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  1. nikeboy's alt

  2. Shiny discussion rate

    well I thought it was a question somewhat related to the discussion and wasn't worth making a new thread over when it could be answered here. anyway calling me out for a string of posts is also hijacking the thread so its a bit hypocritical for you to say.
  3. Shiny discussion rate

    the question was answered above already.
  4. Shiny discussion rate

    @Kyu any plans to take certain unova species out of hordes? I'm mainly referring to axew and deino here.
  5. Shiny discussion rate

    I found 8 shinies in 2 months
  6. Value Advice

    shiny foongus average ivs value?
  7. Value Advice

    timid ditto 31/18/31/12/30/30 shiny boldore average iv
  8. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    DIDNT WANT AXEW ANYWAY https://gyazo.com/74fa88e93924a550d055d5ec03ec02ca
  9. get on discord silly we have the thing you're looking for there https://discord.gg/nEXBhRz

    1. sherdoonach


      Ty bro, I'm free all weekend will join then :)

  10. Why so long server down

    keep getting error connecting to the authorization server prompt, any suggestions?
  11. Why so long server down

    trying guys, connection might be too weak
  12. Why so long server down

    is my hospital connection too weak or is there server issues?
  13. ...Swallows (Am on 4 pls no) Edit:btw laptop troubles will fix tomorrow thats where ive been. Dennis ill let u do an account raid for what I owe if I cant get it fixed
  14. Desu in pvp Mistery box

    Just fucking scam noobs then

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