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  1. @Toast whilst creating a name for your evolved form is entirely optional, I am sure you can come up with something more imaginative than that. ;)
  2. Please can artists edit their posts to indicate what their actual entry is. Multiple people are posting 2-3 drawn images and it's getting confusing. I will not be accepting entries from people who have posted more than once. Please observe the following rule in the opening post: Rules Only one entry per user, if you wish to replace an entry please do so by editing your post and replacing your current entry.
  3. Another Sparkie themed shiny I see 8)
  4. I really appreciate the concern regarding originality of entries here but please let us (the judges) worry about that. I would rather this thread focus on each other's achievements and talent rather than bringing others down. Please bear this in mind when posting here in the future, I'd rather not have conflict as it may scare away new people from entering.
  5. Frequently asked questions.

    You need to collect the gym badges in the new region for them to obey you.
  6. I do not think that the individuals reminding artists that they need to post on or after the 6th are trying to be insulting, just wanting to make sure their entry is valid. If the pictures posted in this thread so far are anything to go by, I think this contest will be very tough to judge. Good luck to all! To clear up any confusion: Only entries posted on 6th October to 6th November will be accepted in this contest.
  7. New meta is coming (part 1/2)

    Little Cup is an official tier but it needs a lot of work. I am hoping to see the Tier Council spend some time on it but for now I understand their focus on the three main tiers, they have a lot of work to do. I am, however, interested in your reasoning that Eviolite should be banned in Little Cup because (as far as I am aware) it was never banned from Little Cup in the past. But this is perhaps an argument for a different time/thread.
  8. Thanks, there was me thinking I'd got them all! Removed Audino from the list.
  9. Explanation You are required to create a piece of work depicting an evolved form for a Pokemon that are currently not part of an evolutionary line. You must submit one entry and accompany it with the following: Character Name: Pokemon your evolved form is based upon: Name of evolved form: <Optional> Typing of evolved form: <Optional> Entries must depict the final form evolution for a Pokemon, not a Pre-evolution.Artists are welcome to use any medium they like to create their entry, pictures drawn digitally or on paper will be judged the same. Please make sure you read the rules before submitting your entry, I look forward to seeing some great submissions. Eligible Pokemon for this contest: Legendaries, Mythical Pokemon & Pokemon with a Mega Evolution are disqualified from this contest Date/Time for submission Friday 6th October 12am BST to Monday 6th November 11:59pm BST Prizes First Place: Shiny Gift Smeargle Your choice of nature, two moves, 2x31 and 4x25 IVs & 1000 Reward Points or 1,000,000 Pokeyen Second Place: 700 Reward Points or 700,000 Pokeyen Third Place: 300 Reward Points or 300,000 Pokeyen Rules Only one entry per user, if you wish to replace an entry please do so by editing your post and replacing your current entry. Art work must be 100% original. If entries are found to be plagiarised then you will be disqualified from this contest. All submissions must be made in this thread. The post that contains your submission must also include your IGN. Please state which Pokemon you artwork is based on. You are only allowed to enter a final form evolution for a Pokemon, not a Pre-evolution. If you have any questions regarding this event, please feel free to message me. Based on the Baby Pokemon Art Contest Host: Noad Additional Judges: Gilan KaynineXL Munya Bearminator XelaKebert
  10. Wahey, suits your character name :P
  11. New bike skins

    Hello there Dinkle, As Gilan stated, this belongs in our vanity items/character customisation thread. Darkshade is more likely to see suggestions there and as you have posted already I shall close this thread for you. ;)
  12. Aww no D: that is really bad luck. I hope you find another shiny Doggo soon @JLxKaos!! Side note: I've been horde hunting a lot at route 114, used 1000+ berries as of now, so this is by far my longest hunt yet!
  13. At least it wasn't a Raticate!

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