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  1. draw me a sad sableye whos thinking about a orange dratini pls
  2. Reading this wall of text for the first time. "When copulating, you are not having fun. In fact, you have more fun doing a hobby than having intercourse. Of course our bodies "tell us" to have it, but is that "real fun" or is it our bodies dictating us again? Do you want to get the same satisfaction that you have doing copulation? Here is the answer, do something you take pleasure in. For instance, I log into PokeMMO because I genuinely have fun playing the game and communicating with the community. I don't sit around all day scrolling through Google Images of women that decided to show off
  3. LF offtopic club, also need a new sig...

  4. that doesnt look like a heimannxbillburt masterpiece
  5. no you could like draw me petting a shiba with anime eyes
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