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  1. At the end, 3 players from each team will be facing off against each other. So if you have 4 players, you will choose 3 out of those 4 to play. The other team will select 3 to play out of their total of 6 players.
  2. Well incase you didn't know, staff live in a completely different bubble than the rest of us. The person in charge of putting these items back (someone probably higher up than Munya) is so stubborn that they don't want to admit that they were wrong to drop these items back into the game or even try to engage in a discussion with the community about these items. They don't engage in a discussion with the community to defend their choice of bringing these items back because they know how they'd be instantly called out for their stupidity. There have been 3-4 threads already created
  3. No one builds around Sand Veil because there's no way to properly deal with it. You said to use weather setters as a way to deal with it and I just showed you how horrible that answer was. Flame Body + Static do have RNG associated with it, but it's different from Sand Veil where one potentially leads to a sweep and another doesn't directly sweep. A Garchomp dodging an attack due to Sand Veil and potentially sweeping is different from you not taking into account of Flame Body / Static activation. Both of those have some strategy around it where you can punish something like U-Turn Scizor b
  4. Massive cap. How is Kings Rock on Cloyster insignificant or how does it hinder the user's chances of winning? A +2 Focus Sash or White Herb Cloyster is probably not beating Bold Reuniclus, but one with Kings Rock has higher odds of beating Bold Reuni because of the higher flinch rate. If anything it helps Cloyster beat things that it wouldn't otherwise be able to beat. Now, are there situations where it would be advantageous to using Focus Sash or White Herb on Cloyster over Kings Rock? Yes, but not all the time. The issue is that you make it sound like as if Kings Rock is a c
  5. "Bring a weather setter of your own." Okay, so let's look at the list of non-sand weather setters in OU. From what I understand it's mostly Pelipper, with Abomasnow + Torkoal being weather setters in the lower tier. Of the 3, you will find Pelipper + Torkoal in teams centered around a weather strategy, which means on almost any other kind of team, these mons won't really have a slot. Aboma is a decent pick, but you think that's good enough? Let's say Abomasnow comes in, which is a rocks weak mon, you can either go to Abomanow's counter, or sack something and then bring Hippo back in to se
  6. Why do people like you who have absolutely zero clue about PvP feel the need to comment on a PvP-related topic? Nonetheless, I'll still take the time and effort to entertain your worthless and uninformed opinion because there are a few who would genuinely want to know the answer to this. We want our pokemon competitive play to be on a level where there is a balance between luck and skill. There is going to be a conflict there because, in general, competitive play largely relies on skill over luck, yet we competitively play a game that uses a large number of luck-based elements.
  7. Linking to a previous post I made regarding this: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/126555-ban-quick-claw-kings-rock/&do=findComment&comment=1739779 Also an update to the post I made is the following screenshot from the BW OU council: It's nice when decisions that directly affect competitive play are made by competitive players rather than staff who are too stubborn to see the stupidity behind their decision to drop these items back into the game. It's also nice when Smogon's tiering council jumps in to resolve the issue while MMO's council just silently watches.
  8. Me vs GreenTwT in 5-10 min
  9. Playing Freeza soon. EDIT: Won in a game that had I lost would've ended my MMO career, gg.
  10. ^That's how it is supposed to be.
  11. Adding some more optional steps as outlined Life's post: Step 10 - get excited about update for new event and install game to grind money + vanities Step 11 - get depressed that devs then nerf event to reduce amount of money + vanities earned Step 12 - quit game after event is over Step 13 - get excited about hearing a new update only to then get depressed that new update is more vanities Step 14 - troll on forums Step 15 - play smogon tournaments / VGC if interested in competitive battling
  12. What I would like to know is how is Haxorus worst in UU compared to OU. OU had to deal with Haxorus for years/months and it adapted to the point where Haxorus got less played. Why would it be any different in UU?
  13. @gbwead I have a proposal: 1) you agree to ban Conkeldurr from OU, and I shall play this LC tour If LC is indeed dying and you need every single player possible to fill up the seats, then by not banning Conk in OU you could risk losing LC by having me and maybe others (@ThinkNicer and other anti-conk players please assemble) not participate, and we'd be happy to play in order to keep the tier you love alive xD
  14. What I'm sad about is losing a Black Reaper Hood for nothing as I donated it to the event commemorating her death.
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