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  1. xRdZiiiN

    [Pre-comp] E.V. Training Guide

    we have better places for sp.atk now , victory road outside 100% x5 heatmor , undella town / village bridge grass 100% x5 golduck.
  2. xRdZiiiN

    What do you like to do while playing PokeMMO?

    i'm always watching some series or animes on my cellphone while doing shiny hunting, it's less boring for me that way. ^^
  3. xRdZiiiN

    [GUI] Tansparent

    help , @Alouu
  4. xRdZiiiN

    Resizing PC-boxes

    thank you so much.
  5. xRdZiiiN

    Zebstrika hordes lost to the Update?

    not only this one ^.^ ~ i checked almost every horde spots , so far i counted 17 removed hordes , and i only saw 4 '' max sized '' ~ i really want to know why they did it as well ~
  6. xRdZiiiN

    Resizing PC-boxes

    this seems no longer working , plz help @Tritios , @YettoDie
  7. xRdZiiiN


    maybe axew aswell ? rip ~ deino new ratata ~
  8. xRdZiiiN

    time to mess with the economy again?

    i bought quite a few from time to time , when i saw 1 ~ 1.5k ones, it's quite frequently actually ~ and i can be wrong about this, but this is the only thing i can think about of that specific change. About the others changes i don't know what we can gain or lose ~.
  9. xRdZiiiN

    time to mess with the economy again?

    I think this is the other purpose of this especific gtl change, gonna encourage ppl farming their own shittos if they don't want to pay the '' new price ''. and cuz way too many ppl getting shinys from eggs and doing egg hunting now, this gonna make it a bit harder. This gonna hurt their pockets a bit, rich guys which don't care to pay 2.5k and other ppl who still prefer buy, instead of farming it, cuz we all know farming shittos is really boring ~ imo.
  10. xRdZiiiN

    time to mess with the economy again?

    i can see this increasing shittos prices , at least from gtl ~
  11. xRdZiiiN

    Feebas Hunting.

    @MagnificentSpeed try the small river ~ mauvile >> pass the river then go up , pass the high grasses , and u will see the small river. ( small, in comparison with the other one near fortree ) fish atleast 2 times in each tile ~ call other ppls to help u with that ~ usually chineses players is there if u go in the right time ~ only super rod works for feebas ~ tiles change every 50 minutes ~ that's it ~ good luck ~
  12. xRdZiiiN

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    i caught 9 in 1 month , november last year , i guess this is the record so far ~
  13. xRdZiiiN

    Big Bird's Lottery

    33 ~ XRDZIIN
  14. xRdZiiiN

    RakuenX's Signature Shop

    u mean mikasa ?
  15. xRdZiiiN

    RakuenX's Signature Shop

    kid neliel ~ if u can do something with this photo i really gonna appreciate ~ :^} - like she's screaming > Lävaaa ~ and my name on it somehow - animated if u can ty in advance.

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