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  1. 给你一点建议 小蛋队属于常规配置 (平民)熟练稳定四搬,要求也不是很高,看表也还算稳 金蛋队属于对新手友好一点的,(造价低),稳定三搬,运气好四搬,药耗也正常 业海队的话、好用是很好用、但成本也高(药耗队),对天王不了解又想玩的话得要有一些资金储备
  2. KV

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    Type:The Monkey King golden cudgel
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    Type:clothes The future of science and technology It glows at night
  4. 手机模式本身无法在论坛拥有编辑颜色,大小等功能,但可以通过电脑模式来实现(就是字小、容易看不见) 真实使用起来就是@某人的功能无法实现,重新编辑时无法进入电脑模式(我是这样的),其余功能和电脑无异
  5. Items will be returned to the player at the end of the battle, except for consumed fruit and medicine
  6. Please go to the Support center to appealhttps://support.pokemmo.eu/login/. Please be patient if you have already done so, the review will take time
  7. Hola publicar en el foro en inglés con traducción en inglés es una necesidad,El nivel de pokemon no tiene que ser 59. No es un requisito duro. Puedes alimentarlos con Carameloraro para una actualización rápida,Que tengas un buen día. Hello, Posting in English forum with English translation is a must,Pokemon level 59 is not mandatory, you can quickly upgrade by feeding Mystery Candy, have a nice day
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