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  1. Yo, when are you free for our match?

    Only have my free times until thursday, where today and tomorrow I'm free after 3pm gmt+2, wednesday anytime before 2pm, and thursday the same as monday/tuesday, If all else fails, I can somehow push for atleast an hour or so on sunday during work, if you can't these first 3-4 days, but I'd gladly prefer if it's sooner

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    2. Spaintakula


      Hey, sorry, but my work schedule got changed so I start work at 2:30pm tomorrow, is it cool if we play 2-3 hours earlier?

    3. Inarin


      Earliest I can do is 12 noon GMT+2, if that's cool?

    4. Spaintakula


      Yeah, that's perfect, 10 hours from now

  2. pls gary. Champs's just ez for a nub like me. I like the ezness, not the Champ himself.
  3. League Name(s): InariaV1 Server(s): EUW Main Position(s): Eh. Anywhere except Jungle, to be fair. Favourite Champion(s): Vel'Koz, Garen Literally new to League, though. Still not even Level 10, so bad AF.
  4. Yoo, looks like we're matched up this week in PSL. I'm free tomorrow, Tuesday, and Wednesday anytime after 3:00 pm EDT - any of those times open for you?

    1. Inarin


      Fits up perfectly with myavailable times.

      I'm good for a couple of hours after that time on those days.

    2. Inarin


      Tuesday 4pm EDT?

    3. Gunthug


      Looks good to me 

  5. you're gonna have a bad time.

  6. Farewell, and thank you for everything, David Bowie. ;-;7

  7. So. Another year begins with me getting even older. To (hopefully) a good (birth)day!

    1. Rulana


      Happy Birthday! <3

    2. Inarin


      Thank you! <3 *Hugs* <3

  8. Farewell, Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister 1945 - 2015. thank you for everything, and Rest In Peace, bud.

    1. TheGloriousWalrus


      fuck dude, this sucks

  9. Personally, I'm all for having somewhat of a grind, due to an MMO environment, however I think the length of time it takes for ONE single variant of one single Pokémon is absurd. It takes days to get one done. Up to a week for a full team of Six, and for what? One Tournament. After that Tounament? You get counter teamed, which requires a week or more to be able to do anything about it, with needing new Pokémon and variants. Unless you have multiple teams already, in which, you've spent much more than a week getting them. Rinse and repeat, until you have enough Competitive Pokémon to have a cou
  10. umg, y u do dis?

    1. Asakano


      umg y i do wat

    2. Inarin


      Everything! \o/

  11. For the forseeable future, you can get hold of me and chat on my new IGN: Verrus

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    2. Bestfriends


      What happened to your Inarin account?

    3. Inarin


      I've been unable to use it for a while. It's temporarily out of commission until I can get on TeamSpeak, which is impossible on this backup Laptop. The latency is too high.

    4. PrinceShawn


      Hey Virus. Whaat?! Shut up Shawn, get out.

      It's nice to meet you, Inarin-sama. :)

  12. Getting up on them Monotype rankings. :D

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