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  1. @Kimikozen Good job at repping the DBC Squad :) https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogtours-gen4ou-384561
  2. NikhilR

    [Rankings] The Best of PokeMMO

    Hey the Absol tour counts as an invitational event. Bump me up because I would like to stay relevant.
  3. I'm on as Slow Show rn if you want to play.
  4. NikhilR

    Insomnia 63 (UK Meetup)

    If there ever was a reason to go to this festival, it would be to spend time with @KaynineXL
  5. Welcome Takens, and goodbye Takens :) Welcome Lazaaro, and congrats Lazaaro! Am I missing anyone else? Also glad that @KaynineXL is back to using his original avatar. In order to celebrate this moment, I need to link another Indian song: The song is good but jesus Asin is so fine!
  6. I'm in the middle east for like two more weeks, then back to the land of freedom :)
  7. Sure man, but like I mentioned above, best to hmu on PSL discord to arrange for games.
  8. Damnit JJ trying to hijack my thread for recruiting purposes. Also yea, like Sweet said, I don't play MMO much either, so we can play for fun xD
  9. If possible hmu or Sweet on discord whenever dude, it's easier to reach us out there.
  10. Also if you're an actual girl, that's good enough for me to let you in.
  11. When you're about to post your favorite song atm, but then you realize you already posted it a couple of posts above xD
  12. NikhilR

    Goodbye ma boys

    Take care and good luck with everything, Chris!
  13. NikhilR

    A Player you will never forget.

    Haha good times indeed. Might start to play again seriously if the 2015-2016 squad comes back.
  14. NikhilR

    A Player you will never forget.

    Xatu o7

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