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  1. I use jolteon regularly as a wish passer and cleric works well as it forces lots of switches even when the set is known
  2. Just fucking scam noobs then
  3. Umbreon is bad
  4. i cant find it was it hidden?
  5. @DarylDixon just won with his post in aura thread hands down
  6. can u link them here? might do a few in a while
  7. this edit: ok i didnt fully read, maybe an option to increase replay speed or to skip turns would be nice
  8. ign sheroo timezone gmt tiers: ou fluff: mundane, uninterested, dissapointing
  9. hunting karps in sootopolis if u want to join, 100% encounter while surfing
  10. the good iv shiny run continues
  11. inb4 u say fuck it, start hunting and get a nice shiny fairly quickly. stop complaining
  12. why is it not two teams to go through like the real world cup
  13. fire green
  14. flame wheel?
  15. gets fireblast though