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  1. What's the difference, activating donator status means that extra line appears, is that not good enough?
  2. IMO monotype can be a PVP matchmaking option by itself, its diverse enough to attract players that wanna experiment.
  3. Do we have to declare the monotype we are gonna use and have to stick to that type throughout the tourney?
  4. But honestly, I think everyone is gonna bring a rain team, kingdra pelipper kabutops ludicolo
  5. If not breeding or gym run, farm dittos and sell to keep the ditto economy healthy.
  6. They stuck to their beliefs to not give johto an ETA, and people are still giving them shit for that. Seriously, it's hard for the Devs to win.
  7. While I also aim for as high IV as I can afford, your conk example is flawed. Why are you comparing Mach punch and drain punch of you are trying to highlight the difference IVs make.
  8. I lack the knowledge of building a PvP team around a solid strategy, I tend to put together a team of solid mons that are great but there is no strategy in mind.
  9. Will we get the Pokédex gender ratio and weather/screen/trick room timer that was asked for?
  10. This is pokeMMO forum, not sword and shield.
  11. It can happen lol, must believe.
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