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  1. yall better get ready to get smoked q8^)
  2. Ah yes my 9 horribly IV'd reindeers (They all got released quickly)
  3. Is there a price for fastest 69 IV cus I just got it xDDDDDDDD
  4. Huhh, could have sworn that pichu was an insence poke too but I guess I just misremembered it. My baddd
  5. True ahhaha, but if u think about it then now ur OT is RRiesz and therefore its not an OT mon anymore, but yeah that is indeed a way to also get rid of the * permanently
  6. yes ciaoxlive13! That's the conclusion of this post too 😄. Although your example isn't the best as pichu is a special breed case where pikachu needs to hold a specific insence to produce, so normal NON-OT female pikachu with another NOT-OT will produce an OT pikachu if u have it registered.
  7. Ok guys Goomb here. Not too long ago some people on the Patrouski discord asked questions on the * and breeding process and I wanted to experiment with it and ask some extra questions myself. So I compiled some questions on the * and did some experiments to test them out. Thanks to Gix's DM and Alaknight for helping me in this x). The * appears when u breed a pokemon whos main parents was not ur OT AND not registered in your deck. This * however does NOT show up for someone else if you trade the pokemon to them. This made me question how to get rid of an * once placed on a pokemon. Is it even possible? This video by Gixmurgan creates 3 scenario's on this topic and answers 3 questions: However, I was still left with questions after this video. (But thanks to Gix for the vid and the experiments!) Now onto my experiments: These were my testers/base: Breeding a maril with two non-OT to generate an asterisk The dex after this For this research, I bred three OT* marils. Question 1: What happens to the * when u catch an OT pokemon after u bred an * one, will the asterisk dissapear on the bred one? Answer 1: No. The * does not dissapear. Despite you now having maril as an OT registered pokemon Question 2: If u then evolve the bred * pokemon WITHOUT having its evolved form as a caught mon in ur dex, will it still have OT* and count as a traded evolution despite you having the base form now in the dex? Answer 2: No. Evolving a pokemon with an * does not get rid of the *, despite you having the base form now as a caught pokemon. Instead you get a blue border/traded evo in the dex and * on the evolved * pokemon. Question 3: If u evolve the caught OT pokemon (register its evolved form in the dex), will the previously evolved * pokemon now have its * removed? Answer 3: No. Despite you now having both pokemon registered in the dex, the * does not get removed from the original * pokemon. Question 4: If u evolve the caught OT pokemon (register its evolved form in the dex), and THEN evolve the * pokemon, will the * in the bred and evolved pokemon dissapear, as u already have the evolved form registered when u evolve the * pokemon? Answer 4: No. The * remains, even if the evolved form is already in the dex. Question 5: If u breed a pokemon to have an *, then catch the pokemon to register it in your dex/as your OT WHILE the egg is in egg form and THEN hatch if after catching the OT pokemon, will the egg have *? Answer 5: YES, this means the egg * is generated at the START of ur breed and this creates a funny scenario where theres a * despite the pokemon clearly having been hatched AFTER it was registered in the dex. Question 6: What happens when u trade an * mon and then receive it back, will u still see the *? Answer 6: YES. The * remained on my screen, yet cannot be seen by the person I traded the mon to. Question 7: What happens when u breed the *mon with an NON-OT poke. Will the bred (and registered pokemon) now have an *? Answer 7: No. The * is removed when u breed a pokemon you have already registered with two OT* pokemon or TWO non-OT pokemon Conlusion The answer is: Nothing will remove the * on a pokemon once it is generated at breeding stage. The only way to get rid of an * is to breed the pokemon once uve registered it in ur dex.
  8. 48 Goombakid Tysm for hosting ❤️
  9. Hi, dont know if you're still updating this but the Unova bit has a bug/the pictures aren't available anymore and therefore cuts off into Sinnoh. Don't know if you're planning to fix this because the guide is still so helpful otherwise!
  10. Forever in our hearts, Buurmantim's Whismur who was technically 20 seconds late but had probably one of the most historic scores ever with a whopping 5 that we couldn't just let it go. Deserved win 10/10
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