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  1. On behalf of almost all the showdown players, our sincere apologies for having a life and not being able to grind 24x7 in a game that doesn't have legendaries, visual cues for almost anything but does at least have a broken timer. If I were to play PSL, I honestly wouldn't mind playing an MMO tier but learning an incomplete metagame, having to borrow pokemon, breeding new pokemon almost exclusively for this tour requires so much more effort on everyone's part because it's going to be a new learning process, so it's definitely a all-hands-on-deck situation. I get that this is a team tour, but as someone who is used to requiring minimal supervision, I personally feel that I would be asking too much from my teammates and thereby I would possibly be an anchor. If you're a good player, you can play either showdown or mmo as long as you're knowledgeable with regards to what you're up against. Showdown sets and mmo sets vary a lot, and I don't think any of the showdown players want to take on that additional burden.
  2. NikhilR

    OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    +2 0 SpA Togekiss Air Slash vs. 4 HP / 0 SpD Excadrill: 134-158 (37 - 43.6%) -- guaranteed 3HKO +2 0 SpA Togekiss Air Slash vs. 224 HP / 32 SpD Skarmory: 121-143 (37 - 43.7%) -- guaranteed 3HKO TTar can definitely survive a hit. I wouldn't call being able to 3hko a mon as "not being able to touch it." You can literally beat any mon in the game if you don't allow it to heal itself or attack you, by flinching it. Togekiss just doesn't need Aura Sphere, other than for Magnezone. EDIT: Togekiss is actually a good Conk check. Keep broken mons to beat broken mons you know :)
  3. NikhilR

    OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    Luckily I haven't been swept by one in MMO, but I've had plenty of experiences of being swept by one in DPP. I think it's broken because of its superior bulk and being able to set up vs almost anything. The combination of NP + SG + Heal Bell makes it all the more broken. I don't think Togekiss needs twave because it doesn't need to paralyze mons that are faster than it since it has enough bulk to live some of their hits. Beating togekiss on an offense team generally requires you to have two pokemon that are capable of outspeeding and 2hko-ing it, and I don't know how viable a pure offense team currently is. Wall teams struggle with it the most because it just can't break it. Banded TTar with Stone Edge is not the best answer because 1) Stone Edge has a high miss rate 2) Togekiss can always flinch. If non banded, then Togekiss may just survive one Stone Edge and then possibly roost stall the other Stone Edges easily. I'd say Scarf Magnezone is currently the best answer to it because of how it can easily switch in + force it out. My opinion - ban it.
  4. NikhilR

    OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    What other use does Bold Garde have other than dealing with Conk? What set do you run on it?
  5. Pokemon: HippowdonGender: AnyEgg moves*: Slack offPokeball**: Any 31 HP / 27+ / 27+ / x / 31 / 27+ Careful Nature Same as above, if you roll 28+ IV on all the 27+ IV stats, then I'll pay 100k extra.
  6. 1) Guys, seriously, where should I start my competitive adventure? Where did you start?2) How did you learn to build those pretty move-sets and teams I envy when I watch the tournaments?3) I'd be so grateful for every tip, resource or anything you'll help me out with. 1) You start by playing with the stuff that you like, then keep building from there on. There's always going to be something that you love running from time to time, so perhaps build around that one specific mon. 2) Just look at all the possible movesets a mon can learn, and see if there are some unused moves / spreads and if there's any utility to it. Majority of the time it will be trial and error, but eventually something meta-changing will come through. 3) It's time to brag about myself, so just watch my games. Look up the tours I've won: It's going to be a pain to have to sift through all those tournaments in the replay archive of the game, and also watch them without being able to skip a turn, but if you're really motivated to become better then you need to watch the better players perform (there are other good players to watch, but this is my post to show off). Even though some of the older tournaments may not be a fit for the current meta, you will learn a lot from watching the way I play because it's still applicable in this meta. This also makes it easier for me to help you with regards to your playstyle since you can pinpoint to a specific turn to ask me why I chose one move over the other in a particular scenario. Good luck!
  7. I swear, everyone's impression of India is similar to the visuals portrayed in Slumdog Millionaire or Lion.
  8. Doesn't look like that any time man, unless my roommate finds another girl soon, who knows! That's how I slept during my college days in India, I could actually write an entire book on my life there, but that's for another day. I don't want to spend money buying a mattress only to not use it again in a month since the on-campus housing is furnished. Also about the living in closet part - times are tough bro, we're just two young men trying to live the American dream.
  9. I love how detail-oriented you are Coolio. Here are some snaps of my room:
  10. @KaynineXL @DoubleJ @Kanzo @Platoons Okay boys, it's long story time. So my present roommate is a very linguistic person, so whenever he sees a foreigner there's a good chance he speaks their language and can thus strike up a conversation easily with them. There's also something about speaking to someone in their native language that gets them to open up to you more easily. My roommate met this girl outside, and she then gave him her Instagram + Phone Number. They met up and everything, and then he brought her back to the house, which is when I met her for the first time. So my roommate and I have this arrangement where I sleep in the room, but he sleeps in closet, that way both us have our privacy. So he and her go into his cloest, doing god knows what, and I decide to take a walk to give them that privacy because I don't want to be hearing sex sounds out of there. I come back from the walk, and 10 min later she comes out of the room and tells me, "Hey, I've definitely seen you somewhere before, I just don't know where." She sees me working on my writing sample for job interviews, and asked if she could just have a look over them. She was able to actually spot a mistake, which means there's some brains in there somewhere (or that I completely suck at legal writing) and offered to help me edit the writing sample to polish it up later on. Meanwhile,I really couldn't place her anywhere when she said she saw me before, but after giving it some thought, I wondered if she was the same hot girl I saw at my university housing building. I asked her if she lived there at one point last semester, and she was like, "YES!". That's when she and I kind of start to click, because she spoke about her issues with the university which then led to her dropping out, and how she might take legal action. Ofc that's when future officer of the court, aka me, gets to shine. I told her what I thought about the possible options would be, and things like that. Then she got a phone call from a family member, and was trying to cut the call, but I told her to stay on the phone since I didn't want her to disconnect because of me. That leads her to kind of talking about her family and all, and she throws around a few compliments like, "You're really resourceful, mature etc." Movie time came around, so the three of us (my roommate had decided to cook dinner for both of us while she and I had the conversation in the above paragraph) were watching Premam (the movie I linked the previous post) based on my suggestion. My roommate and her were like on the bed, and I was on the floor ( :( ). Ten minutes into the movie, my roommate falls asleep, so then she later sits down next to me to watch the movie. She feels it's starting to get cold, so asks me if she could borrow my blanket from the other room, and with the blanket over us we watch the movie. Ofc in a romantic movie there's gonna be that emotional scene which brings out the waterworks in women (not the sexual kind of waterworks) and so I think, "A shoulder to cry becomes a uguu to ride on" but no that didn't happen ( :( ) although I got to like "comfort" her. Anyways movie is over, she loves it and so we then watch some YouTube videos. She's from Bangladesh, so since we're both brown, we understand a certain kind of humor / comedy references that most others won't get., When she played a couple of them, she was like, "I'm glad that I can show these to you, because none of the white guys here will ever get it." And I'm like, "Man this has some serious potential one day, I just should not find a way to fuck it up." It's time for her to leave, so she calls and Uber, gives me and my roommate (who happens to wake after some of the videos) a hug, and then leaves. Before she left, she asked me to send her the email with the writing sample just to check for grammatical errors and stuff like that, so the next day afternoon I sent her the email. I haven't gotten a response from her yet, so I'm assuming she either hasn't gotten to reading it or will probs reply back after reading the whole thing. Anyways, today she chats with my roommate on snap, saying that she can't see him anymore and that she loves her boyfriend to death. So I'm like okay, I should still be the picture, sort of, right? But then I realize that she hasn't replied back to my email, so maybe this shit isn't going anywhere actually. Then my roommate dishes out the details on her about how she was a bit crazy, and that she wasn't the right fit physically speaking. In my mind all I could think about her physically was her huge rack, so I told him that maybe she wasn't so much into sex because she was only nineteen years old. Then he tells me, "Nah, she's done a lot of stuff" and tells me about how when they made out (in their closet) she told him how she once went through a phase where she wanted guys to just treat her like a sexual object. And when he starts to pull off her pants, she decides to stop there because it is borderline cheating. Once I heard that, "POOF!" a massive turn off right there. Because as much as I care about sex, I just get a de-rection about thinking about having it with someone who has no respect for herself since it's just messed up on a weird level. It's almost like messed up as those people who are into BDSM. At this point I'm just wondering about how different of a person she was when interacting with me and then a different person altogether. So sadly I don't think this is going to go anywhere at all because there's some serious issues there that needs fixing. I also think I fucked up a bit because when she was crying when watching the movie, she said it reminded of her boyfriend or her ex-boyfriend? I just can't seem to remember which one so clearly, so I think that may have reinvigorated her feelings for her current boyfriend, which then killed any chance that my roommate had, and potentially me. I guess the take-away is that I'm such a uguu-blocker. Probably not a good idea to watch a romantic movie with a girl either. That's all for now boys!
  11. @KaynineXL @DoubleJ Bros I just watched one of the best films I've ever seen: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4679210/ And I watched it with the hottest girl I've ever talked to. She has a bf though :( I'll share more details when I log on! Until then here's one of my favorite songs from the movie:
  12. No rush man, thanks. I'll mail you the cash (200k or 250k) depending on the 27+ or 28+. Just let me know.
  13. Pokemon: SalamenceGender: AnyEgg moves*: NonePokeball**: Any 31 HP / X / 27+ / 27+ / 27+ / 31 Bold Nature Pokemon: ReuniclusGender: AnyEgg moves*: NonePokeball**: Any 31 HP / X / 27+ / 27+ / 27+ / 31 Bold Nature Let me know if you can do 28+ on the respective 27+ stats, I can pay an extra 100k for each if that's the case.

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