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  1. 9 years ago, LYLE went on a 4 month Team Tournament streak, still remains to be broken.
  2. Post a memory. My favorite time was when KingBowser swapped his Gengar into Amanu's Exeggutor's Explosion to land him a victory over self proclaimed King Amanu.
  3. Yeah how else you going to pay for the gas you used up idling for their dumbasses to get you your order.
  4. I had this Godly lvl 51 Salamence that I couldn't use in normal 50 battles because I accidentally over leveled it. I spammed chat about my sadness.
  5. Well boys and girls, even though I stopped playing long ago I still feel like the memories I made were just yesterday and I miss them everyday. I remember when we won our first team tournament with theBloo and KingBowser and I didn't stop looking at the bracket for months. I remember when Kingbowser beat Amanu with the most clutch plays and almost advanced to win a Shiny Charmander. I remember when I should have exploded with my Gengar on a Heracross for a Shiny Larvitar and potentially my first Master's Invite. I remember when I belly drummed on half the people for the Intermission Master's Brawl. I remember when I bought the cowboy hat and it became a LYLE standard, soon to be followed by the Master Chief Helmet. I remember when I told Fishtickles to sub with his Dragonite against the Umbreon but he didn't and he never won a Master's Invite. I remember when LYLE was redhot and we won 4 team tournaments in a row. I remember when we use to train pokemon to lvl 100 for tournaments. I remember when we would play team tournaments and my teammates would ask, "JSTUD are you winning?" I remember when eggroll beat Kingbowser and became the airborne champion for life. I remember when I gave away JJ's dragonite on accident and Ducktape helped me catch dratinis for hours. I remember when we beat EV so bad they disbanded and we then acquired their dead team from a noob and put alts that resembled the original names of the fallen players. I remember when everyone took a break to play Rust but I couldn't because my computer was actually just a toaster with a screen. I remember when NU became a thing and Kingbowser bred 6 pokes for the team tournament where he steam rolled everyone. I remember when JJ caught a Modest Shiny Gastly and was so proud of it, so proud he sold that poor soul away. I remember when I met Robofiend in the flesh and blood and we got deep dish pizza together in Chicago. I remember when we use to get on TS and it would sound like there was a UFO about to abduct DoubleJ. I remember when Eggroll ran into a shiny chansey in the safari zone and it ran away. I remember when our 4 team tournament streak ended because we got timeout and AW and us ended up losing. I remember when Kingbowser lost to Goldeneyes by attempting to overpredict on every move because he gave Goldeneyes too much credit. I remember when Shero and I put up our shinies for a big fight and it ended up with him DCing because his parents were likely yelling at him. I remember when we helped CodyLramey win a master's reserve and it turned out to be a giant shit show. I remember when I argued to keep 100 battles long before the setting of lvl 50 for battles. I remember doing chemistry in grad school and saying fuck this and going to play pokemon. I remember when UMadBrah quit the game and forever missed his fighting spirit. I remember when DoubleJ and I happened to be up during an Oceania tournament and we used my shitty phone internet to play the tournament while he visited Chicago. I remember so many tight and close battles with AW for team tournament victories. I remember when I logged onto AW's teamspeak and heard them say my name in Spanish and was completely thrown off. I remember when Kingbowser, Fish, Musica, Eggroll, and I use to play Warframe. I remember when we use sign up for tournaments by having the most accurate time clock and refreshing at the right time. I remember when I use to ask Eggroll for dank signatures and he always delivered. I remember in a big tournament I had a hot date waiting for me and was trying to lose on purpose but for one reason or another my opponents DC'd or got swept by me. I remember when I first saw Raaidn's abs and was like, fuck me I need to hit the gym. I miss the feelings this game use to give me. I wished they would come back. But all good things come to an end I guess. There are far more memories than I can type up in a short time, and so many people and moments that I miss.Thanks so much. -JSTUD
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