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  1. Yeah i think the pain will last for a long time , as i already failed a shiny persian 2 months earlier , i also feel you, i got my shiny wooper and it took me 71300ish encounter in 125 play hours in a month to get one, so it is there waiting for you and i will be happy if you got yours soon
  2. I viewed the topic from another device and it works fine i will try to send it to you again
  3. I can relate also πŸ˜” it just happened to me with that cyndaquil ,it fled after very long chase for a shiny starter What a fail
  4. I really wanted to get a shiny starter , so After tons of breeding attempts for 5 weeks, i decided to go and try to catch one then this happened to me πŸ˜” after i threw 5 pokeballs on the shiny cyndaquil ,it just fled and left me , that really hurt me and i felt broken deep inside and I dont know even if i will try to catch shiny starters again
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