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  1. If you're using mixed mence, I would prefer using 4 attacks or 3 attacks with roost. Otherwise for a Dragon Dance set, I would recommend adamant / jolly nature with physical moves only. The way I would recommend teambuilding is look at your two mons, and see how to have answers to the mons that counter them: Mence + Milo Some stuff that can easily switch into your Milo are Reuniclus / Mantine / Bulky Conkeldur / Chansey + Blissey. So mons that can switch in on Mantine + Chansey are Conk, Toxic Orb Loom (beware of switching Conk into a toxic from Chansey and switching Loom into a Scald from Mantine, play around it so that you can switch them onto a roost / softboil). Then some mons that can handle a Bulky Conkeldur are Reuni / Cofa / Impish Rocky Helmet Hippo etc. So right now your team would look like Mence / Milo / Conk or Loom / Reuni or Cofa or Hippo. Like that repeat the same process with the kind of Salamence you would go with, and have answers to the counters to your Salamence. Once you have your final 6, check to see if there's a glaring weakness to Rain / Togekiss / Conkeldur / Volcarona / Hazards in general. Accordingly, keep tweaking your team to patch up the various weaknesses. Don't be afraid to reinvent the wheel and come up with your own answers to some of the counters. I apologize if this sounds like too much work, but that's the hell I go through when I teambuild. Some people just slap 6 mons randomly, but imo that's not a proper way to go about it. I would also recommend watching replays of OU tournaments and see what cores people generally run in order to get a better idea of teambuilding in OU. Good luck!
  2. Wouldn't be a proper Nik-esque if it wasn't an essay. Winning PSL and the NU seasonal back to back is an immense achievement for me after my temporary comeback to this game. The pre-PSL shittalk between myself and gbwead made me want to come back and kind of show that I wasn't complete rust. I'm glad that I was able to do so, but in all honesty I couldn't have done this without the support from a lot of people. Through this journey gbwead and I became really close, and he filled me in on the metagame knowledge since I wasn't really aware of anything in my absence. Also, a large part of OU PSL prep was thanks to you, so I owe you a lot and I'm always here for you, just a discord PM away. Thank you to AurumPegasus for making my comeback to this game an enjoyable one as well. I had a lot of fun playing NU with you, and also our beloved anime talks. Without you, I wouldn't have come to know about our Lord and Savior - Roy Mustang. Just like with gbwead, I'm here for you always bro. Thanks to Evlgoon for the late night chats during my ranked sessions. My PSL mates made me develop a love-hate relationship with this game, but at the end of the day it was all love. I criticized you lot publicly, and you were able to win this without me as I lost all of my important games. It would have been a nice ego boost to have won the deciding game in PSL, but this was a humbling experience and it was nice to be carried to a win. After I got my invite for the NU seasonal, I got very lazy in my prep. I guess at that time my main priority was focusing on PSL. However, my work was cut so much in half thanks to Quakkz's breeds, hannah's ev training, and 4f's massive collection of NUs. There really was no shortage of resources, so I couldn't use that as an excuse if I failed. In the old days, team chat used to be exciting with the whole squad cheering for me and screaming my name in team chat (I miss you fuckers, especially you Kay), This time I was in discord call with Forfiter, and it kind of took me back to those Teamspeak days during Team Tournament. I couldn't have won without you helping me scout my opponent's set, discussing the various scenarios with you etc. Then later Bluebreath joined the call, and I guess he was my lucky charm because there were several moments during my games vs Titinn and Haazuu that I told him, "I am so fucked" but he kept me focused to carry on and I miraculously pulled out some wins. Same goes for gbwead teaching me how to pp stall the last minute, thank you sensei. What's really funny to me is that the very same Slowking that helped me win a UU invitational exactly a couple of years was my saving grace this time as well. I don't want to go into too many details of my games and my thought process, although I wished that I could record it live so you guys could see what was happening in my head - aka blunder style. While I'm completely aware of my amazing skill threshold, I made several mistakes in tour, and thankfully I did not get punished severely for it. I'd be deluded to say that I did not get lucky because you can't win a double-elim tour, or any tour for that matter without any sort of luck going your way, so thank you Pokegods for your blessing. Sorry if I forgot any of you in this post xoxo. I'll be taking a break from this game again with school starting soon. Anyways, time to end this post with some Indian music.
  3. I didn't mean tedious as in that doing the gym run was hard. It's very boring in the sense that it is not challenging, and you repeat the same thing you're doing over and over again. Now if I need to profit from doing my gym run, I need to make sure that I complete it within a particular frame of time, whereas earlier I could do it at my own pace by watching something on the side. I spent 80k ish in total for 20x Fire Gems. To me that is expensive since that's almost in the same range as a gym run. You're right that not every mon needs an ability pill, but a majority of them may require one if you receive the undesired ability upon breeding. Right, so if a mon needs a BP move, I will need to grind a separate ranked / unranked session. Moreover, it is more likely that for someone starting out in comp, they may not be able to grind the ranked session (2.3k BP per match) because of insufficient comps, so they'll have to do it through trainer tower or maybe unranked. Then once they get the necessary BP for a tutor move, they'll need to repeat grinding ranked for other comp items such as choice band / specs / scarf / eviolite / flame orb / toxic orb, and they may need multiple of the first four. The problem about the NPC having HA and us not having HA is that the devs CHOOSE to not give us HA at the moment. They could easily have given us HAs, which would have spared us from breeding a lot of mons that may eventually go to waste once HAs do come out. People are not going to run Inner Focus Dragonite when they could be running Multiscale Dragonite. That will require re-breeding, re-evtraining, re-levelling up, re-movesetting, re-ppmaxing, re-obtaining BP for extremespeed. Another reason why the NPC having HA is a problem is because it puts you at a disadvantage if you are grinding for BP at the Battle Tower. They have legendaries too. How is that fair? No comp player is ever going to stand a chance of winning an official if they only spend 2-3 hours per day on the game. They'll need to keep that up for a month in order to truly have a chance. I get that the more time you spend on the game should give you an advantage over others that don't, but you shouldn't be forced to spend x amount of hours to be able to properly compete. I don't mind if things weren't easy, I really don't. But things here are always on the opposite ends of the spectrum. If something is challenging, the reward is terrible. For instance, look at the E4. Getting 60k + some BP for beating 5 trainers with level 100s, full restores etc. and without healing, is a terrible reward. And for the boring aspect of doing gym runs, it's like you said, just pull up a mence / typhlo / jolteon and you're good to go. Have you undergone the pain of breeding Haze + Rapid Spin on Tentacruel? Breeding Head Smash on Aron? A lot of the times, the egg moves that you would want your breeders to pass on are available at a higher level than what is available in the GTL. That requires levelling up, and then breeding it. The same goes with breeding baby mons, where you need to then spend more money feeding it happiness berries, and then breeding it. I'm saying this to show that breeding will take sometimes much longer than 30 minutes.
  4. 1) How much does it cost you to breed 2x31 and 3x28-30 mons? 2) It really takes you 20-30 min to breed a comp mon? I highly doubt that, especially when you're looking at mons that require multiple egg moves from different parents. People are complaining because the update has made a few things unnecessarily harder for the people who play comp. The prices for breeding haven't dropped, and making money through gym runs has become more tedious than what it earlier was. You can call people impatient / spoiled for wanting things to be easier, but 1) things were a lot easier in 2015 or 2016 where your breeders didn't die, and 2) for people solely interested in competitive battling, there are simulators that let you create a team in less than five minutes. The one benefit from this is that PP max prices have lowered, which really helps me. Let's also talk about other expenses that you're missing out on. Firstly pp maxing certain moves, then there's move tutors, and if it's a BP move, good luck grinding ranked. Oh, and if the mon needs Hidden Power, then 20x gems. Wrong ability on the mon when it's bred? Another Ability Pill on it. All in all, you're looking at an extra 100k for the movesetting. The grind isn't over there since you need to ev train and level up as well. I have to breed 2x mons with almost same set but with the only difference in the two being one move. Now when the HAs come out, a lot of the comps you bred are probably going to be useless / need to be rebred. Which means repeating almost everything you've done once again. All of this could / can be fixed by having something like a "Hidden Ability Pill" or something of that sort, but that's not going to be happen. The HAs are missing for us, but apparently not for the NPCs. You make it sound like spending hours and hours on this game to be something very casual or ordinary, when actually it's super unhealthy.
  5. I also want to thank everyone outside the team who helped us out in our prep and supported us along the way. That kind of stuff never goes unnoticed, and you will always have our gratitude.
  6. It was all worth it! Thank you for this memorable season, Keks. Time to enjoy the $$$$$$.
  7. Roy Mustang vs Bradley Cooper after Laz's match.
  8. I've never tried it out, so it could actually be a good start. Thank you!
  9. Can someone please pass me some good teams to my discord? NikhilR#1236 Thanks!
  10. @Kamimiii Since my game vs enchanteur does not matter (I haven't played yet as of this post), I'm rescinding the bet.
  11. I looked at the showdown calc for SM, and this is how it is: If Foul Play damage does X% to Healthy Mon, then Foul Play does same X% damage to Burned Mon.
  12. OU: Gyarados (Jolly) - 31 / 31 / 30 / 26 / 28 / 31 - (Dragon Dance / Waterfall / Bounce / Stone Edge) - EVs: 62 HP / 252 Attk / 196 Speed Gyarados (Jolly) - 30 / 30 / 30 / 15 / 30 / 31 - (Dragon Dance / Waterfall / Crunch / Stone Edge) - EVs: 22 HP / 248 Attk / 236 Speed Dragonite (Jolly) - 31 / 31 / 28 / 30 / 28 / 30 - (Dragon Dance / Dragon Claw / Aqua Tail / Fire Punch) - EVs: 50 HP / 252 Attk / 208 Speed Dragonite (Jolly) - 28 / 31 / 31 / 12 / 29 / 31 - (Dragon Dance / Dragon Claw / Substitute / Roost) - EVs: 248 HP / 72 Def / 66 Spdef / 124 Speed NU: Kingler (Jolly) - 29 / 28 / 29 / 18 / 30 / 31 - (Not movesetted) - EVs: 18 HP / 248 Attk / 4 Def / 240 Speed Espeon (Timid) - 31 / 25 / 26 / 28 / 31 / 30 - (Calm Mind / Psyshock / Signal Beam / Hidden Power Fire) - EVs: 42 HP / 248 SpA / 220 Speed Mismagius (Timid) - 29 / 21 / 29 / 30 / 28 / 31 - (Will O Wisp / Taunt / Foul Play / Painsplit) - EVs: 252 HP / 198 Def / 60 Speed Blaziken (Lonely) - 30 / 31 / 31 / 30 / 31 / 31 - (Substitute / Hidden Power Grass / Flamethrower / Superpower) - EVs: 78 Attk / 248 SpA / 182 Speed ------------------------------------------- Just looking for $$$ offers. You can post here or whisper me ingame, IGN: NikMustang
  13. Have you guys seen the TV Series version of Scream? I loved both season 1 and 2, which have the same cast / storyline. I'm about to start with season 3, although that is with different cast. I just watched a few eps of Dark season 2, and it was really good. I'll continue with it later though.
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