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  1. I'll take the bets against TJ and Gunt.
  2. Yeah tbh a lot of Crobats / Belly Drum Magmars going around to abuse Meganium.
  3. It's easy Houndoom bait which is super common these days. You achieve nothing with sub + hp ice. You need to find a way to hit steel / dark types which is what resist Psychic. Get Signal Beam + HP Fire / Ground. So far you have 0 ways to break Forretress. Not going with a + attk nature has an impact on the damage you deal to your opponents and something like Bulky Ludicolo just shuts you down. A lot of players have started to run toxic meta to weaken Milo / Ludicolo. Also Psychic is mainly there to hit Weezing. I don't think you need 128 spak evs + orb to get the kill, so maybe change the ev spread. I like the idea of pursuit, but once you reveal your whole set you're just begging for Heracross to spam low kick. Personally I prefer something like Bounce / Return / Crunch over EQ because you seem to be having a horrible matchup vs Bulky Ludicolo. Taunt Gyara is really good for those players who rely on Skarm to deal with it. Taunt on the WW and then the other moves such as crunch / bounce / return are resisted by Skarm and that way Counter from Skarm doesn't kill you. So you can take it out with Waterfall the next turn. Using -spdef nature on an spdef wall and with a +attk nature with no physical move seems very counter productive. ^I think Jovi mentioned a good set for Cradily to use and start from there. This current set of yours doesn't accomplish anything either. Good luck.
  4. This is what I posted when I equalized it in tie breakers. Lol man I did exactly the same. It's like you're my other half. Here you go for when you win your next match:
  5. Why are you guys not using Golem in officials / MM and letting it move to OU by usage? Smh.
  6. Yeah that mentality is always going to be there that if I have to win, then I'll need to hit these low accuracy moves. Like you will never see a person run hp fight on Gengar instead of Focus Blast because the latter usually gets the ohko in TTar.
  7. Nah it's not like that tbh. A lot of stuff in DPP is super bulky, so moves like Surf / Flamethrower just aren't strong enough unless you equip those pokes with orb. Hydro Pump / Fire Blast are super necessary to get those required 2hkos. It's a lot better to have a chance to kill something rather than having no chance at all.
  8. Did you guys fix a time yet?
  9. You could for starters watch replays of OU officials and see what people are using and how they use them.
  10. Gunt always horny at work.
  11. It's not interesting but variations of BP exist which can be a bit more interesting. Like my friend once used a mean look BP Umbreon, BP Venomoth etc. Those are fine but the Gliscor version is completely broken since there are better variants (of the one Raai used) that exist with lead azelf or uxie which have access to both screens and explosion / memento respectively. Unless you lead a scarfer, you're fucked because nothing stops that BP train. Let's not forget about how BP just shits on stall. Watch the god Osgoode utilize them to perfection: Because of how BP is broken (in almost every gen), a lot of unofficial tournaments have this clause where you can only pass one stat boost through BP. Just do that here or otherwise nothing stops a player from running BP because it is so damn good. Also shout out to MMO TC for being > Smogon TC because the latter haven't banned BP in gen4 and unbanned evasion abilities on pokemon which have mono ability.
  12. Should ban BP imo. Shit's too strong because there's no counterplay since the only way to beat it is by being extremely lucky through RNG or matchup.
  13. Lol I got muted once for shit talking too, but luckily my SPL team manager is biased and had powers to remove my lock from chat.
  14. @KaynineXL WE winning boy!
  15. Yeah he's a very laid back guy. It's still the qualifier but yea that was insanely bad. Even Celebi was faster than Heracross, so he basically got blowbang'd. The only reason he would switch in Skarmory from Milo at that range would be if he legit thought SD / Megahorn / Rest-Talk was an actual set for Heracross. That's the only explanation for which the switch makes sense but yeah it was poorly played. One guy who hates on him did a commentary of that match and that's going to be lovely to watch. Lol here it is, it plays from the best part: