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  1. Noad

    "Bad luck"

    I'd strongly advise you do not do this as it would mean yourself and the buyer receiving a permanent ban, then there will be sad pandas all round.
  2. Gratz on the Karate Kitty, it's a nice shiny.
  3. Noad

    / Unofficial / Vanity rares existence.

    I think I am the only one with a pink one, everyone else's are red. Also I don't know about the hammer, personally I think it's not as cool anymore now it doesn't have a glow effect.
  4. Noad

    [Art] [Avatar] [Sig] [Shop] bimps draws

    That's genuinely rather adorable, many thanks.
  5. Noad

    [Art] [Avatar] [Sig] [Shop] bimps draws

    Hey Bimps, Because I was merciful could you perhaps draw me a Skitty, please? :^]
  6. Noad

    get rid of the 5 post needed to post a suggestion

    I agree with you Petard, posting 5 times does not make someone less stupid. It does not make sense to me that someone who makes 5 rando posts in Introductions is more qualified to post in Suggestions than a player who has joined the forums with the intention to give feedback.
  7. Noad

    Event Alert

    Perhaps when tournaments appear in game it could give you the option to "suscribe" to it. Then in the future you would receive an alert ingame the day of the tournament. Just throwing around an idea that I had stored away for a while.
  8. Noad

    / Unofficial / Vanity rares existence.

    Pink candy cane - Noad vanity.
  9. You have two characters on your account, one has commenced the Kanto storyline and has a level 47 Venusaur, one has not. I believe you may be confusing these characters. If you are still having trouble figuring out drop me a PM on the forums.
  10. Noad

    new mayor of pokemmo BESTFRIENDS

    Well deserved Bestfriends. Keep flying the flag for PokeMMO!
  11. Noad

    PP Up/Max for BP or something similar

    Moderators aren't involved in development decisions, developers are. Saying that, Devs are very good at taking into account reasonable suggestions from the community. I've moved this to the correct subforum as you have requested, DrButler.
  12. Your Pokemon come with you when you travel to a region for the first time, however they are transferred to your PC box. Your Pokemon will be subject to the new region's level cap and you will need to unlock the correct amount of badges before you can use them in battle. If you look in your PC box when visiting any region it will indicate which ones can currently be used due to level cap.
  13. Noad

    Happy New Year 2018!

    Never give up on your dream. @Everyone for when it turns 2018
  14. Noad

    Travel Questions

    You can choose between Kanto, Hoenn and Unova as your starting region and then travel to the others (depending on if you have the corresponding roms available). You can use each region's docks to travel between them (Vermillion/Slateport/Castelia). Johto is not an available region in PokeMMO.
  15. Noad

    Many thanks !

    Feebas is only available in Hoenn, all Pokemon locations are available via the in game Pokedex: Glad to hear you are enjoying the game, have a great weekend!

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