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  1. CaptainGrey will be the host for this lovely event, it's been a damn pleasure everyone.
  2. 1m on NoMercy defeating The Raging Lions, any takers?
  3. Idk, it would be cool for someone to make them for us though.
  4. I asked Grey about this and we both agreed on if a player is qualified for the final, they are not allowed to play in any future qualifiers. This gives other players that aren't qualified a chance to also get an invite.
  5. CaptainGrey and myself agreed on the following prizes for the final. 1st Place: Shiny Lotad + Shiny Cloyster + Shiny Hoppip 2nd Place: Shiny Sandslash + Shiny Gyardos 3rd Place: Shiny Marowak + Shiny Slugma We aren't rich, so we would love any donations. Your donations will be used as prizes for the qualifiers. Obviously this tournament is going to last for the whole year, so expect a prize bump over time. I would like to wish everyone the best of luck, let's make this a wonderful year.
  6. Not going to bother updating the poster, but you should read what i said a page back ;)
  7. Qbeertje and I agreed to play our match tomorrow at 1PM EST.
  8. I would like to thank the refs that sacrificed their time to help me with this tournament, you guys are the true MVPs. I hope you guys enjoyed this tournament, and a huge congratulations to the winners. I got a NU tournament planned sometime this month, the prize will be good. With that being said, I would like to wish everyone a happy new year!
  9. This tournament will be starting in 1 hour. [spoiler]Don't bother registering now, I will not add you to the bracket ;) [/spoiler]
  10. Thanks for the reconnect feature, you don't understand how helpful it's been for me. With that being said, feel free to send some RNG my way so I can catch me a shiny Charmander. k thx

    1. ObamaExNo2


      yus, it halps when iz in das battle.

  11. This mod should be working, I've used it couple times on the live server.
  12. Btw i caught a OT Ponyta recently, it was a huge disappointment so i gave it to a friend. Still hunting for that charmander.
  13. So i did a couple practice matches with Jayfeatskydd and we had to restart the match couple times with the doubles format. I think Clefairy Cup wouldn't but as much fun that way, so I've decided to make it 4v4 singles format instead. I hope to see everyone there!
  14. Registration is now closed, I will ask Sparkie to lock this thread. If you have any questions regarding this tournament, feel free to PM me.
  15. Added as ref. I prefer these members to sign themselves up, I just spoke to GokusSSGSS and he said he wouldn't be able to play in this tournament.
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