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  1. Gonna try to start playing again. Wont have much time but im gonna try:)

    1. shervinz


      welcome back

    2. Zaiya


      Thank you:)

    3. DoubleJ


      That Washington state location, you ever heard of LYLE?

  2. yaaaaay!they changed the game! i can now play again! much better! thank you desu, kyu, and darkshade for the changes!

  3. welcome to the forums<3
  4. Zaiya


    welcome to the forums<3
  5. welcome to the forums!<3
  6. Hello David and welcome to pokemmo:) ​That s quite the introduction! However im sorry to disappoint you, but they havnt implemented legandaries into the game...including the birds... hope you have loads of fun regardless though!
  7. an easy way to learn how to download PokeMMO for the mac OS, is to look up a toutorial on youtube, and follow directions. its a great way to do it yourself and easy because you can see how to do it:)
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