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  1. lVlusay

    Akshit's Asylum [Comps]

    Great and quick service. Very satisfied!
  2. lVlusay

    Akshit's Asylum [Comps]

    we spoke :)
  3. lVlusay

    Game Activity is Low?

    Now feeling it even more. I have 6 comps on GTL and non of them are bought for a week. That has never happened to me before, because prices my are decent. I have a thread on forums and haven't heard any offers at all. Also spamming the ingame trade chat and only received two offers for blaziken. Some of these comps are old, but I think things like starmie, breloom and etc. don't really get old.
  4. lVlusay

    CZD's stuff

    gyarados 400k
  5. lVlusay

    Game Activity is Low?

    Maybe, but I think pvp is for the entire game, not separated by regions. No? That's a good point. I still seems to have been more active a year ago, but maybe not. If the game is as active as before or even more active, that's great! I left because I wasn't enjoying the meta back then. But with gen V and all the new pokemon, I have a good feeling about this.
  6. lVlusay

    Game Activity is Low?

    I have been in this game for a long time, but have not been active for the past year, maybe even more. Heard about Gen V and decided to try it out again. Is it just me or game activity is very low? I only see about 5 pvp battles happening at any given time, while there has been about 20 back in the days. I made a post in the trade forum. 3rd day and it's still on page 1. It used to go to page 2 withing a day and I would have to bump it up. Are less people playing the game? What's happening?
  7. lVlusay

    Value Advice

    Thanks! I was thinking the same.
  8. lVlusay

    Value Advice

    Approximate value for these? Blaziken (Rash): 31-30-31-30-31-31 Moveset: Superpower (8pp), Overheat (7pp), HP Grass, Quick Attack Ev: 252 sp.atk, 252 speed Houndoom (Hasty): 27-30-19-30-27-29 Moveset: Crunch, Flamethrower, HP Grass, Pursuit Ev: 252 atk, 26 sp.atk, 232 speed Vaporeon (Bold): 23-x-31-30-30-31 Moveset: Surf, Wish (14 pp), Protect (12 pp), Toxic. Ev: 252 hp, 228 def, 30 sp.def Swampert (Adamant): 28-30-27-29-29-27 Moveset: Waterfall, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Ice Punch, Ev: 146hp, 252atk, 112 speed Venusaur (calm): 24-x-25-28-29-20 Moveset: Giga Drain, HP Fire, Leech Seed, Sleep Powder Ev: 252 hp, 234 sp.def, 24 speed.
  9. i have  a 4*31 bold weezing with wow 28 speed 

    1. lVlusay


      4x31 too much for me, looking to spend 350-450k. Thanks anyway.

  10. 750k for 1000RP?

    1. lVlusay


      looking for more.

    2. crazyphysics


      800k for 1000RP

  11. Waiting for Snorlax, Blissey, Gengar ...


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