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  1. Fixed, thank you for the report. Download the shiny mod again.
  2. Update 0.3 - 24/11/2018 -Added Shiny mod for all gens (1 to 5) Current progress: -Front Sprites: Gen 1-4 ✅ Shiny Sprites ✅ Gen 5: Normal: SD (by Mortedesu), Shiny: ✅ Alternative Forms ✅ Female Sprites: Not supported by the game -Back Sprites: ❌
  3. Update 0.2.2 -More resize proportion fixes
  4. Update 0.2.1 -Resized some sprites to their proportion
  5. Yes, in te summary there are different sizes. Gen 5 is smaller for no deform more the SD sprites, anyway it is temporal until Furret Turret website release the Gen 5 HD sprites. There are 2 problem here: 1: Summary resize table only works on summary pokemon dialog, no works on pokedex. There are no way to resize pokedex sprites. 2: 80%, 75%, 60%, etc scales make the sprites look weird. So you choose prioritize the sprites in combat or the "summaries" sprites. I prefer prioritize how look the sprites in combat. Yes, it would be perfect admins give that option o at least that summary table affects to pokedex sprites to be able to resize them. I've checked this sprites and croconaw y bellossom were a little oversized, they are already fixed, the others were correct. As you say the problem here is the proportion, for to know the real size of a Pokemon I use the 3ds sprites from Mortedesu and scale they to x2 with a image editor, after that I compare it with my sprites. If the 2 sprites match the scale is correct and, yes, the other sprites match with this. As I said, they are optimized so that they look good in combat, not in the summary. I can not change the size to each one because the proportion sizes of Pokemon would be lost. Thank you so much MHkaserz for your reports and interest. It is not possible to fix at this time, is a game client problem. I reported it here. Are temporally until Furret Turret release their gen 5 sprites. I'm still adjusting some sprites size, when I finish I'll go with the shiny sprites. Backsprites it's more complicated, it depends if Furret Turret make that in the future. I do not think so, it is a lot of work.
  6. Update 0.2 -Fix sprites scale, thank you Desu -Added gen 5 "SD" sprites from Mortedesu's mod Donwload link in the initial post. Sprites are now properly resized in combat. I still have to improve some things but this is a breakthrough, looks nice. Backsprites are not supported from this mod at this time, I recomend combine this with Morterdesu's backprites mod. Report me any sprite size not correct.
  7. This mod is an HD version of 3ds sprites. Only front sprites are supported at this time. Download 0.3: Normal: https://www.mediafire.com/file/jvrx0tem809k0fq/ Shiny: https://www.mediafire.com/file/mo22qn63ybibf52/ Update 0.3 - 24/11/2018 -Added Shiny mod for all gens (1 to 5) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Current progress: -Front Sprites: Gen 1-4 ✅ Shiny Sprites ✅ Gen 5: Normal: SD (by Mortedesu), Shiny: ✅ Alternative Forms ✅ Female Sprites: Not supported by the game -Back Sprites: ❌ Old updates Credits to the website FurretTurret to create these HD sprites, I only resized and adapted them to the game. I recomend combine this with Mortedesu's backsprites mod.
  8. Hi GigoloimCabrio, I found some missing IDs. Could you add the icons to your mod please? 650 Egg 651 Manaphy Egg 652 Unown 'B' 653 Unown 'C' 654 Unown 'D' 655 Unown 'E' 656 Unown 'F' 657 Unown 'G' 658 Unown 'H' 659 Unown 'I' 660 Unown 'J' 661 Unown 'K' 662 Unown 'L' 663 Unown 'M' 664 Unown 'N' 665 Unown 'O' 666 Unown 'P' 667 Unown 'Q' 668 Unown 'R' 669 Unown 'S' 670 Unown 'T' 671 Unown 'U' 672 Unown 'V' 673 Unown 'W' 674 Unown 'X' 675 Unown 'Y' 676 Unown 'Z' 677 Unwon '!' 678 Unown '?' 685 Burmy Sandy 686 Burmy Trash 687 Wormadam Sandy 688 Wormadam Trash 692 Rotom Heat 693 Rotom Wash 694 Rotom Frost 695 Rotom Fan 696 Rotom Mow 699 Basculin Blue-Striped 701 Deerling Summer 702 Deerling Autumn 703 Deerling Winter 704 Sawsbuck Summer 705 Sawsbuck Autumn 706 Sawsbuck Winter ??? Shellos East ??? Gastrodon East
  9. I tested it, I login without mods and the problem not disappear even deleting the application data and cache. It seems a Android client problem.
  10. New Android Version -All Dream World icons changed to high resolution with more quality (not pixels) -Fixed fossil icons not showing correctly (I'll fix in PC in the next game update) -New TM/HM icons for Android version with more quality (by DecaTilde) Download Link in the initial post. Is a problem of the client, I hope it change in the next update because the icons in Android client works different. PD: Best english (jk)
  11. This mod replaces the current in battle trainer sprites of Fire Red and Emerald (64x64) to the trainer sprites of gen IV/V games with more quality (80x80) and to match with the apparence from overworld NPC HGSS sprites. Download https://www.mediafire.com/file/2leoj1343995yxd/ Some examples: → → → Missing sprites: Instructions: Copy the .mod to your PokeMMO folder in data\mods Activate DS trainers in PokeMMO Mod Management.
  12. Update 2.0 -Added all gen 4-5 items that have dream world image -Added all gen 6+ TM/HM icons for gen 4-5 TMs/HMs -Nugget now is a little more small for difference it with Big nugget -Crystal flutes now are not usable in combat, scaled it to 24x24 -All berries are usable in combat so it now scaled to 48x48 except Oran Berry -Removed Pokedex icon (I couldn't find a good 24x24 gen 5 Pokedex sprite) -Pokeball, Potion, X Attack and Oran Berry now have 24x24 icons for this http://oi66.tinypic.com/z8t2.jpg -Mod extension changed to .mod Known issues: -All item icons in menu bar and bag tabs have color although the mouse are not over. This happens beacause now the custom item sprites do not shadowed correctly -Pokeball, Potion, X Attack and Oran Berry have 24x24 icons for the problem in bag tabs so they pixel in combat. Anyway they still have more quality than the original game sprites
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