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  1. :(

    1. Rigamorty


      d'awwww Teajie poo

  2. You've got troubles, and I've got 'em too!
    There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you.
    We stick together and can see it through...
    'Cause you've got a friend in me,
    You've got a friend in me. 

  3. You got a friend in me ~

  4. I don't belive my eyes

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    2. Kearsten


      I'm just stopping by. I'll be in contact with him over Discord and such. You're free to add me there if you use it at all. 

    3. RysPicz


      Unfortunately I don't use it, plus our timezones do not match... but maybe in the next weekend I'll catch you there ;)

    4. Kearsten


      Yeah perhaps. Who knows. ^~^;

  5. I miss you so much :(

  6. Come back.

  7. tell me I'm pretty

  8. Can i join LYLE? i was told to ask you?

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    2. 2GoSu4Ya


      ~.~ omg Kearsten HELP ME ~.~

    3. DoubleJ


      this post right here... so classic.

    4. 2GoSu4Ya


      the most classic troll here :)

  9. Yay! Congratulations Kearsten!

    1. Kearsten


      Thanks Xela! Much appreciated!

  10. Deejaye, I decided you are a wonderful person and you make me laugh a lot. In response I have created a special toothbrush that will take care of any cavities I might give you.

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    2. Deejaye


      What about you?

      Ur a banana butt xD

    3. Kearsten


      LOL Banana butt! Maybe Deejaye will share hers. C: Better be extra nice to her, Plizface.

    4. Darkshade


      It's okay Plizard, we don't need toothbrushes anyway. >;c

  11. kearsten I decided you're too presh, stop giving me cavities

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