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  1. If life was turn-based, I would be so much better at it.

  2. Hey, we're playing this week. I'm generally free between 16.00-20.00 GMT on weekdays, and possibly a while later than that on Saturday. I'm busy all Sunday. You're free to pick a time if you can, or suggest anything else if you have to.

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    2. codylramey


      so 11pm tmr ur time which is 3:00 pm mine. I dont see why that shouldnt work

    3. PandaJJ


      Cool, I'm up for that.

    4. codylramey


      im in old gens w8ing name = i fd ur mom

  3. Hey, when do you have time for our match? I don't know your time zone you are in, I'm in GMT+2. I have time in the evening today, tomorrow and Wednesday. Possibly other days as well, but I would like to this early this week, since I have exams this weekend.

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    2. PandaJJ


      4 PM is already really later for me, I can't play after that. Before 9 AM is no problem, when exactly do you wanna play?

    3. Shaniqualela
    4. PandaJJ


      8AM is fine (that is 3PM GMT). I'll make a new post.

  4. Yo, when would you like to battle? Personally I can make time anytime this week, but I would prefer the weekend. I'm just gonna suggest 18.00 GMT on Friday, just tell me if you would like another time.

    1. OldKeith


      yeah should be fine i think

    2. PandaJJ


      Cool, I'll announce that. Tell me if you change your mind.

  5. Omg, I just updated my profile for the first time in 2 years. I must be such a narcissist.

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