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  1. Thanks for the honesty. I've played this game for so long and so I know that I'm never going to blame my loss on RNG if I could have done something differently to avoid it. Looking back at my match and re-thinking each and every play one by one, I legit can't find any mistake so it's frustrating knowing that there's nothing I could have done about it. Relying on RNG to win is a part of the game but it should never be the initial game plan. So when someone gets it and other people start posting disrespectful shit like "EZ" , it can be annoying. I'm not aware of whether this happened during the game but I'm just speaking in general. Like Ari said, being humble and acknowledging that you had luck that favored you is all I can ask from you and so I really do appreciate it.
  2. The difference is that most Granbulls need speed investment in order to outspeed certain pokemon. So I can guarantee you that they will have speed investment, and sometimes even max. Whereas if Sableye wants to handle Granbull, it can NEVER run speed investment.
  3. Sableye is more likely to be slower than granbull, so the taunt + psych up would happen after Granbull launches a hit.
  4. That was the best analysis of the game indeed. I played better and I didn't win, that's a part of the game that I accept. The linoone was always going to live dclaw because I didn't have attack investment. I didn't think the zangoose live with 1 hp mattered all that much until he revealed linoone. I think that's a problem that will be solved by team preview. If we had team preview, then I could play out the scenario much differently by attacking goose with gyara till it is 50% and then beat it with Golem. Did Fipp deserve the win? It's hard to say because he won the game more or less based on matchup as linoone could set up vs potentially everything bar gyara / mag. You can say that I made mistakes, but my mistakes would only be in relation to what fipp's last was and not mistakes in general. Predicting your opponent to have a linoone was out of the question and had I known it then I could have kept magneton alive so that gyara could get another intimidate. But as I said earlier, a part of the game.
  5. I was going by what he said.
  6. The burn on Venusaur hardly mattered because as Lazaaro pointed out, that Venusaur had no coverage against Magneton. The only option would be to stall out the hp fire while I would have then played it differently. I don't think that had a huge effect in the overall outcome of the match imo but do correct me if I'm wrong. The paralyze on Arcanine didn't matter either especially since he switched it in on a misplay and Arcanine didn't look like it was threatening at all.
  7. Nah I'm talking about my odds of being able to kill him while behind a sub.
  8. And the roll that clearly got him to 1 hp. It's crazy how y'all are acting like he deserved the win. EDIT: Regardless I should have played better and that is on me.
  9. I don't know what game you saw, but I saw myself outplaying fipp and him getting extremely, extremely lucky with a roll / no. of hits from Golem that cost me the match.
  10. Myself and fipp like now-ish.
  11. "I am going to take your shave" Is that an accurate translation? Espero que mi amistad te mantenga caliente por la noche.
  12. Usted tendra que venir aqui para eso.
  13. I just had my first quesadilla. I am officially a mexican.
  14. I see how it is.
  15. I won, gg. And it's a pleasure to face you anytime.