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  1. Even though Darker got lucky, Senju could have still won that game if he made a different play at a certain point. The flinching of P2 due to Kings Rock Cloyster was definitely terrible, and of course there are a bunch of morons who decided to make hax items legal and there will be a few who decide to abuse it, but I digress. When Cloyster was at +2 attack and speed, and was facing a Weavile (at 10% health), Darker switched out his Cloyster to Skarmory. This meant that his Cloyster didn't have Ice Shard. Now you can say that he was bluffing about hiding Ice Shard, but it doesn't make sense to make a bluff when you are way ahead and lost nothing by revealing it. Later on in the game, when it was neutral boosted Cloyster (at less than 10% health) vs Garchomp, instead of staying in with Garchomp and killing the Cloyster with EQ, he switched out his Garchomp to P2, which ultimately resulted in P2 dying to Cloyster. I'm not saying that the hax didn't matter at all, but there was a way to avoid it and part of Pokemon is learning why you lost or finding a way to win despite the shitty luck you face. That's why I'm the best of all time. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
  2. I'm upset that Kuisha didn't list me alongside Frags, Bowser, and JSTUD, as one of the top players in this game :(
  3. Damn, one must've done something really wrong to piss off the entire rest of the Spanish-speaking community.
  4. 1) Conkeldurr has Guts as its ability, which instead allows a status of burn to increase its attack rather than decrease it 2) Not every Gengar runs Hex
  5. This is one ingenious poster, props to whoever created it.
  6. So I'm currently playing in a draft-system tour that is hosted on a separate simulator. How it works is that you have 90 points, and you can draft minimum of 6 mons. Each mon will have a points value attached to it, like this in this pic: https://i.imgur.com/KPICR5e.jpg You could probably do a draft system for OU / UU / NU where it will be a 3-player team and players having the option to rotate tiers.
  7. This is what appears for me Oh I didn't mean it like that, but I just think that there is a huge difference in the amount of time you need to spend in this game to earn the same amount that you could through working a few hours irl, and because there is this huge difference, it would be much more profitable to buy RP rather than grind through the ladder. It shouldn't be almost equal to a paid job, but at the same time it shouldn't be so far off.
  8. I quickly edited it. You were too fast to respond.
  9. The rewards are not worth it at all. You can use the money you earn by working 3 hours of a minimum wage job to buy RP to get the same or more amount money than what you could get by grinding the ladder for a much more significant period of time. Gb mentions that you can earn 2m by winning 60-80 duels. Giving him the benefit of the doubt in two scenarios - having to win just 60 duels and you playing + winning all your duels, in other words you play 60 games and win those 60 games - you still spend roughly 10 hours (assuming each game is 10 min) to acquire wealth of 2m. Why spend 10 hours to acquire something when you can get it in probably 3 hours-ish. The rewards are terrible.
  10. Maybe you guys should suggest to the devs to implement a feature that allows a game to be restarted or recreated from a certain point. It won't help with this current PSL but it could help down the road. As far as the DC rules here go, I think asking all players to submit their teams prior to the game could help prevent exploitation, especially in games that have had a short number of turns played. All they have to do is encrypt their team on a site like cryptobin.co, and send the host a link to the file prior to the game. The teams will still be encrypted, so it's not like the host can leak someone's team. If a DC does happen, the host can then ask for the players who submitted the encrypted links to then provide the password to decrypt it. If you DC and don't submit your team, you lose. I'm not sure what should happen in a scenario where if you DC and submit your team but your opp doesn't, but this could be a starting point.
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