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  1. Showing More Info In A Battle

    Hi, 1) As suggested before, it would be nice to know at what stage of stat boost / drop a pokemon is at. Players are forced to calculate how many times they've used a particular move like cm, in order to find out at what stage they are at, and this is unnecessarily time consuming because on top of that players will also need to calc accordingly. 2) Showing what hazards are on field. Right now there's no indication of whether rocks, spikes or tspikes are on field. 3) No. of turns remaining for taunt, light screen, reflect, rain, sun, hail, and sandstorm. 4) Giving back the substitute animation, because now if a pokemon is behind a sub, it's hard for anyone to know since that doll isn't there anymore.
  2. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    I think it's more of a slow kill tbh. Most players like KingBowser, Raaidn and Kanzo have just stopped playing tours altogether. Maybe it could be real life catching up, but if you talk to any of them, they'll tell you how insane the grind is. Zebra and Des are both busy with college, but Zeb has stated several times how the update is going to make him quit because he doesn't want to go through the grind. Des if he plans on grinding will probably stick to playing just one tier. Jovi and XPLOZ have both stopped playing the game altogether. LifeStyle has told me that Yubell is lazy to grind and just comes online to then afk. And as for myself, I could be wrong, but I can only see myself helping out my teammates during tours and not playing them myself. I remember names from the spanish community like piata, Haazuu, timwaps, Walpayer who I don't see take part in tours as often as they used to. It definitely could be the issue of irl commitments, but I think there's a reason that Smogon is able to hold onto most of its oldtimers compared to us. Change isn't the issue, but the direction where the game is headed where everything is becoming harder and less enjoyable. The more time consuming + costlier breeding, automated tournaments, gift shinies with no hp and not enough yen, berries becoming something that you need to now farm etc. The only reason people still continue to play the game is because of the friendships they've built over the years. It's being able to interact with your teammates that makes the grind less painful. We do get more players coming back with the update though, as you can see. But if you compare the comp playerbase today and two years ago, there will be a lot of difference. I don't think the devs think of this as an issue because all they see when they look at a bracket is if it gets filled up, but not who fills it up.
  3. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    Yeah I know bro, just spend another 4-5 hrs catching almost perfect dittos to rebreed them. It's very simple.
  4. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    Bro you can catch the HA versions in the dungeon, then spend 2-3 hrs each to rebreed them , then ev, then level up, and then spend around 100k each to moveset them. It's so easy, idk what you're talking about.
  5. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    @Darkshade I honestly didn't know that the method to implement HA was through another process of grinding. As it is, I am not tempted to play the PvP aspect of this game because of the large grind associated with it which makes it difficult to be on an equal footing with those can grind effortlessly, and the lack of team preview which makes every game more like rock-paper-scissors. Given the direction this game is going forward, it just feels like you want to kill your PvP playerbase. Can you give me a few reasons as to why a player, who is solely interested in PvP, should continue to play this game and not showdown?
  6. @KaynineXL Your Indian song of the week :) @DarylDixon Because you wanted me to tag you too in these posts. If you've listened to a lot of mainstream English music in the past decade, you should be able to recognize the male singer:
  7. I get the argument for the trump card part, but it removes a large portion of skillful play and gives the matchup factor a huge, huge advantage. Like there are so many instances where this has happened to me in DPP, where I have maybe 2-3 mons in the back, my scarf ttar is baited into crunching a gengar, and then the opposing Lucario sets up an easy swords dance and manages to sweep. Before we had the new mons, there could be some "guessing" involved in what the last mon could be. In DPP there are some instances that you can have an idea of at least what the typing of the last mon will be. For eg, if you have seen 3 EQ weaknesses in an offensive team so far, you can bet the remaining mons are most likely going to consist of either Breloom, Zap, Rotom, Gengar etc. Most DPP teams carry at least one steel type, so that's there too. Teams that are weak to water and haven't revealed a water resist usually have at least kingdra, empo, suicune, shaymin etc.There's at least a bit of predictability, whereas here it's just playing so blindly.
  8. I haven't been following most of the discussion, but is there any ETA on getting team preview?
  9. [SaKé]

    Forever NabbStyle to me :)
  10. If it isn't troublesome, I'd appreciate it if you could remake it.
  11. Hey man, hit me up ingame when you're on and I'll help you get through e4. They don't call me the GOAT for nothing.
  12. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Can some of you rich shiny traders pass some yen to me? You surely don't need all that $$$ and it's that time of the year of giving.
  13. Elite 4 totally broken

    You've mistaken me for @yangsam
  14. Elite 4 totally broken

    All these people complaining about loving extra difficulty should try beating the game with 6 spindas like pachima has suggested. Not everyone likes to be forced down this level of difficulty, so if you enjoy it then keep challenging yourself by making it harder for yourself. I just saw someone selling 7 everstones in exchange for helping him beat the e4. Knowing how intensive the grind for everstones is, I feel bad for him.

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