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  1. xRdZiiiN

    Happy Halloween - Lottery

    10 - XRDZIIN
  2. xRdZiiiN

    Sweet scent usage

    it's pretty much to negate shiny hunting abuse. and sweet scent max pp , u are able to use 6 times
  3. xRdZiiiN

    Events for pokeMMO

    i like the pokemmo anniversary event , it's a nice thing to celebrate i guess. in my opinion this game really need at least 1 or 2 others 'big events' like hallowen / christmas. about your other suggestions i'm not sure , we already have catch and others events and team events as well.
  4. we need this and a ''claim all'' button for gtl aswell. zzz
  5. xRdZiiiN

    Shiny Showcase

    ~ she can try , but can't beat me >) @EmoDuck nice collection btw.
  6. xRdZiiiN

    PokeMMO「Item Dex」2018

    mt ember drops ~ i spent a few days there xD. ponyta / rapidash > shuca berry , spearow/ fearow > sharp break , magmar > magmarizer/pecha berry , machop > focus band.
  7. xRdZiiiN

    Ew It's Goku!

    Date: Expiring date 2018-9-23 interesting.
  8. xRdZiiiN

    Need Dust Cloud Dex Entries 100k

    i only know about swanna / ducklett , they usually appears on moor of icirrus , village bridge , marvelous bridge water thing or shadow. i wish u good luck , this days almost nobody is hunting phenos , unfortunately ;/
  9. xRdZiiiN

    Rip my OT shiny

    feelsbaarfman :^) ~ i didn't know about this sh't mechanic ~ rip
  10. xRdZiiiN

    Pokemon Contest ( inherit Contest Ribbon )

    gracias , thanks!! i will try it ~
  11. xRdZiiiN

    Pokemon Contest ( inherit Contest Ribbon )

    teach me how did u managed to get almost all ribbons , plz sensei.
  12. xRdZiiiN

    Shiny Showcase

  13. xRdZiiiN

    Gráficos Totalmente pixelados

    kkkkkk , e as estações mano , como já disseram, muda todo mês.por isso você tá achando estranho. fora que esse jogo não é para ser 100% idêntico ao original do gba. muda alguns pokemons de acordo com a estação que tiver, e alguns npcs diferentes aparecem. -- it's the seasons , they change every month. so you're finding it strange. and this game it's not 100% based on the original one from gba. u will see a few different pokemons matching the season, and a few different npcs as well.
  14. xRdZiiiN


  15. xRdZiiiN

    Top Anime

    lol i didn't know that , thanks, i will check it out tonight for sure !!

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