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  1. anyone know the value of this at moment ??
  2. damn, that's a really well made guide!! ( that reminds me of a old team member of mine, who made several really nice guides too, rip rakuenX ) keep up the amazing work.
  3. i heard a lot of ppl talking about this one, seems like i have to check it out :) ~ are u watching Darwin's games ? i hears it's cool too, but i didn't watched it yet.
  4. for people who only shiny hunt in this game, that was exactly what was missing, now the game is fun again. imo.
  5. Go to Sandgem town, go to the house(Pokemon Research Lab) left side poke center, to talk Rowan he will say a few things then Prof. Oak will show up and upgrade ur dex to National dex. That fat dude on the cave will disappear after that.
  6. damn.. so that's the state of the game we're living now, feelsbadman, i didn't know this was a thing nowadays, seems like we can't really ' trust ' any new rare ot posted here.
  7. u just need to check the highest lvl persian there , then put the most possible outcome for him to have max speed possible, like speed+ nature + 31 iv , then use a site , i usually use psypoke to calculate this things, then u gonna need ur Gothitelle to be faster than that. i hope this help u , a bit.
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