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  1. Tato99

    TV Series Hub

    I mean Power is a bit older (2014) but I'm only watching it now and its class! Recommend
  2. I myself had to buy/use some pokes out of the unova region, like normal lanturn, treecko (that I evolved) but still had to go to Unova to lvl them all to 56.. Even then was hard
  3. Would like my theme to be a little different - a FC Porto theme, is that ok? + Color's - Blue and White + What you want on it - FC Porto logo/stadium and maybe a player (would say Felipe/Casillas/Danilo/AlexTelles/Oliver as the ones I like the most) + Whatever else you might want - something like a dragon that represents FCPorto Thanks ;)
  4. Really looking foward to more vids! Welcome back
  5. So for example physical charizard... If I want to maximize it I would only need 31/31/30/X/30/31 giving 4EV at HP 252 at ATK and 252 at Speed? I made it 5x31 but it seems now a waste of money to have the best physical zard, true? Or adamant Ursaring only needs 30/31/31/X/30/30? So, if I intend to EV train a stat - give it 31 because it will be better then 30 (by one stat...) If I do not intend to EV train a stat - give it 30 cuz its equal to 31? Thanks ;) As for breeding 5x31 I find it more easy to breed 4x31 lr 5x31 + nature then 2x31 3x25+ +nature or something like that, I can mess it up more times to be honest.. Doing 5x31 its just that doesnt need much of combining and etc..
  6. This doesn't seem active but... Can someone explain me the difference between 30 and 31 IV on lvl 50 fully EV trained and not ev trained? I only do comps with 31s on the important spots, like I made some 5x31 and 4x31s with nature of course... On the actual PvP state, I think that to win we have to know very well the meta + having the best of the bests pokemons (that means IVs) I now do some pokemons with 3x30+1x31 or something like that because they are a lot cheaper. Thanks Edit - I think this solves my problem? To get the highest possible stat at lvl 50 you always have to go for 31 IVs and 252 EVs. 31+(252/4)=94 (even number) . If you want to invest 4 EVs in a stat, you always have to have 31 IV for them to have an effect. 31+(4/4)=32 (even number). If you plan on using 0 EVs in a stat, 30 IV is enough (30+[0/4]=30 [even number]). ^took this from some website
  7. Tato99

    TV Series Hub

    I've watched some series like: Hawaii Five-O - Standard investigation serie, but got really addicted mainly because I see myself on McGarett, and the spirit of the serie is the "ohana" they create througth the seasons! Amazing for me but I understand its not a great serie to watch continuosly. Just got to know that Kono and Chin will not continue, how sad :( Prision Break - I would qualify this as my top 2 series I've watched, and was the best, but I saw a better one (later). I always heard some friends talking about this but never gave it a real try, only watched some spare episodes, but man, thoso brothers make a real great duo, again the concept of family is real present here and plays an important role.. I heard about Season 6 and even saw some pics (anybody knows something?) Pitch - I really liked this FOX serie, its about the first ever women to play on the 1st division of baseball and how the world and her managed that situation, should crearly have a 2nd season, but thats not what FOX thougth :/ 13 Reasons Why - Good, but not that good, the chick was kind of overthinking in my opinion, and I dont see myself in some of her thougths and attitudes (not talking about the suicide only), but I've never been on her situation too, not close, but I've learnt too be thougth in life (not in a badass meaning, only to get througth bad situations and still not quit, not to be ashamed of me and my family and to think I'm worth something and that no one can take me that), but again, her family, in my opinion, was not the best in this meaning! Still a great serie and I'm sure it helped many many teenagers in her spot. Reccomend doesn't take too much (13 episodes) and season 2 is coming. Mr.Robot - Still in Season 1 but I'm enjoying. Still need to see much more but will be something I will like but not even close to how I like Prision Break and Hawaii 5-0. And now the greatest TV serie ever, I mean, the serie himself, the one that gets everything in a serie, the total thing: LOST! - I mean, just go and watch 1st episode, then continue, I'm sure 95% of you will thank me later, was made in 2004 but its incredibly great and has everything a serie should have! Basically a plain crashed on a island and some of them made the accident alive. The serie talk about them and the island, while making throwbacks on the lifes of them and explaining some of their thougts and attitudes on the island. Plus the island has some kind of mistery in her, that makes some miracles but not on the "not of this world" level. Plus their not alone on the island, I can't say much more because then I say it all! Guys, go on and try, you will be as addicted as me I'm sure! ---------- Got to try out - GoT (saw 1st episode and really didn't like it) ; Breaking Bad ; How I Meet Your Mother ; The Big Bang Theory
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