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  1. Are you allowing more than one person to take your bets? Because Suneet took it, and if more than one can take, I'll take it too. Taking myself.
  2. Team Name: KingCheerios Team Tag: LYLE Registered Players: NikhilR, DoctorJJ, Goldeneyes, pachima, Lazaroo, BurntZebra, yangsam, Kanzo Team Captain: DoctorJJ
  3. Podrick was the guy who left with the two prostitutes (he was seated next to Brienne at the table). Gendry was the one who proposed to Arya.
  4. Podrick was the real winner this episode.
  5. IGN: NikhilR Timezone: EST Tiers: OU / UU / NU Something else to farm likes: My WCOP teammate posted something along these lines that would sum things up: "Imagine this....you got tired in the middle of sex with your girlfriend. You took a quick break to catch your breath, decided to check Pokemmo in the middle of your love making session, and received a notification that you'll be playing against NikhilR for PSL. Your uguu died all of a sudden; next thing you know, you got dumped by your girlfriend as well because she accused you of not finding her attractive" I'll mostly be active on discord, but whichever manager is considering drafting me should know that my biggest asset is my playing-ability, so I'll need help in the other departments such as teambuilding / breeding / scouting etc.
  6. Been having exams, hence the lack of response on my part @gbwead, Also, thank you for the lovely fanmail, when I logged in this morning @AurumPegasus. It made my day!
  7. I'm saying what you were to as 50/50, in other words either using taunt or defog, isn't really a 50/50 because the real kind of 50/50s are the speed tie kind. You're essentially pretending to be dumb, so from here on out I'm going to call you a dumb ass. Because you've constantly said that I don't know anything about the meta when you mention I know nothing about the comp scene. Jesus christ either you're a poop for not knowing what you say most of the time, or you're admitting that I am aware of the meta for not mentioning it in the earlier post. Pick one. Just because you beat the same number of people doesn't mean you beat the same KIND of people. You can get to quarters of a CC by simply facing randoms, but the finals of a 32 man tour is going to be between the two best players of a tour. You really are a dumbass. To address the bolded part, it's not about disagreement, but you insulted the old-timers unnecessarily you dumbass. And I would really have kept quiet if you won TT in a skillful way because that would actually make me a shithead for undermining the skill level of the community, but obviously that wasn't the case. Link all those brackets for me, because I'm sure that in one of those brackets I knocked your dumb ass out of the tour. I'll gladly admit I was wrong about my record, but link them nonetheless. That Gliscor wouldn't have solved all the flaws in the team, but it's definitely an improvement over whatever shitty defogger that Kriliin used, and it's the best defogger that you could ever fit into such a team, dumbass. You're a dumb ass. Which is why I should've listened to @Gunthug and stopped debating with this flat-earther.
  8. But those 50/50s there do carry a risk of potentially being punished for taunting. Similarly, Ferrothorn can punish Gliscor defogging by leech seeding, which results in the 50/50 that Gliscor has to perhaps taunt first, but at the risk that Ferro either power whips or switches out, thereby leaving rocks on the field. You literally stated that you hated using Defog Gliscor for dealing with Ferrothorn because there were 50/50s involved. I'm not being condescending when I am saying that it really isn't a 50/50, but an opportunity for you to either outplay or get outplayed, aka playing the game. On what basis are you saying that I don't know the meta? I log in at least once per month, which really is enough to know what it's like. You still don't tell me why knowing about the meta is even important. Man, the way you twist or misconstrue things is amazing. That bolded statement is so full of shit because you made a claim that quarters of CC is equivalent to a 32 man tournament then. You made a bullshit statement, so obviously I corrected it. You're also being full of shit when you said that the "nostalgic shithead" wasn't directed at me, moreover it simply was unnecessary. I'm just surprised how someone would shittalk after losing in finals of TT, that's what bothered me. I wouldn't have said anything if you guys won TT and in a very convincing manner because you guys would have earned the bragging rights for that. But to claim that the current flock of players is better and then the next day going into the finals of TT with simply match-up fishing, it was just surprising. Your reason for my wins not being impressive is because I didn't "win" anything. In other words, it wasn't the finals of a tour or a prestigious event. That's not what's important. I'd always value beating a reputed player over beating randoms. So, please look at my earlier brackets and tell me that my wins weren't against players that you deem good. Because if those brackets prove that I did beat good players, then I don't know what else is there to add. Oh dude I explained earlier that I didn't refer to attack in an offensive way. But I did think you were putting a value on my skill. You're confusing knowledge with skill. My point is that I possess the skills to compete at the high stages, so there's really nothing to stop me from doing the same in MMO once I gain this "knowledge," right? The reason I assume I'm better than most of them is because I'm a more proven commodity. Oh I guess times have changed. I would be lying if I said I wasn't blushing. Oh dude I don't think I ever took offense to this part of your post at all, and since you didn't specifically name me, I didn't think you were referring to me. I appreciate the ego boost though *thumbs up* I think this is the part where we agree to disagree, but at least you have your reason, and I respect that. Dude exactly. I just think that there's huge gap in the skill level between teams like Aw / Aura / SIA / RISE and the rest. I apologize in advance to anyone for any offense I'm causing, but seriously this isn't personal. But getting back to my point, it's this large gap that makes me have doubts about gb's claims that we have an increase in the quality of players.
  9. 1) The Tornadus and Fini had to use Taunt to prevent rocks didn't they? 2) And if they lost the "50/50" and used taunt, Ferro could've gyro ball'd or power whip'd for massive damage, correct? 3) Isn't that almost similar here where if rocks are on a field, and Gliscor taunts to prevent further spikes / leech seed, Ferri could've power whipped? Or the Gliscor could've defogged and the Ferro could've leech seeded to pressure the Gliscor? 4) Are these not "50/50s" that both players have to deal with? No, I don't believe you. This is simply your word, not a fact, just your opinion. If you can get your family and coworkers to come here and tell me that you're fine with disagreement, then I'll believe you. My point still stands that reaching quarters of a CC is not the equivalent of reaching finals of a 32 man tour back then: This is what Laz said, "The shittalk used to be classy and fun to read, now people with anger problems spread their hate on the forum for various reasons and call it a shittalk, how boring." And you got offended by my earlier viewpoint of newer players being less skillful and decided to call us (including me) nostalgic shitheads. That's what we call a massive overreaction. So to re-inforce my stance, I picked out the finals of the TT I watched yesterday. You said, "It's cute that you think you're so much better than all the new players, but really it's just laughable, kiddo." Idk man, that's obviously putting a value on my skill level, and if it's lower than the newer players, I think that's an attack on my skill level. Not an attack in the offensive sense, but a judgment. Your comparison is way off between LC and Doubles because they are two completely different formats. If a player is good in a singles tier, they can just as easily be good in other with the requisite knowledge. So if I can play a singles showdown tier at a high level, I can definitely do the same in MMO. I'm pretty sure I know who Lotus is, but him being good again is arguable. I don't remember watching much of his duels, but I remember him in losing in TT and the loss he had vs Jovi in PSL. Granted I haven't seen much from him to make such a determination either. Also, I simply conceded to a lot of players being good because I gave you the benefit of the doubt since I wasn't able to tell with accuracy. Moreover, I got shit from pachima for claiming Redav to be a good player simply because I saw him have official wins under his name: So, I'm sure that the skill level of a lot of the players on the list is very much arguable. And yea, I have no idea who the Yeikochu or Babylo are, but I'm definitely going to assume I'm ahead of them by light years, cuz ego. Also shout out to my LYLE homeboys for achieving success irl too #flexxx Surprise. Oh dude, I'm definitely being an asshole rn, but again I really do feel that you're taking this way too seriously. You should definitely get some thicker skin. I was just as emotional as you were, and it isn't good. You might tell me to fuck off and mind my own business, but I am 100% serious when I say that you get offended way too easily. First you called me a shithead, then a POS, and now an egocentric scum. If it was Kami talking, I'd understand it was a part of his vocabulary, but since it's not a regular part of yours, it means you're taking this personally.
  10. You're right, it's not relevant because every game that you play is a 100-0 scenario. Effort. I don't know why you think I have hatred. My feelings are more of pity / shock / annoyance. I brought up Kriliin's game because you had to go make a snarky comment such as "It would be ideal if the nostalgic shitheads would cry in silence." You could've just kept shut after Laz's statement but you decided not to, so I mocked your performance vs Aw. If I wanted to trash Kriliin's performance I'd have posted something shortly after TT was over. You have this weird presumption that anyone whose views differ from yours holds a grudge against you. Holy shit. You wanted me to play MMO not to prove me being in touch with the meta, but to prove myself to be better than the newcomers. I said you could judge my skill level based on my performance on players that are a lot more recognized than MMO's, that way you'd have a sense of where I stand. Your insistence on one being an active player to win is really dumb, when an inactive team just beat you in TT. Give me a list of ten or more good players that are missing from the unofficial tour I took part in. Key word being good. Again, you've not shown me how the Chinese would be able to stand against me, but instead attack my ego, which admittedly I do have. Also, I even complimented kiwidd on his performance in TT yesterday, so it's not like I can't acknowledge when someone has played good. Jesus, you take everything so personally that you even had to go as far as to call me a PoS. This is the part where I link 4f's YouTube video:
  11. I could be misinterpreting what you're saying, but I believe it's only the metagame that changes, and maybe players' style too, but I don't think that translates into skill. Oh I don't think we shined at all, but for a couple of old-timers who play the game once or twice a month, I think making it to the finals of TT says a lot about the current state of the game.
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