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You must really have nothing better to do if you are planning on reading this, but who am I to judge.


I'm a Norwegian math student currently doing my master's degree in Japan, and playing PokeMMO semi-actively.



Active periods:

May-August 2013: I joined this game and played with my irl firend. We discovered competetive play, I caught my first and only shiny (pidgey, now pidgeot,) but unfortunately BikeMMO came along and ruined all our motivation to play.

January-April 2014: I came back to see some nice improvements, and decied I wanted to play UU. I joined the team GWOP, won a few pokedailys, unofficials and placed second in an official, but then quit to focus on my studies.

January-September 2015: Once again coming back to an improved game, my former team mate OldKeith, his friend Leorodo and I made the team YOLO. After having discovered VGC during my break from the game, I realized my passion from doubles and started focusing on that. I won two officials as well as a gimmick official, and joined PSL3 for the Narcissistic Nidokings as a VGC-player to go 5-2 before losing my match in the semi-finals. I went on a break because I was moving to Japan.

January 2016-Currently: After having gotten used to life in Japan, I'm making an attempt to play this game semi-actively again. I joined PSL4 for The Sayans during the mid-season as a VGC/doubles-player.


List of official wins:

24th of July 2015 Standard Doubles

20th of June 2015 Standard Doubles

1st of February 2015 Gimmick 1st Gen Tournament


Random note: I once swore that I would not quit the game untill I was the owner of a shiny marill. This has yet to happen.

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