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  1. Idk why are you taking gym matches so seriously, 2 typhlosions already kill the gym pokes really easily.. no need to point that thing again and again, It won't make much difference in time. Also they can simply increase the difficulty of gyms if we can really defeat gyms faster with legendary pokes. Some specific legendary pokes would still be cool to add.
  2. xD I think this is the last time they are giving us an ETA for something, the amount of people getting mad and posting about the same shit is insane.
  3. Like... Why? Who compares soldiers with mmo friends? For what? No I'm really not getting the point of this.. Also yea we need more room, I remember sending friend request to several people and can't cause they're already full.
  4. Time management I'm a professional Procrastinator
  5. F I mean the devs should do something for Safari shiny pokes ngl, I don't go to safari just for that reason
  6. Gym rematch + Elite Four Rematch if you can do it twice a day, it's still not that bad.
  7. 420 pokeballs is a better deal. Also @Adminwas last online before the thread creator was born so there's no point in pinging them to move the thread.
  8. For what reason you want stats to be limited from 300-400?
  9. another year for a bird to animate
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