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  1. I've heard you can get a Jump Stone by using the move "Beach Smash" on Navel Rock.
  2. padoru padoru Wait, that's the wrong holiday.
  3. Well shit, is that what it was all about? I was half-expecting some kind of weird dupe glitch or a thief tactic, but that's pretty interesting.
  4. The ability to filter Pokemon in the Pokedex by what egg group they're in.
  5. Splash Sing Mud Sport Water Sport
  6. Definitely hopefully never. Also, Firered/Leafgreen added Sevii. That's a region mostly exclusive to FR/LG. There's also a lot of mechanical differences between FR/LG and R/B/Y that have them stand apart from each other.
  7. It's a tie between Dunsparce and Stunfisk.
  8. It may not do anything, but I like having it in my collection.
  9. Emolga, Emolga, Emolga, Emolga, Stunfisk. Magikarp & Bidoof are optional if you wanna use them.
  10. I learned about this game in 2012 from some YouTube video I think. I was just getting bored of RuneScape and I thought this game looked interesting. My first few months were probably the most fun. Game was pretty full of life at the time. I still play but it doesn't really give off the same energy it used to have.
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