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  1. Adding some more optional steps as outlined Life's post: Step 10 - get excited about update for new event and install game to grind money + vanities Step 11 - get depressed that devs then nerf event to reduce amount of money + vanities earned Step 12 - quit game after event is over Step 13 - get excited about hearing a new update only to then get depressed that new update is more vanities Step 14 - troll on forums Step 15 - play smogon tournaments / VGC if interested in competitive battling
  2. What I would like to know is how is Haxorus worst in UU compared to OU. OU had to deal with Haxorus for years/months and it adapted to the point where Haxorus got less played. Why would it be any different in UU?
  3. @gbwead I have a proposal: 1) you agree to ban Conkeldurr from OU, and I shall play this LC tour If LC is indeed dying and you need every single player possible to fill up the seats, then by not banning Conk in OU you could risk losing LC by having me and maybe others (@ThinkNicer and other anti-conk players please assemble) not participate, and we'd be happy to play in order to keep the tier you love alive xD
  4. What I'm sad about is losing a Black Reaper Hood for nothing as I donated it to the event commemorating her death.
  5. Kanzo also won PSL earlier with me as a sub / cheerleader. Man is a lucky charm.
  6. Congrats Empoleons, especially Jaawax. I had doubts about whether you were a good manager pick, but I was wrong and it goes to show how out of touch I am with the community. Also kudos to the Rotoms for being so dominant throughout this PSL edition. Thank you to Mago and Badbaar for recording a majority of the games. It helped folks like me who barely log on to still catch up.
  7. Don't spectators talk in normal chat? If so, maybe just disable normal chat? The reason I'm saying this is so that you don't get fazed by something people say during the game. That being said, insulting a player shouldn't go unpunished, and so it would also help if chat logs in normal chat can be stored so that these players who insult could be reported.
  8. You are our Mayor, you don't have to work out a compromise. Just give the order and we shall obey.
  9. The bolded part isn't 100% true. Some players opt for going for safe builds when scouting their opponents while others adopted riskier builds. At the end of the day, the players still had the choice of being able to choose what kind of build they want to run. But now that choice is taken away since you're not able to scout your opponent early on because you don't know who your opponent is. Yes, you can still run riskier builds even if you don't know who your opp is, but the risk in doing it now is much higher than now before. It's not about c-builds only being useful again
  10. In a 128 man OU tournament, 64 players advance to the next round. This means that the information would be "gleaning" over is of 63 participants. Gathering information of 63 players with the time available is literally impossible unless you have the power to hack into the game to know who your opponent is in advance or the power to stop time. There is something called an incentive, which drives people towards wanting to innovate. This system incentivizes players to play safe rather than innovate because the lack of scouting makes the risk of bringing an innovative build over
  11. I see what you mean now. I do agree that Blaziken being at full health is what stopped Absol from sweeping by going to Slowbro. I think it was still the riskier route because you have to win a bunch of 50/50s, as you mentioned, and there is that additional risk of crit happening at a higher attack stage which is far more daunting. For example, let's stay that Toxicroak didn't crit Slowbro. He suckered at +4 when Slowbro used Future Sight. Then he drain punch kills Slowbro. Then Blaziken comes out for the revenge kill, which is ALSO the turn that Future Sight activates. That means Toxicr
  12. Can you explain to me why going to Blaziken was a terrible play? I'm sorry but I lost track. You're focused more on Tawla losing the game nonetheless because of the hax rather than when he could've made more optimal plays to still turn things around. The reason Tawla got swept by an Absol is because he let it get to +2. Going to Slowbro / Clefable would've enabled that to happen, which is why he should've made sure that it was always Blaziken / Vanilluxe to face Absol. We definitely know that Espeon isn't Specs because of damage to Slowbro with Signal Beam. If Es
  13. There is a difference though because in one situation you're giving an opponent an extra turn to crit. No one is saying that going to Slowbro was a misplay because of the crit. It was a misplay because 1) going to Infernape at +2 has much better odds than letting it to go to +4 against Slowbro. Not only did it crit Slowbro, but it would also have been possible for Toxicroak to then crit Blaziken when it was +4 as well. The other reason I think going to Slowbro was potentially a misplay is because assuming Slowbro kills Toxicroak, doesn't Absol then get an SD? It would need to
  14. I don't think crits should be taken into account as far as a misplay goes. I think Sweet mentioned it correctly when he said that the best play was to immediately future sight with slowbro rather than slack off. That Toxicroak shouldn't have gotten to +4 vs Slowbro. If we're also looking at the crit from the turn or the stage in which it took place, the Slowbro crit took place when Toxicroak was at +4, whereas the Blaziken would've come in when Toxicroak was at +2, and so there was a difference of a turn. I think at that point the Clefable revealed that it was Teleport? It a
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