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  1. not having lethal decoy and crippling shot in the same build is a major nerf already. rip decoy dismounting. e: i have never played a game with a snipe build so i have no idea how that goes. fuck blizzard
  2. done with yuela and serawi route. havent done the high level dungeons since im just at 50ish but i already got the eushully mascots. too much work to get all the ng+ stuff so i stopped.
  3. only thing i dont like about her q is the casting time is not instant. excuse me why are you comparing her wave clear to specialists?
  4. kara disbanded rip :((( qtkoreangrils always break my heart 3

    1. SasukeUchiha


      you are a great fan arent you?

  5. the trolling potential of this is <3
  6. time to do that 4x10 squats after each game. cancer
  7. Watching an SNSD music video with just 8 members is just fking weird

    1. dedegendut


      watching korean music video is just fking weird

    2. Anjovies


      wkwkwkwk is also weird

    3. dedegendut


      hey its culture

  8. looks very polished +1 p.s. [spoiler]vulpix is bad[/spoiler]
  9. The clouds has turned to haze

  10.   If there's a place you got to go, I'm the one you need to know. I'm the map! I'm the map! I'm the map!     symptoms of ruined childhood
  11. Bought a neo grade sazabi. hnggh moneh well spent

  12. Listening to persona soundtracks all day~

  13. Well there's a different timer for each npc. i think that would be messy.
  14. I face out, I hold out, I reach out to the truth~

  15. Why am i nocturnal? :(

    1. Sialia


      Because you probably have too much bright light at your room.

    2. Anjovies


      The lappy is the only bright light in my room :|

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