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  1. I dont think I want to live in a world where Zehkar is King.
  2. Congratulations to January 2017 Team Tournament Winners [ÄURA] Pokemon Aura Shout out to RmW for their impressive run of the bracket tonight!
  3. BRACKET (Not finalised until after registration) Also added to the opening post to embarrass anyone that asks "Bracket????"
  4. Congratulations to Masterkakashi who entered a Rattata worth 163 points! Our runner up was GergFalerg with a Rattata worth 162 points! In third place was VulcaronoesH with a Rattata worth 162 points! In fourth place Enchanteur with a Rattata worth 161 points!
  5. Another World Cup that England can lose badly at \0/
  6. I apologise for the delay in getting this posted but I am having rather annoying computer problems . This thread has been posted on my phone so there may be formatting issues. Hopefully I can get my trusty old laptop back up and running to put the finishing touches to the poster and get it put into the OP!!
  7. ~Welcome to the Official PokeMMO Team Tournament of March 2017~ These are monthly competitive tournaments where teams can test their skill against each other. Players battle as teams (3 at a time). Teams can switch out which members compete between rounds. [RISÉ] The Uprising will be given the opportunity to defend their title from February. They have earned a registration slot. We will have three types of battles per round. These battles are OU, UU & NU. There will be three matches at a stage, the matches will fall into place as followed: The top spot will be an OU match. The middle spot will be an UU match. The bottom spot will be a NU match Registration: Date: Thursday 23rd March Time: 16:00 EST | 21:00 GMT All the players that are playing must be registered! Only those players are allowed to play for your team. One representative from their own team registers their players (posts edited after the tournament has begun will lead to DQ) Team Name: Team Tag: Registered Players: Team Captain: (Note: The Team Captain is who I will be contacting if I need to relay information to your team.) If I notice your team is an alt team, when creating the bracket and reserves list I will put that team on the last spot of reserves. Details: 16 Teams | 6v6 | Tournament Mode Duels | OU/UU/NU Date & Time: Date: Saturday 25th March Time: 17:00 EDT | 21:00 GMT Location: Silph Co, Channel 7 Clauses: Sleep/OHKO/Pristine/Species/Evasion/Hax Item/Bag Item/Self KO List of Clauses and what they mean. Banned Moves: Baton Pass Banned Pokemon: OU Ban List Dragonite | Dugtrio | Gengar | Salamence | Snorlax | Tyranitar | Wobbuffet | Blissey UU Ban List Dragonite | Dugtrio | Gengar | Salamence | Tyranitar | Wobbuffet | Blissey Aerodactyl | Alakazam | Arcanine | Blaziken | Chansey | Charizard | Milotic Dusclops | Espeon | Flygon | Forretress | Gardevoir | Gyarados| Typhlosion Heracross | Jolteon | Kingdra | Ludicolo | Magneton | Medicham | Metagross Porygon2 | Rhydon | Skarmory | Slowbro | Snorlax | Starmie | Swampert Tauros | Umbreon | Ursaring | Venusaur | Weezing | Breloom | Haunter Hariyama | Linoone | Machamp | Marowak | Slaking | Houndoom | Dodrio Feraligatr | Kangaskhan | Sceptile | Haunter NU Ban List Dragonite | Dugtrio | Gengar | Salamence | Tyranitar | Wobbuffet | Blissey Aerodactyl | Alakazam | Arcanine | Blaziken | Chansey | Charizard | Milotic Cloyster | Dusclops | Espeon | Flygon | Forretress | Gardevoir | Gyarados Heracross | Jolteon | Kingdra | Ludicolo | Magneton | Medicham | Metagross Porygon2 | Rhydon | Skarmory | Slowbro | Snorlax | Starmie | Swampert Tauros | Umbreon | Ursaring | Vaporeon | Venusaur | Weezing | Breloom Hariyama | Linoone | Machamp | Marowak | Slaking | Houndoom | Dodrio Altaria | Ampharos | Armaldo | Azumarill | Clefable | Cradily | Donphan Hitmonlee | | Nidoqueen | Zangoose | Kangaskhan | Lanturn | Scizor | Absol Manectric | Omastar | Sceptile | Slowking | Sneasel | Nidoking | Misdreavus Steelix | Swellow | Tentacruel | Vileplume | Jynx | Houndoom | Quagsire Crawdaunt | Hypno | Crobat | Exeggutor | Haunter | Miltank | Golem Meganium | Feraligatr | Typhlosion | Lapras | Glalie | Blastoise | Sharpedo Prize: The winning team will receive: $650,000 each for the 3 winning players Guaranteed spot in next month's Team Tournament Player sprites on next month's tournament poster Entry into the PokeMMO Hall of Fame Notes: Disconnecting during a match will result in a DQ. Do not block the Staff running the Event. If you disregard requests for you to unblock staff members then you will be disqualified. Once your match is called you will have 10 minutes to report to the table. No time extensions will be given. Time clause is in effect for stalemate battles in round 1 and 2. When there is a tie (1-1) and the third match takes over an hour, a decision by the host/GM may be made about the outcome of the duel. Hosts: Bearminator & Noad Referees: Summrs, Yohannovich,TheChampionMike >>>BRACKET<<<
  8. Shout out to all of our Oceanic Timezone players! Shout out to DoctorPBJ for their victory and special mention to NataliaHeart for claiming second place! Click the Gengar for the Bracket :^]
  9. Creative Writing Contest: A New Perspective The Results 1st Place - Kindled Kindled’s entry was a firm favourite with the judges who loved the tie in with the PokeMMO world. I personally loved the contrast between the human speaking and the Shroomish narrator; the difference in language suggests that the Shroomish is far more intelligent than the “trainer”. The change in text colour is a nice touch which draws the reader into the PokeMMO universe further, Kindled really appealed to the audience of this contest. 2nd Place - WolfgangDamien To truly appreciate how well constructed this entry is, you need to read some of H.P. Lovecraft’s work (which I highly recommend). Wolfgang’s entry draws the reader into a world similar to a nightmare, setting the scene with a claustrophobic atmosphere. Wolfgang stays true to the Lovecraft style, immersing the reader with tense language throughout. We especially loved the tie in with a certain legendary that we won't mention to avoid ruining it for people who have not read it yet. 3rd Place - Moetal It is always refreshing to see an entry taking on a new format. Moetal’s verse form really stood out and captivated the judges. Paradoxical techniques such as “I am the strongest, but I am also the weakest.” and “I am a blessing and I am a curse.“ really adds to the mystery already surrounding this creature. Everything about this entry is genius, right down to the title “What I am” because really no one knows what this Pokemon is. It makes you question if even the creature itself knows its own identity. Noad's Honourable Mention - Gilan Gilan’s entry is thoughtfully connected to his previous entry, showing his investment in the world he has created. I personally really enjoyed how he tied in his own personal experiences with PokeMMO. I always feel like a good story leaves you feeling like you want to know more and I found myself researching the Charmander’s nickname and learning the meaning behind it. For being my honourable mention, Gilan will receive a small token of my appreciation for his entry. @Moetal @Kyklous @WolfgangDamien @Gilan
  10. All Multi-Hit moves have been temporarily disabled from use in Little Cup battles. These moves include: Rock Blast, Bullet Seed, Icicle Spear, Double Kick, Double-Slap, Bonemerang, Fury Attack, Fury Swipes, Pin Missile, Comet Punch, Twineedle, Barrage, Triple Kick, and Arm Thrust. This is due to a bug that causes these moves to deal more damage than they should. We would like to apologise for this inconvenience, the Development team have been made aware and we hope to see this issue resolved in the near future.
  11. Details: Automated Tournament | Double Battle | 64 Players Date & Time: Saturday 18th March | 11am GMT : 10pm AEDT Registration: Registration will open 15 minutes prior to the tournament. You will be able to register for a tournament on the top floor of a Pokemon Centre, through the battle PC. The PC you need is the one on the right, which I am standing in front of in the picture below. You can also register for the tournament by clicking the PvP menu option (Masterball icon on the bottom right of your client). Clauses: Evasion / Sleep / OHKO / Unique Species / Self-KO / OP Item Tournament Clauses Explained Prizes: First Prize Shiny Gift Gengar Your choice of nature, two moves, 2x31 and 4x25 IVs & 1,000,000 Pokeyen OR 1000 Reward Points Second Prize 500,000 Pokeyen OR 500 Reward Points Third Prize 250,000 Pokeyen OR 250 Reward Points Hosted by Noad
  12. Yay, let's set up play dates with our shiny Skitty \o/ Congrats!
  13. Updated Doubles usage with:
  14. Youngster Joey has managed to lose his Rattata again! He's asking for PokeMMO's players to help reunite him with his beloved. He is offering a generous reward to the player who submits a Rattata with the highest IVs. Rules All entries will have the IVs added together and the one highest overall total will be declared the winner. All entries must be submitted to participating staff members by linking them in whispers. After the hour is over, players have 10 minutes to submit their entries. Hatched Pokemon do not count. The entry that you submit MUST be your OT and have been caught in the 1 hour period designated. Only one entry per player, once you have submitted an entry you are not allowed to change it, so think carefully before deciding. In the case of a draw, the winner will be decided by who has the earliest catch time. Date: Friday 24th March Time: Catching time starts at 5pm EDT | 9pm GMT until 6pm EDT | 10pm GMT - any Pokemon caught outside of this time will not be valid. Location: The results will be announced next to Viridian Pokemon Centre, Channel 7 First Prize Shiny Gift Rattata Your choice of nature, two moves, 2x31 and 4x25 IVs (Customisable for Hidden Power) & 1,000,000 Pokeyen OR 1000 Reward Points Second Prize 500,000 Pokeyen OR 500 Reward Points Third Prize 300,000 Pokeyen OR 300 Reward Points Fourth Prize 200,000 Pokeyen OR 200 Reward Points Hosted by: Noad | Assisted by:TheChampionMike, Yohannovich, Pereiraa Shout out to past staff members who hosted the first Rattata Rescue