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  1. me and zd in 30 mins
  2. Taking this also 1m on myself winning.
  3. Also me and Jice in 15 mins.
  4. take
  5. Just looped some random remixes I found on youtube, not too fond of it either.
  6. So I decided I wanted to test out recording some PSL games, bellow are links for Zigh vs Angmar if anybody is interested. I wouldn't mind recording some more games too.
  7. Machamp didn't stand a chance so why should a Machoke?
  8. IGN: BlueBreath Timezone: BST Tiers: Who knows? Fluff: lol
  9. me vs wiri in 10 mins at verm 7
  10. I believe the main problem with golem is how slow it is, the majority of the time it wont be coming in just to preserve sturdy, thus it is almost forced to be used as a lead however golem should only be getting one kill unless it comes in on a predicted switch into a wall it can break. I don't see why golem is a huge problem seeing as you can shut down the momentum a lead golem has by running protect lead + resists or meganium, even if you decide to run an offensive team golem should only realistically be killing one mon. Considering the most reliable spinner has also moved up it should be a lost easier to remove sturdy.
  11. I didn't even know this place existed. Ign: BlueBreath Country: UK
  12. Add me to undefeated regular season for psl 4, just checked and my two loses came from playoffs (one from tiebreaker and one from the battle for third place).
  13. I think it was s4
  14. 500k on keith
  15. Even if this was to be implemented there are some rare scenarios in which you want to have a lower iv in a stat such as hp to take overall less damage from life orb/ball recoil.