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  1. Krepo leaks tho. More EU memes
  2. Lol you get what 3 solo encounter shinnies within a few weeks? Thats so silly
  3. Making a joke on a Pokémon forum<
  4. Stop hosting tournaments at all. Only host catching events since players who play in catching events complain 1000x less.
  5. [Unofficial] Salt Existance Thread
  6. EU getting their hand held at MSI XD
  7. I buy one from the gambling place every once in a while
  8. Wtf you found 2 solo encounter shinnies and without donator? Okay I am never buying donator again.
  9. Coulda been a mudkip omg.
  10. Probably been asked for before but... Ultra rare held items on certain Pokémon. 0.01% chance items
  11. No because that would require players who make it to Every event to have a clear and unfair advantage to players who can only make it to a few (players who have lives xd).
  12. Good shit sir