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  1. reserve
  2. when does this start?
  3. Everything for sale except shinies, will be updating with new dittos regularly so be sure to come back ;) 0x31 Mild - 30/30/23/10/22/24 quirky - 21/29/24/25/6/30 lonely - 30/29/8/29/25/26 quiet - 19/27/23/29/27/20 Hasty - 29/1/30/29/26/22 1x31 Timid 30/26/4/31/2/22 rash - 24/4/28/25/31/22 quirky 17/31/27/19/30/25 2x31 Naive - 31/10/13/4/31/30 Mild - 31/31/30/1/15/17 Vanities: Beanie (Dark Red) Devil Wings (Dark Red) Overcoat (Black) Nutcracker Hat Gingerbread man x3 Shiny OT Showcase Pikachu Hasty 29/29/17/29/22/30 Wishlist $$$ Shiny pikachu female x 2
  4. farftechd, onix, dnite all 10k lol and 1 more too idk
  5. i asked before and i was told thousands per day
  6. brave nature. 150k per 10kBP
  7. decided to give that old shiny hunting thing a bash again. LMAO PARKE @parke
  8. see my edit. im sorry you feel bullied but dude people are excited for something new in game and it really isnt your decision what happens so saying you have nothing to live for really changes nothing.
  9. things will get better dude, and if u give the game a chance with gen 4 maybe the game will too :) ok maybe i went to far, feel better :)
  10. could work if an item that disables the feature is also implemented
  11. @Kyu whats the next region bro?
  12. bump
  13. sorry i thought this was there, but unfortunately people in my team are on opposing psl teams so this would be better