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  1. I don't belive my eyes

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    2. Kearsten


      Haha yeah it most certainly has been a long time! And what you heard was true, it's definitely moved forward in an amazingly wonderful direction. How about your life? Anything new? 

    3. RysPicz


      I'm still the same white knight I was when I first met you on Global chat almost 4 years ago, just now richer in life experience and with a more satisfying job ;) My life didn't go in such direction like yours which I regret but maybe soon ;)

    4. Kearsten


      I didn't think you were a white knight! Just a friendly and nice person, haha. Give yourself some more credit! Can't believe it's been four whole years. Happy to hear about your experience and job! Always nice things to gain. And perhaps, you never know what life has in store for you. I do wish it has good things lined up though! 

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