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  1. This is something staff has requested a few times now along with Hidden Power available for ACP prizes. As far as I am aware it is on a list of things to do but currently the new region is the main focus for Developers (or so I have been told).
  2. Could be wrong but I think this is something Desu cannot fix due to it being a feature of the forum host. As I said I could be wrong, I al sure someone will be along shortly to tell me if that is the case.
  3. Help reunite staff members with their beloved mascots in this round based catching event! Details: There will be 11 rounds in this competition. You will need access to all maps across both regions to participate in this event. In the first 10 rounds of the event a Pokemon's Species and Nature will be announced in CHANNEL CHAT by the event host. The first person to link the Pokemon in NORMAL CHAT of Oak's Lab, Pallet Town Channel 7 wins that round! *BONUS ROUND* In the 11th round the event host will announce a species of Pokemon. Players will then have 30 minutes to go and catch that species of Pokemon with the highest IVs possible. The player who submits that species of Pokemon with the highest IVs wins the bonus round. Rules: Pokemon must have the OT of the player submitting it as an entry. Event information will be broadcast over CHANNEL CHAT, players should keep channel chat free of spam and be considerate to other users. Pokemon must be obtained after the required Pokemon is revealed in chat. All Pokemon must have no EVs and be submitted at the level it was caught. In the unlikely circumstance of a draw, the winner will be decided by earliest catch time. Any attempts to cheat will result in disqualification. Date: Sunday 9th July Time: 1:00 PM BST | 8:00 AM EDT | 10:00 PM AEST Location: Petalbury City Pokemon Centre Channel 7 Prize: Rounds 1 - 10: $100,000 Pokeyen per round Round 11: $1,000,000 Pokeyen to the winning entry Your host: Noad
  4. Cutest Tentacruel on the server
  5. Rae, give this man the prize.
  6. Does anyone have a link to the spreadsheet I can't find it? Many thanks!
  7. Update Little Cup usage with: Updated Doubles usage with:
  8. These cute little red squirrels are now extinct where I live because grey squirrels got imported and killed them all. :'( @KaynineXL will know. Basically the UK is overrun with killer squirrels
  9. Re-opened
  10. Trade Corner Rules Trade Corner Moderators: Bearminator Rulana TheChampionMike Welcome to PokeMMO’s Trade Corner sub-forum! The Trade Corner is a place for players to trade in game items / Pokemon, currency (Pokeyen) and services. Whilst we hope you enjoy your time here, there are some section specific rules we ask you to abide by. Welcome to PokeMMO’s Trade Corner sub-forum! The Trade Corner is a place for players to trade in game items / Pokemon, currency (Pokeyen)and services. Whilst we hope you enjoy your time here, there are some section specific rules we ask you to abide by. 1. Absolutely no Real Money Trading (aka Real World Trading) can take place. Real Money Trading (RMT) is the sale of in-game items, currency, characters or other data in order to obtain real money. RMT activity is strictly prohibited and any players caught participating in RMT-related activities will be punished. 2. Only one thread may be open at one time per user. We would recommend editing your existing thread rather than starting a new one as you will not be allowed to make a new thread until your existing one is closed.If you would like your thread to be closed, send a private message to a Global Moderator or Trade Corner Moderator and change the title of your thread to "Please Lock". You can find a list of Moderators here: 3. Shared or team threads are not allowed. 4. Posts that do not contribute to the trade or otherwise have no reason to be there are considered spam and will be removed. 5. Do not make threads or posts asking for donations, commonly referred to as “begging”. 6. Bumping is fine but please observe the following rules; If your thread is on the first page you may bump it once every 24 hours. If your thread has made it past the first page, you may bump it back to the first page regardless of the last time you bumped it. However once it is back on the first page you must wait 24 hours before bumping it again. 7. Restrictions on thread titles: No excessive usage of caps, punctuation or special characters (such as "BAGON AUCTION GOING FAST!!!!!!!" or "☻☺☻☺☻Example's☺☻Shop☻☺☻☺☻") No more than 60 characters may be used in your thread title. Subjective or opinionated terms (such as "Godly", "Amazing", etc.) should not be used for describing any goods in titles. 8. We do not allow threads asking for or discussing values. 9. Lottery Rules: Trade Corner Moderators have discussed how to ensure the validity of player run lotteries. We are now enforcing guidelines that govern how this transaction takes place. Players creating a lottery must first private message a Trade Corner Moderator before creating a thread. The player must mail the item/Pokemon being raffled to the Staff member who will keep it safe until all tickets are sold. Once all tickets are sold the staff member in question will draw the number and mail the prize to the winner. Lottery threads must not be opened until the staff member has confirmed receipt of the prize. 10. Threads will be trashed after two weeks or more of inactivity. 11. The Code of Conduct applies here as well as in all other forums. This can be found here:
  11. God no wonder you didn't get picked.
  12. I like Eric, I dont think he should be replaced. But I was kinda surprised Jovi wasn't picked as Manager after last season tbh.
  13. Can confirm the Gendry/Mike twin theory.
  14. This isnt even one of Mikey's event lol. This was most likely a result of me updating the HoF after a long day at work. Apologies @belieberboy, I will amend it immediately.
  15. You dont need to whisper me, just pm me the cash and it will stay in my inbox until cash needs to exchange hands ;) PS- Buy some raffle tickets please