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  1. restricted to staff members???

    The server can only be accessed by staff members because of an update taking place. Players will be allowed onto the server in due course.
  2. Catch Event Prize

    A lot of the players who take part in catching events do not really compete in tournaments, therefore it would be a bit unfair to give them a prize they will not use. One way I could see to get around this issue is to perhaps offer a choice between a shiny version of a Pokemon or a non shiny Competitive one.
  3. Entries are now being accepted for this contest.
  4. Shiny Hoothoot & Noctowl lottery

    Just a post to confirm that I have the shiny HootHoot and Noctowl.
  5. 12 Days of Moemon?


    1. Moetal


      Moemoe is dead along with moemon 

    2. Noad


      That's sad, hope you have a nice Christmas 

    3. Moetal


      So a certain bird told me to tell you the results won't matter and my entry already won.

  6. A PokeMMO Christmas Carol Brief: For this contest we want you to take a Christmas carol and change the lyrics to suit a Pokemon theme. Only the Christmas carols we have selected and listed below may be used. For this contest we are allowing you to make up to two entries. For example, if you have chosen "Jingle Bells" you may change the first lines from "Dashing through the snow, In a one horse open sleigh" to "Dashing through Viridian Forest, In a Rapidash led sleigh". Be mindful that the lyrics should still keep in good timing with the tune of the carol. Eligible Christmas carols for this contest: Frosty the Snowman Lyrics: Carol of the Bells Lyrics: Jingle Bells Lyrics: Twelve Days of Christmas Lyrics: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Lyrics: Sleigh Ride Lyrics: Let it Snow Lyrics: Winter Wonderland Lyrics: Date/Time for submission: Friday 8th December 12am GMT to Friday 29th December 11:59pm GMT Prizes: First Place: Santa Suit Vanity & 1000 Reward Points or 1,000,000 Pokeyen Second Place: 700 Reward Points or 700,000 Pokeyen Third Place: 300 Reward Points or 300,000 Pokeyen Rules Two entries per user. Lyrics must be 100% original. If entries are found to be plagiarised then you will be disqualified from this contest. All submissions must be made in this thread. The post that contains your submission must also include your IGN. Any entries that violate the Code of Conduct or general forum posting rules will result in disqualification and punishment. If you have any questions regarding this event, please feel free to message me. Host: Noad Additional Judges: Bilburt Rigamorty Perreh Bearminator XelaKebert Zehkar
  7. Evolution Art Contest The Results 1st Place - Suigin What the judges likes about this entry was how it "made sense", you can instantly tell the evolution line and it fits very well. A few of our judges commented on how the presentation of the entry fit with Smeargle characteristics, the shaded piece makes you feel like this Pokemon is elusive. It's almost like it wants to avoid being seen as Smeargle has low defences and needs to avoid taking a hit. The Pokemon in this entry is an enigma and the fact it also is an artist Pokemon made me personally draw an amusing connection to the real life artist Banksy. 2nd Place - SodaNaranja Judges also thought that this entry also fit in well with its Pre-Evolution. One thing that we felt stood out in this entry was that the Pokemon was designed to suit the environment it inhabits. It makes sense for Delibird's evolution to have a cloak to shield it from the snowy, arctic temperatures of Mountainous regions. Soda's signature clean line work was also appreciated by judges. 3rd Place - Debuti Judges really found it smart how different elements of Dhelmise were incorporated into its evolution. This entry is definitely an upgrade from its Pre-Evolution and stays true to its part ghost typing with the skull addition and its grass typing by showing the growth of the seaweed covering it. Noad's Honourable Mention(s) Both honourable mentions will receive a small token of my appreciation for their entries. WolfgangDamien I am a big fan of WolfgangDamien's creativity and I really appreciate their presence in creative contests. The shackles show a story yet to be told and I love that this piece leaves you with unanswered questions. CleytonVale I love the line art and how the colours link to it's past form, I love the introduction of a new colour to "update" the Pokemon. I overall think this is a solid evolution for Dunsparce. I have compiled a list of the entries below for easy, I think I managed to add them all in. IMGUR ALBUM OF ENTRIES @suigin @SodaNaranja @debuti @WolfgangDamien @CleytonVale
  8. Your friend needs to make a ban appeal: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/37-ban-appeal/
  9. Third Regional Dock

    Sprite a helipad on top of Oak's lab?
  10. i can't get RP

    Hello TeamUnicorn, Firstly, sorry that you are having this issue, we ask that you wait up to 24 hours to see if you receive your Reward Points. If your Reward Points have not been credited to your account we recommend contacting our 3rd party payment processor Xsolla to resolve this issue.
  11. where is my coat

    If your character name is "Poseiidoon" like on the forums, you traded it to another player in game at 18:58 GMT yesterday.
  12. Fred that is both beautiful and terrifying at the same time.
  13. Wow Avarus that is a really lucky catch, congrats!
  14. Just to clarify: You will be able to move your current team thread into your club. The only difference is that you approve members and have a say who posts in that thread. You are able to remove posts and moderate it how you wish (within reason). Additionally you will now be able to have your own Swoll thread in your LYLE club, if you so wish.

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