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  1. Yo Im stealing some formatting from your gym format. Im also adding some things like a challenger queue, champion list and links to other gyms. Some ideas for you. :)

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    2. PandaJJ


      Thank you for stealing, I'm flattered. Challenger lists and chamopion lists are in the second post, they are just empty because we don't have any :P Links to other gyms is an idea, depending on whether Eggplant will make a new general thread or not with link to all gyms (in which case I will just link there.) I'm also going to add a list of gym trainers and their records, but that might not be appropriate for you, depending on your gym rules.

    3. DrCraig


      Yea mayne. It's coming soon, and you know I'm all for organization and shit. :D Hopefully theres some take always for you.

      I just wanted to roll it past you before I slap the thread up with heavy Panda influence.

    4. PandaJJ


      No problem. I did mention it was meant as a template in my opening note :P Good luck with your gym, too

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