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  1. What's really been bothering me is what are you doing on the turn Garchomp uses Swords Dance? Sounds like its just been brought in after a mon has died and has kill pressure or your volt switch failed as it switched in. If that is not the case how is it setting up so freely? Worst case scenario you hit it with what you have currently then sacrifice something that does nothing in that duel. Another point to mention, Garchomp does suffer slightly from 4mss. Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Fire move, Rocks, Stone Edge and Substitute are all viable options. If you know it does not have a fire move then Skarmory easily beats it, Garchomp needs to be dealt with a case by case basis. Aight lemme just list off some mons that check/counter/chip chomp: Cloyster, scarf or bulky (unless chain chomp dracos it) Rotom, bulky willo or scarf trick can cripple Weavile, OHKO through Yache Mandibuzz, walls variants without Stone Edge Porygon2, Bold reflect beats every variant of Garchomp Bronzong, can tank any fire move especially if you run Occa berry Skarmory, walls any varient without fire moves and can retaliate with Whirlwind and Counter Ferrothorn, shakey at best but can tank +2 Earthquake Slowbro, tanks any move and can burn or low chance to OHKO non Yache variants with Ice Beam Tangrowth, may struggle with Fire Blast variants but solid otherwise Umbreon, a worse Mandibuzz Mamoswine, Ice Shard does a lot of damage Gliscor, Rocky Helmet + Toxic/Ice Fang dents it Hippowdon, Whirlwind phazes it out and Earthquake/Ice Fang do decent damage, curse also has a good match up Gyarados, intimidate helps out and only has to worry about Stone Edge Cofagrigus, willo + sball can break subs and burn Here is a list of other things that can reliably revenge kill Garchomp: Scizor Starmie Gengar Infernape Scarfers Obviously this list is not limited to these Pokemon, e.g. a Lucario can achieve the same thing if Garchomp is low enough. There's probably some other things that can deal with it but these came to mind first.
  2. Levitate was changed in gen 7 to cursed body. Fairy types have nothing to do with the nerf, the reason for the change would be to keep as much as possible up to date. I've never liked Gengar's unnecessary nerf either but I guess we would eventually have to get it.
  3. My bad it was to my understanding that those 50% would start their matches as soon as the threshold was reached, though this may cause confusion when some players have started a game while others have not. How about if I claim that "Someone will get struck by lightning tomorrow?" This is not specific to an individual and could provide an unfair edge to that one person who can scout in the tournament. Yes, if people are committed to scouting they will scout if possible. The extent of which I cannot foretell but there will be people who attempt to abuse this. It is just easier to leave tournaments the way they currently are, it adds complications however minor but still exploitable. I do not wish to derail this thread any further, sorry for doing so.
  4. Exactly, I'm trying to say in this example scouting would still exist. 95% would be a horrible idea, you narrow down the bracket largely for the last 5% to scout. The 50% suggestion is at least feasible as it would cut wait times for that group of players, however if just 1 person stalls out their match it will increase the wait time for the other half of the bracket significantly ,which would in turn delay the whole tournament. It is realistic, it is not limited to being the "first" to finish a round. You simply need to not have been paired yet and you would just need to wait. At the very least Xela's suggestion to have a threshold of players to advance would work to diminish this but as I said this can cause delays. Nobody that takes competitive seriously would like this.
  5. That would still be exploitable, say you and one other player just so happened to be shuffled together for round 2 and you both finished round 1 before everyone else, you would know who you are paired up with when the timer starts ticking to ready up. If you have not paired with someone then you simply wait for a match to end, if your timer starts then you scout that guy that recently won.
  6. I don't want this thread to derail into a discussion about how spectating in tournaments should be handled but here are my two cents. I personally believe that the way it is now is fine. If you add extra dynamics to how the tournaments work it could add complications. I will go by some examples presented already: Ban spectating Horrible idea, easily kills the hype for anyone wanting to watch it live. Shuffle brackets Delays the whole tournament, shuffling the bracket would only be fair if everyone was included in the shuffle. (I would like to stress this point as tournaments are already long enough as it is especially with more 256 man tournaments.) You will eventually be able to deduce who you are likely to play against as well in the later rounds (if multiple people start their games you know you wont be playing them), hence scouting can still happen but only to a smaller portion of the player base. Shuffling brackets is usually reserved for multilevel tournaments whereby you are matched with someone with a similar record, e.g. a 3-1 player should be paired up with another 3-1 player. Restricting to one team per player Leads to some impossible match ups . Can heavily influence usage stats. Players cannot swap out mons if they believe they need a change. I may have some bias on this subject as I have won many tournaments but these suggestions seem to complicate the tournament structure and implementing these ideas are unnecessary, the good players should still win more consistently either way.
  7. While @xiaolinggg did request a bet and have @TJXD and @Aerun respond to them it should have locked in the bet. However, he had a simple condition to confirm it with these two and that was for them to respond. I'm sorry but after he tagged you guys it was of kind on you to respond, you would have been notified that you were tagged so I don't really get the argument for not "seeing" it. Let us not make this out to be a witch hunt for this guy, he only tried to be clear on what bets were being taken.
  8. Coba/Chople is heavily underutilized on the dd set allowing it to take advantage of mons like Crobat, not to mention that while drain punch in nice for recovery it can still HJK muscle through more tankier mons which helps it get out of control with moxie boosts. As for Metagross it can tank a large amount of the metagame and retaliate in return, it also has a plethora of sets it can run effectively: Bulky rocker Agility sweeper Choice Band Mixed attacker Choice Scarf
  9. Alright so I've looked through your comments and would like opinions on these potential changes: ⬇️ A+ rank to A Scrafty ⬆️ A rank to A+ Mandibuzz ⬇️ A rank to A- Staraptor Adding Exeggutor and Victreebel to B- rank. This is by no means discouraging other suggestions, I just feel these may be a bit more controversial and would like for us to agree on where we should place these first. I am still undecided if we should move Metagross yet, feel free to discuss it as well.
  10. Alright so I've looked through your comments and would like opinions on these potential changes: ⬆️ A+ rank to S Rotom Wash ⬆️ A+ rank to S Scizor ⬇️ A rank to A- Skarmory ⬇️ A rank to B+ Kingdra ⬇️ A- rank to B+ Dugtrio ⬆️ B+ rank to A Milotic ⬆️ B+ rank to A- Reuniclus ⬇️ B rank to B- or C Bronzong Adding a D rank. This is by no means discouraging other suggestions, I just feel these may be a bit more controversial and would like for us to agree on where we should place these first.
  11. Rotom-Wash is definitely a top tier choice in the OU metagame but it has a few flaws: Gastrodon and Ferrothorn gladly switch into it unless you have hidden power grass/fire specifically to counter them 4 move slot syndrome, it cannot run every move it desires often times only running one electric move (giving up momentum or power) and hydro pump. This only leaves two slots with a plethora of good options but could be detrimental if you don't have the right one. Volt switch can be blocked by ground types, while risky to switch them in it could shut down all of your momentum if choice locked. No reliable recovery, Rotom must make use of 50% recovery berries or pain split. This makes it pretty good at checking threats but it will eventually get whittled down. Low base HP makes tanking a bit difficult.
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