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  1. Thank you so much for the replies! I will be sending you something today or tomorrow, as I will be beating my last E4 tomorrow and so won't have to worry about outlevelling past the cap. Glad to see that your thread is getting some traction, it sounds like you deserve it.
  2. So has development been discarded? New to the forums and stumbled on this post, it looked incredibly promising and I was eager to see it completed 😞
  3. Have you had your first 5 customers yet? Looking to get a few Bois EV trained and I don't have a great spot for a few of them since I haven't completed all the regions. Do you offer non-levelling training? Roughly what level will a level 1 boi be after your training? Out of curiosity, I'm kind of new to these forum shops and I'm wondering how breeding shops work, since the breeding consumes the Pokemon on this server? When you say you have a 1x31 Axew for breeding, does that mean that you're sacrificing / selling said Axew? Love your thread title / humor.
  4. My friends and I are new to the server and basically just came for a multiplayer Pokemon experience, so just wanted to say how cool it is that there are events like these to encourage community interaction. We found out about the Ralts one twenty minutes before it ended and scrambled to catch something, it was lots of chaotic fun. Happy catching, everyone! 😊
  5. Looking on the Discord and the forums, it doesn't seem likely that such a big update is coming out with no hype or announcement. 😞 Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. EDIT: Looks like there's staff confirmation that it's not true. ^ Hope you can still find plenty of fun stuff to do in the other regions though!
  6. Is the boulder completely gone from where it originally was? The Pokemon will not be, but the boulder should have gone back to where it was originally. This person seems to have had the same issue as you did and managed to get it resolved here, hope it helps you too.
  7. To add on to the answer above me, you can purchase the Ability Capsule from any Daycare Center. There'll be an extra NPC sitting inside the house who sells the capsules, as well as stat weights. The capsules to change your ability cost around 35,000 if I remember correctly.
  8. Unless you're using them for competitive play, it ultimately depends more on which aesthetic you enjoy, as you can clear the main storyline with either of them on your team. Gallade is an ATK / physical sweeper while Gardevoir is moreso used as a SP.ATK / special sweeper. Gallade has a useful typing that makes it non-vulnerable to Dark moves which is quite common in open-world gameplay, especially against the Team Aqua and Magma teams. I'm biased towards Gardevoir in Hoenn because one carried my entire team when my dumb five year old self released my starter ;'> You can buy a dawnstone on the GTS, and you can also find them on wild Ralts'. In the future, you can check the method of obtaining any item in the game here. Good luck on your nuzlocke run!
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