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  1. These "hax" items are always a controversial topic, in my honest opinion they are usually worthless. However, they are most definitely not useless as when they do work they will most likely have a huge impact. Sure it sucks having lost to a random mon outspeeding you or getting flinched by a Cloyster but I think it is important to understand there are necessary trades the user must take to use these items. For example, Cloyster (the most prominent user of Kings Rock) will be without a Focus Sash or White Herb, which would make setting up in the first place an issue. Now do I think
  2. The meta will always evolve, whether that is due to popularity of Pokemon changing or new updates it is not something new. The reason why we have access to newer movesets is because they are playable in the official games, just because a Pokemon has been data mined to have access to new moves does not mean it will 100% have access to it if it is reintroduced into gen 8. They could easily remove them with a patch or just not have that Pokemon available in the game at all. A good example of this is when hidden abilities were introduced in gen 5, Chandelure originally had access to Shadow Tag but
  3. If they are not playable in the official games do not expect them to be added.
  4. I'm still not a fan of Conk. Jellicent and Spiritomb are on the rise to deal with it but not nearly enough, they do both have merits outside of being a Conk counter but they aren't that great compared to the rest of the OU metagame. I am aware that Conk does somewhat suffer from 4MSS but often enough the combination of drain, mach, facade + stone edge/rock blast is enough to leave a dent or sweep a team mid to late game. Without the right tools this mon becomes unkillable with drain punch spam healing it back to a healthy amount to then punish the next mon in the way. But surely with Conk's po
  5. In all honesty it would be nice to have Jhoto but it essentially only offers the story, no new moves or Pokemon is a huge let down (I guess we would get some new hordes but that is very minor imo). It is inevitable that we will get Jhoto at some point but as a long time player it would be nice to finally get dungeons or something like weekly missions to change up the monotonous endgame game play.
  6. Quick changelog: Conkeldurr to S from A+ Rotom Wash to S from A+ Garchomp added to A+ Reuniclus to A+ from A- Tyranitar to A from A+ Ferrothorn to A from A+ Hydreigon to A from S Blissey to A from B+ Salamence to A- from A Togekiss to A- from A Breloom to A- from B+ Pelipper to B+ from A Jellicent to B+ from B- Gyarados to B+ from A Dugtrio to B+ from B Mienshao to B from B+ Magnezone to B from B+ Gastrodon to B from B- Porygon 2 to B from B- Chandelure to B from B- Swampert to B- from B
  7. Quick changelog: Vaporeon added to A Druddigon moved to A from A- Scrafty moved down from A to A- Linonne moved down to B- from B Removed rotom mow and wobbufett
  8. Edited the OP to include the second podcast.
  9. I just used cooltext and picked one randomly, if someone could provide me with a better alternative I can change them up. Yeah this should be sorted out in the next one, my voice was being recorded locally and my desktop probably had the volume set too high.
  10. Hey, the Tier Council has decided to release a podcast to paint a better picture of our thoughts. Keep in mind this is the first one so we are open to suggestions. We hope you enjoy it!
  11. Forcing a level 100 restriction just makes the competitive scene a chore. This will invalidate perfect comps with a 30iv and cause unnecessary grind (some players have a lot of competitive Pokémon that would require a significant amount of time to train or rebreed).
  12. By no means is this a post on behalf of the council but I will voice my short opinion here. Roserade was running rampant in the tier with very few defensive switch ins. The combination of grass/poison/fire/psychic coverage leaves very few mons that can switch into it freely and even if they could they risk a possibility of a spike going up. Even the best answer being Eviolite Heat Proof Bronzor could get slapped by a Hidden Power Ground variant of Roserade. 252 SpA Choice Specs Roserade Hidden Power Ground vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Eviolite Bronzor: 54-64 (32.9 - 39%) -- 99.3% chance to 3HKO (
  13. This prize makes no sense, Lopunny isn't even relevant in UU.
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