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  1. we still waiting for the return of the doubles mastaaaa <3

  2. Updated thread. Some changes: -Pending challengers are now listed, so it is easier for the trainers to see who has challenged the gym. -Due to my departure, Kanzo and imabetheverybest will now be up for grabs (they never contacted me about a match anyways, so I'm not sure if they are still interested) -The thread will soon be taken over by a shared account, so trainers can update their result by themselves. @Artemiseta: You have to beat Rendiz to proceed. I apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.
  3. Only problem with VGC is that there's a time cap at 15mins, and the player with the most pokemon (or health, if tied) wins. This is necessary to prevent matches from going on for too long, something which is possible due to moves such as minimize being legal. However, it is really bad competitively because it invalidates certain strategies. It's particularly nasty when you are one turn away from winning, but your opponent stalls out the timer and wins due to having more health. Our current timer is perfect, except from the amount of time. 3m+20s as we have suggested give you 38s per move in a 10-turn game, or 29s per move in a 20-turn game (doubles games tend to be in that range.) It's also worth noting that weather effects eat your timer, which I can only assume to be a bug. Weather is common enough in doubles to effectively reduce your increment to 7s in a lot of games, which is plain stupid.
  4. Standings updated. I'm sorry for not taking many challenges, I was hoping our original open date would have stood instead of rushing it. Anyways, I'm currently not a lot online, so I encourage my opponents to PM on forums. On that note I will be imabetheverybest's second opponent. On the timer: If the timer was designed properly, a time win would be a legit win. Although the current timer makes the current doubles a blitz game, it is still well-known by all players involved, and you know what to expect. For this reason, I will count time wins as wins. A more serious concern is disconnections. I understand that official tournaments with decent prices can't allow rematches, as it is very exploitable. In this context though, it wouldn't feel right if a challenger got a win from a disconnection, especially since you have unlimited rematches anyways. Here is my suggestion for handling disconnections: -If either player disconnects, the challenger earns an immediate rematch. The exception is when the gym trainer in question is busy or is suspecting that the challenger disconnected to earn an immediate rematch or to scout. In this case, the gym trainer is allowed to put a cooldown on the game as usual. -In the case when the match was in a winning position for either a player (i.e. a position which was unlosable by predictions or RNG,) the gym trainer is allowed to declare a win to that player. Since I trust my team mates, I will guarantee that they are not going to disconnect in order to scout your team or avoid a loss. As for challengers, since disconnection on purpose is very rude, I will let the individual gym trainer decide whether such a disconnection is intenional and whether a penalty cooldown will be given.
  5. I'll have removed the opening date by request, so I will now declare the gym opened.
  6. Hey guys. I'm done shit talking, I just wanted to explain what caused my initial reaction, as you gave me the impression that you did not think it was justified. When I first saw that you had made a ruleset that could cause a deadlock if copied by other gyms, this is what went through my head: 1. Maybe you didn't think a deadlock was unfair. I ruled this one out immediately, since it is obvious that a deadlock would be the most discouraging aspect thinkable for a player wanting to take on the 8 gym challenge. It simply opposes the nature of the event. 2. Maybe you didn't think there was any other way of accomplishing what you wanted, namely having control over how many matches you would recieve while also letting everybody get a shot, without creating a deadlock. I also ruled this one out, seeing as there are two rather obvious ways of accomplishing the same while avoiding the potential deadlock: -You could have a cooldown similar to other gyms. This would of course not give you full control over the number of challengers. For example, if you have a week cooldown, then 100 challengers would still mean potentially 100 matches every weak. But the other gyms have policies that allow them to reject challenges when they feel like there are too many, as well as having fees to discourage repeated challenges. Still, I can see why you would not go for this approach. -You could have a "looping list." Basically, every new challenger is put at the bottom of the list. The only players that are eligible to battle you are either the top one (or the top 5, for instance,) and whenever they battle you, they are moved to the bottom of the list. This allows you to have exactly as many battles as you want each week, it allows everybody to get a shot, and it avoids the potential deadlock. 3. Seeing as 1 and 2 are very unlikely, I would have to conclude that you knew that the deadlock was wrong and you knew that there were natural ways to avoid the deadlock. What am I to make of this? I could only see this as a way to force yourself to become "the last gym" at expense of the legitimacy of the entire event. For me, that is a way to say fuck you to everybody (which you also did, btw) and totally justifies my first post in the thread. Based on your comments, I'm not sure what to believe anymore. Your initial response to the people who pointed out the deadlock made it very easy for me to believe that neither 1 or 2 were very likely. But based on some later comments, it might seem like you really didn't think this through and didn't know how to avoid the deadlock. Yet other comments make me think that you really don't care about the deadlock at all and think it's fair that players are made unable to complete the challenge. No matter the reason, I hope that you will be able to work this out. In particular, the "loop list" seem to be a nice solution. Let me also assure you that I was never negative towards any aspects of your gym besides the deadlock. I wish you good luck with the gym, and I'm looking forward to coming here some time in the future when my comp collection allows me to compete.
  7. rip. Hopefully blue will take the challenge if Gluumac loses :P
  8. I had a little think guys... Don't you think you guys are ruining everything for everybody? I think maybe you should change your rules. Have a look at lyle's thread, they came up with a totally fair ruleset. Don't you think it would be better if you copied that? Just make sure everything is exactly the same, because their rules are totally fair.
  9. Unfortunately CloudXI's gym can't be challenged without beating your gym, since they accepted your challenge to create retared rules, hence resulting in a deadlock. I'm not criticising the time and effort you have put into this, nor the difficulty of your gym, but your rules essentially says "Either we are the last gym, or we are creating a deadlock." I'm sorry, but that is just a stupid way of doing it, regardless of who approves of it.
  10. I love that you accepted the challenge and created a deadlock. Unfortunately lyle is too arrogonat to go back on their rules, so this event is either ruined or Eggplant will have to interfere.
  11. I accept your challenge. And with this, I would like to announce that players are now welcome to challenge our gym! We will not schedule any battles before the 24th of February, but you are free to challenge our gym and find out who your opponent is.
  12. When you have the choice between giving something to the community or making yourself look like an arrogant bastard, you can always count on lyle to make the wrong decision. It's probably better if it remains that way.
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