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  1. would be cool if there was an in game reward each time your trade thread hit a new page (or 5 pages) , obvs with the same rules on bumping/ posts without offers being deleted. would encourage people to trade more
  2. won, gg nice team
  3. me vs evlgoon 10 mins verm 7
  4. isnt that planned? i hope so
  5. heroin is the logical next step
  6. im sitting here hunting shiny bagon and paydaying golbats and bagons. i got captchas, first one i got correct first time. the second one i seemed to fail 5 times although i typed them in correctly or at least i thought. now payday is giving me no money, how do i fix this?
  7. "Rest of the country signups had more than 5 signups and the discussions of forming the teams are about to start!" dw belgium are in ;)
  8. Looks like I won psl season 1. I dont remember doing that
  9. god damn @RysPicz is that a wild catch?
  10. 200k on me vs jovi. yolo