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  1. Happy birthday Nik! :)

  2. To start getting me to play officials, no shiny (unless it's unobtainable for anyone else) or amount of $$$ is going to cut it. I would need prizes that increases my clout - like being able to customize a vanity, or select a once exclusive vanity like the labcoat or knight helmet, a particular star next to my name or anything that would make me stand out. This would probably have to be offered for the major tours, not your weekly officials. So, perhaps get started on doing a master-like series again.
  3. NikhilR


    After you see your opponent's team through team preview, and then have started the battle, you can't see the rest of your opponent's team through the pokeball. Please fix!
  4. So here are the flaws in your team: a) 3x mons (Dragonite / Gyara / Togekiss) weak to rocks, which you take minimum 25% upon switching in, and the number just increases if you switch in on an attack. 1x mon (Volcarona) that takes minimum 50% damage. Your team doesn't have a way of maintaining momentum, like Chansey / Blissey / Spdef TTar would wall that Hydreigon, and so you lack a safe switch in for those to continuously maintain pressure. b) This is the ideal Hydreigon set for breaking defensive teams: Hydreigon @ Dragon Fang or Leftovers Ability: Levitate EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Dragon Pulse - Flamethrower - Taunt - Roost c) Given that you have 4x mons weak to rocks, reduce that to two. Then have a defogger in place, as that would remove rocks on the field. d) Have a scald / status absorber - either a Magic Guard mon, Guts ability user like Conk, or anything that has rest. e) Definitely, definitely get rid of Krook as suggested above. I don't know if our meta is currently "scarf-friendly," because most teams are a bit fat, and so you give up a lot for that extra speed. I think a combo of Scizor + Espeed Dnite should help take out the faster users. I think this is a good place to start to get more info: And I don't know why suigin's thread isn't even linked ingame for users to find their footing in competitive battling.
  5. I really like some of the ideas behind your team, man. For one, Chople Excadrill is pretty amazing, and it also helps with beating Vacuum Wave Lucario. I think your team is a bit weak to spikes, given that Shed Shell Skarm can switch into Hippo + TTar with relative ease. I'd recommend using a defogger like Salamence instead of Magnezone, and maybe going Reuni instead of Sigilyph. It's a much better scald switch in imo. I think Breloom is really great with respect to sporing and being able to pull off a powerful focus punch, but I am bit unsure of how good 74 attack evs is at breaking teams in general. I could be wrong since I haven't tried Breloom in MMO in ages. I'd recommend the last slot to be a pokemon that can check Conk, maybe Air Slash Togekiss or Sub Gar with either Orb / Taunt / Disable set. Thanks for sharing the team with the community, and good luck!
  6. @DoubleJ @KaynineXL @DarylDixon @MaatthewMLG This song is out of the world xD
  7. Why don't you be cool and play pokemon while in the army? You could get them involved in it as well.
  8. @KaynineXL @DoubleJ @DarylDixon This song is a lot more laid back compared to the previous songs I listed:
  9. @KaynineXL @DoubleJ @DarylDixon Maybe time to bring back the clean-shaven look, Joey.
  10. @KaynineXL @DoubleJ @DarylDixon This is what the kids these days today are listening to. Parineeti Chopra is amazing eye candy.
  11. My songs are what keep this thread alive: A very feel-good song. Don't get fooled by the thumbnail though. @KaynineXL @DoubleJ
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