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  1. Heimann

    NBA 16-17

    R I G G E D I G G E D
  2. If I was an ass I would of quoted soothe to describe your work. Please stop being triggered, I didn't say it was shit, I didn't tell you to uninstall photoshop or w/e you use, I haven't bullied you, I gave you what you wanted. A honest review.
  3. 2.) If you're going to be negative, always give constructive criticism as to why you feel that way 3.) In relation to rule 2, if you are on the receiving end of negative constructive feedback, please try not to take offense I gave you a serious rating. I could recreate any of those sigs you made within minutes, they literally look like you took stock backgrounds and plastered a render on them then added text and called it a day. Sorry that reviewing your work makes me a 'uguu'
  4. and stop slapping that black border on everything
  5. very simple text seems off (outer glow) no idea why you did a black border 4-10ish, nothing stands out to make you go 'wow'
  6. I kinda want a really emotional ending. Not some way for them to all work it out
  7. It could use alot o work Bad render Bad font You went crazy with outer glow to mask how bad the render is The black around the border is weird
  8. Heimann

    NBA 16-17

    Conspiracy theory: No matter what this will go to game 7. >LeBron will go off the next 2 games >Game 7 Curry goes full MVP like we have never seen
  10. okay so I caught up to episode 9 which is the latest gogoanime has. That last episode man.
  11. Can't remember his name off hand, but berserker's master was my favorite. By far the most interesting.
  12. You have no idea how many times I hoped riders master would die
  13. Caster is by far the COOLEST. I originally thought I'd like the first assassin (the one who weaved through the force field thing) seemed pretty dope till got rekt
  14. I binge watched till ep 9 or 10 of stray doge. I like the series, but kinda disappointed the MC has like no progression.
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