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  1. hes not wrong D: 10/10 wud comp
  2. leka leka leka i got oras :D

  3. Please, bring [bong] back.

  4. #ouisasshittyasyomoma

  5. add a npc that will say random things like   "lekalekaleka" "leka kuekue u're kue hue leka kuekue" "das ist nicht gut btch" "hue?"   so .-. +1
  6. i play mmo cuz to meet newfriends and such o3o i never kno alot 'bout pokemon til i play this game and this is something i wud play to get rid of the realworld for an hour at least o3o
  7. pls enlighten me mastah (and give update)
  8. idk people might complain its gonna be too easy 
  9. I was thinking this is a good idea (no?):   you select x amount of pokemon (putting a limit to the x?) (you can only transfer to a story-completed character?) then you select the ign u wanna transfer to you needa enter the ign's password u're transferring to and confirm it again on the ign u are transferring to if u dont confirm the thing in less than 10mins then the session will expired?   good for big transfer, saves time (i think)   BUT W8 THERES MORE!; the limit can be like 10-25 pokes per 6 hours?    discuss? (w8ting for someone to say something about
  10. o3o huehueheuheheuheuheeu
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