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  1. Hello all 😃 i am youtuber I produce videos of Pokemmo, i have some questions (mine and some of my subscribers) who can help me, I'm very grateful! 1-Hidden skills are active in the game? 2- About Technician", Hidden ability in Brelom(Powers up the Pokémon's weaker moves 60 or below dmg), in this case it would amplify the damage in Bullet Seed??? = 25dmg per hit (+50% Technician)=36~ Dmg ???? 3- Critical ration can bee amplified in the game? Example i have Razor Laf(that already has a critic), and i equip my pokémon with Scope Lens for example the critical is added, amplified?? 4-are there mega-evolutions in the game? 5-If i want breeding a pokémon with a specific ability, i need use two identical parents with ability included? Example i want wish from Eevee, so i need put together one pichu and one pikachu with with to breed? 6-which generation does the game use? is the VII?? Thank you 😃 Poção de Mana channel
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