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  1. A global system would work better. Additionally the lottery in general isn't a "Money Making Method" Even in real life theres a profit margin for the algorithm that prints tickets if you are refering to scratch offs, and the fact that the odds of winning a "pick x" is based on the size of x such that they only contribute a percentage of buying towards the pot. Otherwise there would be no profit for the lottery in which they could donate money to schools/government/etc. So buying a ticket and picking a random number and then having a number randomly drawn weekly and making it a global event wo
  2. Thoth

    Coming back

    People make come backs? Interesting... There's also Emerald coming eventuallysoonish™.
  3. he's back \o/

  4. I think its time for you to step up to Head Support Moderator, young Farfetch'd. rip ShiChan

  5. I love you Thoth.

    1. Cameron


      pls b my valentine

    2. Thoth


      oh jeez bb. :3

  6. It's crazy to see you as a member and not a mod, you had a good long run, Thothy. Good luck with everything :) Don't be a stranger to the forums!

    1. Thoth


      It's just a temporary leave. But I thank you.

    2. Emlee


      Oh good to hear :)

  7. rip one of my favorite mods of all time T_T

  8. Disappointment is something you cause yourself, not what society causes you.

    1. JWingWangWong


      You maybe disappointed that the true ch'ding master has arrived on the forums taking over your rule as Ch'Ding Lord. (Not me though you have to find him)

    2. Malorne


      *correction* its the Mighty Ch'ding Master... and Thoth is my apprentice within the way of the Ch'ding.

      (note : liked the quote)

  9. Happy Birthday, Thoth!

  10. PokeMMO Time!

    1. DaveF


      Going through the staff trying to do the word scramble. Noticed this was posted on my 17th birthday. That is awesome

  11. conditions

    1. zxc200335


      Find no road rules / conditions

    2. Thoth
  12. Astronomy time

  13. Getting Ready for work. :)

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