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  1. Akshit's Asylum [EV Training Services]

    Great and quick service. Very satisfied!
  2. WTS Comps

    So judgmental haha It's a support Ttar, with Stealth Rock and Fire Blast/Flamethrower.
  3. WTS Comps

  4. I was looking at about 300k, but I can do 320k. Are you online now?
  5. Thanks. How much are you looking for it?
  6. WTS Comps

  7. I don't mind. Is it lvl 50 ev trained?
  8. WTS Comps

    Yes, please. Thanks!
  9. WTS Comps

    added new pokes
  10. Hey, I have two serious requests: 1) Tyranitar (Jolly) with Pursuit 5x31: hp,atk, def, sp.def and speed, so 31-31-31,x,31,31. 2) Forretress (Relaxed) 4x31: hp, def, sp.def, sp.atk, so 31-x-31-31-31-x. Let me know if that's feasable.
  11. lf magnemite/magneton

    Magneton (modest): 28-x-21-28-27-31 Moveset: Thunderbolt, HP Grass, Metal Sounds, Substitute Ev: 252 sp.atk, 252 speed Magneton (timid): 20-x-22-29-23-31 Moveset: Thunderbolt, HP Ice, Thunder Wave, Tri Attack. Ev: 252 sp.atk, 252 speed.
  12. Game Activity is Low?

    Now feeling it even more. I have 6 comps on GTL and non of them are bought for a week. That has never happened to me before, because prices my are decent. I have a thread on forums and haven't heard any offers at all. Also spamming the ingame trade chat and only received two offers for blaziken. Some of these comps are old, but I think things like starmie, breloom and etc. don't really get old.
  13. Billion's Shop

    timid starmie: 25+,x,28+,28+,25+,31 impish gyarados: 28+,28+,28+,x25+,25+ relaxed forretress: 28+,25+,28+,25+,28+,x You have any of those?

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