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  1. Raptori

    [meme] do u know dah way?

    @xXBlu3BreathXx knows de wae
  2. saturday and sunday work fine for me. just hmu with a time and leggo

    1. Aerun


      I could log anytime saturday and sunday from like 1pm gmt to like 2am gmt

    2. Raptori


      aight imma hit you up later about the time since I'm not too sure do I have anything

      on those days I mean


    3. Aerun


      Sure, just lemme know in the week end or like friday, all good

  3. here are sum pix from the PTS server w/ Mike
  4. Yoo what are u thinkin for this week? Saturday/Sunday alright with you?I should be free all day for both

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    2. Raptori
    3. Raptori


      yoo when we playin

    4. Gunthug


      Gimme 15 minutes haha sorry running a little slow this morning 

  5. oi wanna play today

    1. Gunthug


      No chance I can today, got court until 6 and then jetting home for a date. Can play tomorrow or Sunday though 

    2. Raptori
  6. Raptori

    The Inauguration of Donald Trump

    I think I found the russian hacker you were talking about.
  7. I mean, I was gonna wait for you ingame to msg, but where r u.

    Either way, when do we play?

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    2. Raptori


      o lel not sure yet because I might gotta do stuff during the day so I don't have a solid time rn but I will see later

    3. Spaintakula
    4. Spaintakula


      When you free tomorrow?

  8. Raptori

    Pokemon Sun & Moon

    Since CoroCoro revealed 2 new mons and nobody has posted anything about it I might as well. The bear is called Kiteruguma and it's normal/fighting type and has Klutz or Fluffy as its ability and the ghost is called Mimitsukiyu. It's ghost/fairy type and has the ability Disguise.
  9. So we're supposed to play against each other for PSL so tell me when you can play etc.

    I'm kinda free for the whole week but my timezone is BST +2 so wouldn't really prefer the match to be at 4am for me.

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    2. Raptori


      Well if you have tests all week I think it would be right for you to say the time. But if I have to tell you the time then just atleast say your timezone and we can figure something out.

    3. Ryun


      I think be free all of Friday.  Anywhere between 1-8pm GMT should be good if that's cool with u

    4. Raptori


      Yeah that seems reasonable. See you then.

  10. oi we're up against each other in PSL. tell me when you can play n stuff

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    2. Raptori


      Sunday definitely works. See you then!

    3. JayMetaGod


      On my way home. Should be home by 2

    4. Raptori


      showdown name?

  11. Ay we gotta battle for PSL. I'm GMT +2 so just tell me what's good for you and I think we can work something out

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    2. Robofiend


      you around today?

    3. Raptori


      I was gonna join to the unofficial today but I think I can do it at the same time

    4. Robofiend


      cool. I'm hanging out in old gens if you wanna battle.

  12. sup brah, when you available this week for DPP? My best days will be Tuesday/Wednesday after 5:00 pm EST - I also don't have much going on next weekend if your week is busy

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    2. Raptori


      Let's see I will try to make my time as EST so the time fine with me would be: 8am - 4pm

    3. Gunthug


      how about 11:00 am EST?

    4. Raptori


      Sounds alright.

  13. My new fav song

    1. Akshit


      Goddamit !!! Thats some dope shit


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