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  1. OldManHassan <3

  2. Ex-hubbu :c

  3. Have a good one

  4. Thanks for the reconnect feature, you don't understand how helpful it's been for me. With that being said, feel free to send some RNG my way so I can catch me a shiny Charmander. k thx

    1. ObamaExNo2


      yus, it halps when iz in das battle.

  5. This mod should be working, I've used it couple times on the live server.
  6. Btw i caught a OT Ponyta recently, it was a huge disappointment so i gave it to a friend. Still hunting for that charmander.  
  7. I got something planned  ;)   Also, I sent you a PM regarding values.
  8. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/59159-psl-betting-thread/page-15#entry1193719   Is this a good offer for a shiny Bulba? 
  9. Holy shit, I always asked myself if that's possible. Did you just just encounter that?
  10. I just don't like to see devs putting a lot of focus on these events. GTL was a good step forward, we still need to reduce the tax though. Tbh I was more hyped for the re-connection button. I still have hope, hopefully in the future they would give us something to login for other than PSL  ;)   [spoiler]Holloween event > Christmas event[/spoiler]
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