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  1. we still waiting for the return of the doubles mastaaaa <3

  2. Yo Im stealing some formatting from your gym format. Im also adding some things like a challenger queue, champion list and links to other gyms. Some ideas for you. :)

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    2. PandaJJ


      Thank you for stealing, I'm flattered. Challenger lists and chamopion lists are in the second post, they are just empty because we don't have any :P Links to other gyms is an idea, depending on whether Eggplant will make a new general thread or not with link to all gyms (in which case I will just link there.) I'm also going to add a list of gym trainers and their records, but that might not be appropriate for you, depending on your gym rules.

    3. DrCraig


      Yea mayne. It's coming soon, and you know I'm all for organization and shit. :D Hopefully theres some take always for you.

      I just wanted to roll it past you before I slap the thread up with heavy Panda influence.

    4. PandaJJ


      No problem. I did mention it was meant as a template in my opening note :P Good luck with your gym, too

  3. I'm sorry to break it to you Rendiz, but you are stuck with that shiny
  4.   I was just pointing out that there are plenty of inconsistencies. Even for the format, some pokemon have only one introductory comment, most have two, and yet others have three. Based on DoubleJ's inital set-up, I assumed there was one comment for pros, and one comment for cons, but this is inconsistent. There is no reason not to fix the spacing, though.
  5. There are plenty if inconsistencies, because this was done by several people. DoubleJ uses capital letters for moves, pokemon etc, but I don't think I managed to replicate that in all of mine. He also refers to the metagame as "PokeMMO Doubles," whereas I simply use "doubles." I don't think I have the OCD to go through all of it, though.
  6.   Isn't your psych up set the same as the agility set with psych up over agility? One could simply add psych up as a variant of that set. I must admit it had not yet struck me that you could use psych up to pick up DD boosts when I wrote the sets for metagross, but it's far more effective than stealing belly drum boosts because you get the speed too. 
  7.   Oh my days. First of all, as DoubleJ stated, there is no reason to add every possible set to a guide like this, especially not the less effective ones. You have some nice additions, but sometimes I wonder if you even play doubles.   Relaxed blastoise with EQ: If you have ever played doubles, you might be aware that an intimidated swampert fails to 3HKO standard metagross with EQ (yes, that is lum berry metagross.) Where does that leave blastoise? It should be sufficient to mention that blastoise has lower atk and non-STAB EQ, but let's look at the most depressing calcs ever: 0
  8. While it's not my call, I see no reason why this should not be moved out of WIP. I feel like this has been requested for a long time and some people don't even know it exists (including at a certain team mate, you know who you are.) The few missing pokemon are among the least important ones, and even when they are done I think some of older sets need an update as well as adding a few underused pokemon. For instance, there is no cosmic power set for clefable (although that set is bad, it's still way better than dual screen clefable.) Also, adding niche pokemon like tentacruel would be nice.&nbs
  9. This would be amazing. It is possible to breed a hidden power pokemon for pretty cheap if you let your odd IVs be 27/29 and your even IVs be 26/28, but this requires you to look through a lot of stuff on GTL to make sure everything you need is available. This is again exceedingly more time consuming without the possibility of "pinning" the pokemon you are planning to buy. Not to mention it also makes sure that you can see whether the stuff you need is sold when you finally start buying everything you looked at.
  10. Whether that price is unreasonable is not really dependent on how they will be distributed, but how they are going to be distributed will certainly decide the value. To pp max a pokemon would cost you 180k, which is close to two hours of grinding. When you are forced to pp max two pokemon or breed a new one, the latter would more often than not be your desired option, because pp maxing two pokemon really isn't worth a new UT.   One huge reason to make them available at a lower price is that if they don't, they will still never be able to get rid of alts, which I would consider a huge bl
  11.   These prices are completely unreasonble. The only reason why the prices are as they are right now is because there is a severe lack of pp ups/pp maxes. When they become obtainable, there is no reason why they should keep the inflated prices. Also, if pp ups cost 1/3 of pp maxes, their existence is obsolete. They should be cheaper.
  12. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/vgc2016-325402116   Tfw you get accused for not knowing how the most basic of mechanics work. Yes, it's my mawile.   (Btw, the rounding is either 49 or 50, not 48. I do math I promise.)
  13. The laziness got to me, but I eventually sat down and did another one.   Snorlax   Base stats: 550 (160/110/65/65/110/30)   -Snorlax is the most powerful exploding pokemon in the game, hitting slightly harder with Selfdestruct than Metagross’ Explosion. The advantage of using Snorlax is that you are not forced to give up your steel type in order to explode, as well as Snorlax having significantly better durability against special attackers. This means that against special attackers you are in no hurry to explode, and can use your high attack to dish out significant damage
  14. Aren't points 1-3 solved simply by implementing the move deleter, so all clefable cup pokemon can delete all non-metronome moves from their moveset? With the move deleter, I'm not sure exactly why you would have to play in normal mode, unless you are supposed to use leppa berries from your bag after the pokemon runs out of pp (after eating its own leppa berry, ofc.) 
  15. Darkshade: If this is how you feel about it, that's fine. However, any game I have ever played that has used a timer of this sort has had some sort of cue that you are running out of time. Why? Because they are strategical games where you totally focus on what is going on, and you may lose track of time. Having to frequently look at the timer, which in this case is small and anonymous, distracts you from actually playing the game. If you feel that a sound notification will help out people who use calculators, then I would like a visual cue. Big, red, flashing numbers or something of the sort.
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