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  1. R.I.P Patrick. you are the first person ever give me a warning point in this forum. You are still my hero. hope you coming back to the game one day.

  2. are you coming back to play again my Leader? I am sorry I couldnt save HEIR from a civil war and now it disappear into history.

    1. billyvan1989


      I failed to live up to your expectation of me.I finally returned from exile after I left the game.

  3. I like to suggest that we should have our very own Team Secret Base or HQ and this way we can have decoration the base with it. It good for gathering team members come together to plan events or other things.
  4. I think we should host a Channels Olympus Competition where players from different channels come together to compete in each game and win one of the three type of medals Gold, Silver, and Bronze for their Channel. At the end of each Olympus Games, there going to count the total of every medals that each Channel have total and whether the Channel have the most win a big prize where that channel and their players will get a reward from the Game Master.
  5. Danno..k was in a hurry to type it.
  6. lol there..i revise your plan Danmo..called it Capture the Flag 2.0
  7. Heres how it would work.  It would be something likes teams of 16 v 16 competing in part (or all, although that would be a much larger affair) of Kanto.  The way I imagine it is that Saffron would be the 'center', ie the place where it switches from one team's (we'll call them Red and Blue) side to the other team's side.  In each of the cities opposite (Cerulean/Vermillion or Celadon/Lavender) a staff member would be hiding somewhere (either of their own choosing or based on a team vote).  This staff member would be the 'flag'.   Danmo Capture the Flag plan: up Mine
  8. i like how Danno attempted make the capture the flag fun..maybe we can add some twisted to it.   i also suggested, we can hold a global wide poke marathon. I test with my clan and it very easy to do them.
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