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  1. I was recommended this anime by someone else too, and I added it to my MAL watchlist. Thanks!
  2. Almost 2 months late, but I watched it yesterday and it was a fantastic watch. Thank you for this recommendation, and if you have anymore suggestions, please pass them along.
  3. It is very easy to get to the 1500 stage of the DPP ladder. The ladder is active in the sense that people ladder, but the best players don't constantly ladder; this doesn't mean that everyone else is worse, but just that may be a notch below. Sometimes the top dpp players ladder if they want to test teams out, or you may find players who are just learning the tier but are still skillful competitive players because they may play new gens at a high level. You should only run into people who just "picked their platinum team" at the initial stage, but eventually you'll run into higher calibre players. Use the ladder as a learning opportunity. Once you have done that, you can take your skills to smogtours.psim.us and play some of the better players there. You can also join the DPP discord server and ask for games there as you'll find more experienced players (I can give you an invite link if you want).
  4. I also want to respond to Cali's point about the DPP ladder being dead, when in fact it isn't. This is a screen I just took now: Some of these battles may be on smogtours.psim.us, and you can always join that server and PM some folks to play some DPP games if you want better competition. If you say, "Well there's only 4 games in the past 30 minutes" well you should know that there are only 4 games whose replays were saved, but there could've been many more. There are also discord servers where you can request folks to play DPP games, get your teams reviewed, or any other advice really. (lmk if you want links). There are YouTube channels from top players who teach you how to play DPP. Every Thursday in showdown main you have a series of DPP-related Tours happening, of which one is DPP OU. The resources are endless, and it's way easier to pick up a showdown tier than an MMO tier, I don't think this needs to even be explained why. EDIT: Adding another pic https://i.imgur.com/u6WBxm2.png
  5. LC is not older than dubs lol. Yes this is my way of flexing that I won a dubs tour + simultaneously proving a point that you won't find any LC tours during that time period.
  6. Can you point to me where I brought it up exactly? There's nothing wrong with using an initial Ice Beam user to break the Yache, and then rk'ing with Ice Beam. You can even go down a different path by using Dragon-stab revenge killers. Milotic + P2 + Blissey + Hippo can break the Yache Berry of Garchomp since they don't die to +2 EQ. The entire point of this is that you have MULTIPLE checks to Garchomp. If Garchomp is running Lum, Ice Beam P2 or Ice Beam Starmie can check it. If Garchomp is running Yache, then Cloyster and Scarf Mamo can check it. All non-sub or scarf variants of Garchomp are checked by Scarf Kingdra / Scarf Salamence. P2 isn't a revenge killer since it's slower; I misworded that and edited my post before you quoted it, that's my fault. I have played it in the past. I use Scarf Kingdra if I'm weak to rain otherwise, and I used Scarf Mence prior to Garchomp as a revenge killer for DD Gyara / QD Volca. Scarf Hydreigon checks Garchomp. Do you admit that? So let's compile a list of mons that can work: Yache Berry Garchomp Checks: 1) Scarf Kingdra 2) Scarf Mence 3) Scarf Hydreigon 4) Scarf Mamo 5) Cloyster SD Lum Garchomp Checks: 1) Scarf Kingdra 2) Scarf Mence 3) Scarf Hydreigon 4) Scarf Mamo 5) Cloyster 6) Starmie 7) HP Ice Scarf Mag 8) HP Ice Gengar Garchomp Counters: 1) Foul Play Mandibuzz 2) Foul Play Umbreon You don't necessarily need a fixed check / counter for it either. You can play around it with trick + getting rocky helmet damage on it too. Safeguard Volca / Conk Careful / Scarf Kingdra are not everywhere, but they have utility, and because they have utility, you shouldn't just completely ignore it when teambuilding.
  7. It's been 2 years of Unova already and I have seen/played enough OU to determine that Scarf Mence and Scarf Kingdra have a lot of utility. Garchomp does not force me to use these mons because I can run Scarf Kingdra as a countermeasure to rain teams and Scarf Mence can revenge kill most other mons. Garchomp does not need to be banned asap, and it's time to face the facts that Garchomp does not need to be banned. Kingdra can Draco Meteor Garchomp, but Draco Meteor can miss, and Ice Beam is a way to get that guaranteed kill against non-yache Chomp. So therefore Kingdra is an ice Beam revenge killer. EDIT: Scarf Cloyster and Scarf Mamo are also great revenge killers. Icicle Spear is a great move to try and kill stuff that are behind a sub.
  8. I don't care about your win rate because I don't know how you've managed to accomplish said win rate. You told me stuff like Zangoose or whatever can beat screens teams so the evidence I am looking for would be to see you win against screens team with said mons. But you won't do that, you won't let me try to prove you wrong when I asked you build me 2-3 teams that can reliably do that. If you can't do that, then how am I supposed to take your claim seriously? Just theorize everything? You do more OU battles than me, yes, but what's the point? I don't play unranked often because I don't care about beating charizardlover6969. If you include those games in your "I play more OU battles than you" statement, then it doesn't hold much weight. I play ranked / tours because I want to face the better part of the competition. You may have played ranked, but I don't think that's enough. If your hard facts are simply but theories then I want to have nothing to do with them. On another note, I don't respect you at all, but I am willing to change how I feel that way if you provide me with teams to beat Screens Teams like Umbra did.
  9. Dude shut the fuck up and don't tag me or quote me because I don't want to be tagged with your nonsense. All you do is talk bs but when it comes to practice you disappear like Nileseyy Niles. I didn't want to specifically speak about Ice Beamer checks, no; that's my mistake if I led you on that way. I'm just giving you an example of how there are multiple checks to Garchomp, which need not be ice beamers. You can run Cloyster, Hydreigon, Scarf Mence, and Scarf Kingdra for that purpose. Scarf Kingdra is excellent to be able to counter rain matchups, so I don't know why it's bad. It's a great revenge killer, and has great surprise value, so I don't know why it wouldn't be bad. Yes I made a mistake with mentioning Mandi as a check and not a counter. You can make Scarf Mence / Kingdra a thing, but you just don't want to adapt or get used to running scarfers. I don't know what's wrong with Scarf Mence either. Just because "it's not a thing" doesn't mean that it can't be one. It's an OU mon for fuck's sake. You know Spdef Dnite was not a thing, yet I had to adapt to try to make it one to counter Togekiss. Timid Milotic was never a thing, yet I had to to adapt to make it a thing for Togekiss. So adapt. It's because all I have to do is literally run one mon (Garchomp) to revenge kill opposing mons. If I don't run a Cofagrigus for Conkeldurr, I could get fucked depending on its set. The reason I run Scarf Chomp is because it's an excellent revenge killer for almost everything, One"fast check" that can kill Lum Berry Garchomp with Ice Beam may be Starmie. Another "fast check" can be Scarf Kingdra as well with Ice Beam. You can run HP Ice on Mag as well (does not ohko but weakens it plenty). As far as bulky checks go, p2 kills with ice Beam. Why are you making it sound like Starmie is the only mon that can kill it with Ice Beam?
  10. How can your Hippo counter Conk to a very reasonable extent when it nearly gets 2hko'd by it? Rocky Helmet Hippo also lacks recovery, which means it needs to be at 100% health + outspeed Conk which isn't guaranteed. Even if Conk is on the verge of death after facing a Hippo, which isn't the case, it can then recover a shit ton of health back with drain punch. I have played Hippo with RH too and I lost to ZAnderson most recently in an OU tour because his Conk outsped by Hippo. No it's not flawed. If Garchomp is running a Lum Berry, it may take down a mon, but then you can kill it with something else with ice Beam. I've not clicked the forfeit button vs Garchomp ever, so I must be doing something right. If Garchomp hides behind a sub, I hope the Garchomp user is prepared to press X vs my Shed Shell Skarmory then. This is as threatening and capable of sweeping as Flame Orb Conkeldurr. Starmie, Tentacruel, Reuniclus and Chandelure just to name a few do give a shit about that set. I hope you don't think that I am kidding because it is as threatening as a regular Conkeldurr. I have seen it before in action and it has done well for me. There are issues with every Garchomp sets and these issues are considerably not more important than the issues that face Conkeldurr, Volcarona, and Togekiss. 252 SpA Choice Specs Starmie Psychic vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Conkeldurr: 344-408 (83 - 98.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO 252 SpA Choice Specs Starmie Psyshock vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Conkeldurr: 342-404 (82.6 - 97.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO +1 0 Atk Conkeldurr Thunder Punch vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Starmie: 130-154 (96.2 - 114%) -- 75% chance to OHKO Starmie cannot check careful set, but it can check Flame Orb Set. Similarly, Specs Starmie may not be able to check Yache Berry Garchomp, but it can check other variants. 252 SpA Choice Specs Starmie Ice Beam vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Yache Berry Garchomp: 296-350 (82.9 - 98%) -- guaranteed 2HKO ---------------- Fast Checks examples for Garchomp: Scarf Hydreigon 252+ SpA Hydreigon Dragon Pulse vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Garchomp: 188-224 (102.7 - 122.4%) -- guaranteed OHKO Scarf Mence 252+ Atk Salamence Dragon Claw vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Garchomp: 162-192 (88.5 - 104.9%) -- 25% chance to OHKO Scarf Kingdra 252+ SpA Kingdra Draco Meteor vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Garchomp: 242-288 (132.2 - 157.3%) -- guaranteed OHKO Shell Smash Cloyster +2 252 Atk Garchomp Earthquake vs. 78 HP / 0 Def Cloyster: 103-123 (76.2 - 91.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO ------------ Bulky Check Examples: For Conk: 0 SpA Reuniclus Psychic vs. 120 HP / 116 SpD Conkeldurr: 284-336 (74.5 - 88.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO 252+ Atk Guts Conkeldurr Facade (140 BP) vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Reuniclus: 229-270 (54 - 63.6%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery Conk beats Reuni. Therefore not a check. The spread I used is from Smogon because there is no standard spread since apparently the norm is to keep speed creeping Hippos and this goes on back and forth. Bulky Check Example For Garchomp: +2 252 Atk Mandibuzz Foul Play vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Garchomp: 169-201 (92.3 - 109.8%) -- 56.3% chance to OHKO ------------- Yes because I have lost to more Conks than Garchomps.
  11. Given that the most popular Conk set is a Flame Orb set, I'd say that 1) if you're using to Hippo to counter it and 2) if Hippo can only counter if it outspeeds it, then that's an issue because you don't really know what speed the Conk user is using. Even if let's say it's a 252 speed Conk, then if it muscles past Hippo, it's very likely to cause more defensive holes in your team because unlike Garchomp, it can drain punch and recover its health. It also has access to priority which is threatening for revenge killers. Yes you only gave me one Garchomp set, which was the SD Yache set. However, that set is the best Garchomp set, so it's not like I have to be prepared for anything more than that because anything else is just inferior. When it comes to Conk, almost every set it can run is threatening and capable of sweeping, even though the Flame Orb set is more popular . You said that if I'm worried about coverage, then I can run a few checks to form a defensive core. But can I not say the same thing with regards to Garchomp by saying run one ice beamer to break yache + revenge killer? But this is only true if you have the right check to its set, which you may not know until it's too late.
  12. Well the question then becomes "how much speed should I invest?" because how do you know you're running enough speed to outspeed your opponent's Conk? The only way to do this is to make sure you then outspeed a 252 speed Conk, and by doing this, you undermine Hippo's ability to then wall other mons simply because Conk was too problematic. Salamence + Gliscor die to Bulk Up Ice Punch. Starmie + Gengar also die to Bulk Up Careful variants. So how are these checks? Togekiss is a great answer because of its ability to air slash flinch. Chandelure dies to one rock slide after Conk uses bulk up. Reuniclus probably loses to the Bulk Up Careful variant if it has psyshock + if Conk user plays it properly. The only pokemon that's capable of walling all sets is Cofagrigus.
  13. What are some of your Conk checks other than Cofagrigus? I would like to know. Also the biggest difference between Conk and Chomp in terms of bulk is the special defense, but because Conk is slow, it can afford to invest in its bulk. Conk's primary weakness is Psychic and Flying type moves, of which the former mostly exists with Reuni and I think Flying is mostly common with Skarmory. But it's not a move that a lot of other pokemon pack on. Hippo is hardly a counter to Conk when it is nearly 2hko'd. +1 252+ Atk Conkeldurr Ice Punch vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Hippowdon: 96-114 (44.6 - 53%) -- 0.4% chance to 2HKO after Leftovers recovery A lot of Conks invest in speed nowadays (thereby reducing its bulk for sure), so it's highly unlikely that Hippo will be faster than it and will be able to slack off on the damage. If you add rocks on the field, Conk has a better chance of winning. With Drain Punch, that lack of bulk might not be so problematic if it can then just heal off the damage. The best Conk answer is Cofagrigus, only.
  14. yes volt immunity nice but garchomp one burn = useless but infernape one volt switch = not useless. garchomp sub mean no fire fang = wall skarm. monkey no bulk but fast and good coverage. fight / fire / rock hit everything. what it not hit? also monkey with one sd = power to kill everything. same like garchomp, no? yes wide len mean no berry, but no need water berry for tenta because scald no kill in one turn. yes less risk for garchomp because 95% accuracy, i admit. eq into flying gliscor rocky helmet, you dclaw into ferro rocky helmet, you fire fang or eq into flying gliscor rocky helmet, then you not know whether to sd or dclaw or fire and then garchomp = dead because opp smart. monkey just blaze kick = dead glisc and ferrothorn. blaze also possible crit and burn, very nice. monkey have other weakness yes, but if monkey carry psychic berry you run reuni = reuni dead. if monkey run ground berry and you use eq = eq user dead. you not know what berry monkey has, so what pokemon you send in vs monkey? garchomp i know is lo or yache at least. Infernape >>>>>>> Garchomp
  15. Fire have one immunity important will o wisp or burn. Fire have more speed and good coverage. Fire use wide lens and hit stone edge = hit and you dead. Dragon use Fire fang and miss = dead. Fire no need to play moves EQ and opp switch flying / levitate user. Ez dodge. Fire no need play move Flare Blitz and instead run Blaze Kick. Blaze Kick burn and crit opp, Fire is op. Fire no 4x weakness to Ice Beam. p2 Ice Beam LO Garchomp = lol dead. p2 Ice Beam Infernape = live. Fire ability blaze in less 33% health range more power fire move = kill everything. Garchomp no ability lol = useless. Infernape >>>>>>>>>>>> Garchomp
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