure to talk to u , cuz i feel like we can relate on a lot of things , really smart and friendly person , i'm glad u are in this team with us raku. *^_^* thank you 3, for always listen and helping me. i really appreciate that.
  5. we were able to get skull fossils , in icirrus city using pick up method , then we can revive cranidos in nacrene city museum , but even that time it's already bugged cuz cranidos always have 6x15 iv's and neutral nature, it was like a gift pokemon , u can't do anything with it ( breed , trade) only a few ppl knew about that, but in the same day i discovered it , one of the staff members mailed me this :
  6. xRdZiiiN

    Player Titles

    i love this suggestion! ^_^
  7. In-Game Name : XRDZIIN Come From : Brasil Picture Character : Played Hours : 999999 + Hobbies : Listen to music all the time, work out , Netflix FTW! Wishes : Live in another country , Learn other languages Favorite Pokemons : Milotic , Shiny Zorark , Shiny Zangoose Favorite Colors : Black , Red. Favorite In-Game : Shiny hunting , Money farming Favorite Animes : Kaiji , Death Note , Shingeki no Kyojin ~~ Favorite Meal : Pop corn FTW!! Beside PokeMMO : League of legends.
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