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  1. Necromancy is forbidden in Pokemmo. No bringing back dead threads.
  2. Noad was the one that sounded like Tracer, right? Those were good times.
  3. I'm the only one doing anything around here. These people just take all the credit.
  4. Still waiting for shinies in Pokemon GO...
  5. This is bullshit. The dice and the universe does not retain memory of previous rolls. This is akin to gambler's fallacy. STATISTICALLY, given all things being fair, over an infinite amount of rolls, we should see an equal result of all 6 numbers showing up. But we as people don't work in infinites. Finite rolls mean skewed results. Maybe your first 100 rolls will be 1. The probability of that happening is very low, but it can happen. All while the guy next to you rolls all 2 for their first 100 rolls. You guys really need to just stop. RNG is RNG. It's rando
  6. I'll tell you something Desu doesn't want you to know.... If you enter the Konami code (minus select and start) before an encounter, it will increase your chances. Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A Good luck! Also, stop with the butthurts.
  7. Yeah in the old forum, I ripped out plenty of stupid shit that only fed egos or was pointless. I have no say over the update changes, just here for lulz. :)
  9. Gizmo

    Daily Tasks

    It's already been discussed and there's a good chance of it happening after other stuff is done. It'll be basic to start with, such as "defeat/capture X AMOUNT of TYPE pokemon". So for example "Catch 10 wild grass type pokemon" or "Defeat 10 fire type pokemon in trainer battles" or "Win 10 PvP battles with a water type pokemon". Beyond that, it hasn't been fleshed out more. My thought was always offer players something similar to how GW2 does daily quests. Offer players about 10 possible quests to do each day, once they've completed 5 of them, they get a reward. After completing x amount of da
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