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  1. damn.. so that's the state of the game we're living now, feelsbadman, i didn't know this was a thing nowadays, seems like we can't really ' trust ' any new rare ot posted here.
  2. u just need to check the highest lvl persian there , then put the most possible outcome for him to have max speed possible, like speed+ nature + 31 iv , then use a site , i usually use psypoke to calculate this things, then u gonna need ur Gothitelle to be faster than that. i hope this help u , a bit.
  3. só com a super. only super rod.
  4. try spam metronome on a double battle npc match , maybe u can find a signature move that way.
  5. i can confirm ~ amazing guide btw. @Dibz
  6. the best and maybe the only good part about this game , is cuz we have waaay to many things to do here , just try to find something u enjoy.
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