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  1. xRdZiiiN

    Top Anime

    lol , what a weeb
  2. xRdZiiiN

    Top Anime

    boku no hero!!!
  3. xRdZiiiN

    Got An Idea For New Hordes

  4. xRdZiiiN

    Chinese New Year Lottery

    10 ~ XRDZIIN
  5. xRdZiiiN

    guess the new vanities

    tepig clothes on valentines day , seems about right :^)
  6. xRdZiiiN

    Make catch rates great again!

    how to ruin something, where no one had any complaints before, they're really good at doing it. ^^ island run , gym run 'old cooldowns' , catch rate for breeders farming , they thought it's a good idea to max size, axew / deino horde probably 2 of the most desired shinies when unova was release , look it now .. nobody cares about this shinies anymore (: , and so much other things. what's next for them to ruin !? zzzz
  7. xRdZiiiN

    Nanana Batman

    28 ~ XRDZIIN
  8. hahahhaha , at least ur smeargle is now level 77 , worth the exp from that shiny :^)
  9. xRdZiiiN

    Ironman Mode

    i love this idea , i never played runescape but recently i'm been watching a lot ultimate ironman videos by settled, it's really interesting for hard core mmo players. this could works nice here on pokemmo, but i bet this idea never will be considered, unfortunately. :(
  10. xRdZiiiN

    Shiny Showcase

  11. xRdZiiiN

    Thanks läva

    woah that's unexpected , but good luck for u bro , i always saw u as a smart and cool player / team mate, i hope u comeback someday *^_^*
  12. xRdZiiiN

    Basic GTL observations over 3 months

    i think u could take notes on raw rp price as well , it's a really important thing to keep yours eyes on , right now rp is kinda stabilizing little by little , cuz we don't have nothing too desired on gift shop. overall i liked what u did here , keep it up. *^_^*
  13. xRdZiiiN

    Charmander great hunt !

    pretty nice event :^)
  14. xRdZiiiN

    Shiny Showcase

    u can take off that non animated unown , thanks.

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