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  1. I have 1 million encounters
  2. Are these all Daryl quotes?
  3. rng

    Silly thread
  4. If my mom drops me off can you make sure I'm home by 8:30?
  5. Aye yea I got a jolly aerodactyl from a random player 20-31 speed. Before breeding was announced and it turned, out to be 31 speed. I was offered 8 eggs for it and turned it down then breeding came or and the price went down :(
  6. Prebreeding days were the best.
  7. I kinda thought like 90% of the comments on this thread was a joke so I thought I'd join in
  8. If you're truly having trouble making money to afford the coolest cool coat. Try buying potions from the pokemart and selling them on gtl for max profit. You'll have 10mill in 10 minutes
  9. So a Supersmash bros knock off pretty much?
  10. No one knows the correct answer besides the devs.
  11. Omg vulpix for 2100!
  12. It's beautiful @JR