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  1. Such a old name there, how have you been?

    1. Choconical


      Hii hi there. How're you doing?? Such a long time<3<3

      I occasionally visit the forum after a while. My acc is inaccessible atm tho lol. Don't know what happened.

    2. Diano


      I'm fine thanks and you?

      There isn't any message telling why you can't access to your account?


      Also i'll reply later i'm going to work :*

  2. channel 7 for lovebirds i remember lol *wink wink
  3. used to have a modest female abra 31 30 26 30 31 30 with sync from game corner (dated May 2013 i think) but it was sacrificed for the breeding. #ripabra
  4. I will resurrect. Farewell

  5. Clefable and Wigglytuff is bigger than Blissey too lol.  btw i love this mod XD Machamp and Onix are bigg too Fearow is a bit big and high Kanga is big Slowking is so biggg
  6. OMG this looks sick, so sickk edit: am i the only one who find the sprites are not as sharp as original maybe coz of scaledown image? and i found salamence doesnt have a front sprite and tales looks like it's floating lol xD plus starmie looks abit small from backside
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