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  1. Thank you coolio, sorry we had to put you through all of this.
  2. Sorry I have to correct you here, the hosts of last PSL agreed that he should be punished. Not only did he break a rule he refused to even acknowledge it and just never turned on dnd. iirc I got it translated for him as well.
  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha nice joke, you think that we should be subbing out a player when he showed up to his match, my 2nd pick player at that. Anyways, I’m pissed don’t take me personally. Julian and ghost agreed to play on the weekend, preferably around 4pm Sunday. Julian waited about 5 hours before ghost showed up, next they both consent to play when a forum post is made. Now we all know that was a lie but the important distinction here is that Julian waited about an hour after the time both parties agreed upon (even after waiting a long time for ghost to show). You cannot blame Julian for logging off as he went the extra mile to play the match and had to wake up early in the morning. On the other hand the opposing team made very little effort to make a substitution, not even reaching out to look for an extension, clearly afraid of Julian and making a substitution well after his availability period. I want to make this very clear. Them playing dumb was there best option to fish for a win, both a no contest and extension would favour them so might as well see if you can win the week for free, right? Please reconsider the decision, both parties did not go to similar lengths to get the match played. An extension would be the proper way to handle a situation like this.
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