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  1. I just got on and I'm starting on your hitmonchan right now Finished
  2. Sorry it took me so long to respond, my campus had an internet outage for the whole day, so I am really behind on my work for today Baklava is right, I am selling the mons mentioned above for your breeding purposes I would love to do a job for you, and you would be my first customer πŸ˜„ It depends on what evs you want what level they will end up after I have finished training them, but it likely wont be more than 30-40 Unfortunately, I don't really have the means to do non-leveling training right now (also im not sure how one would go about doing this anyways xD) Message me on here the details of how many mons and what evs, and we can work things out, I might be a bit slow responding because I am working at the same time, so please be patient with me
  3. Currently I am new and poor, so don't expect anything super amazing for a while EV Training Service Hate EV training but have money you don't know what to do with? Let me buy that money with my soul time! Full set of 510 EVs for 1 mon = 21k 2 mon = 40k 3 mons = 59k Leveling to 50 adds an extra 9k per mon The 31 Zone Looking for pokemon to do some breeding? Well this isn't the best page for you. Take at look at the mons I've got anyways. 1x31 HP: Axew(female), Torchic(male) Atk: Axew(male) Def: Timburr(male), Doduo(male), Dratini(male) SpAtk: Axew(female), Kirlia(female), Jigglypuff(female), wingull(male), magikarp(male), pinsir(female) SpDef: Timburr(male), Exadrill(female) Spd: Trapinch(female), Dratini(female), tangrowth(male) 2x31 Doduo-hp/def(male) Drillburr-hp/spatk(female) Drillburr-def/spd(female) 3x31 N/A 4x31 None 5x31 Nada If you are interested in anything, feel free to pm me on here, in game if I'm around, or on discord. If I don't respond right away either I'm busy, I didn't see it, or I'm dead If you have any special requests (make sure it learns a certain move, don't let it evolve, etc) let me know IGN: Bilore Finished Jobs
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