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  1. [PSL9] Week Seven

    i won gg
  2. [PSL9] Week Seven

    Me vs Enchanteur in 30 mins
  3. [PSL9] Week Seven

  4. [PSL9] Week Five

  5. [PSL9] Week Five

    me and sej after them
  6. Unofficial hOUw ever is lo.

  7. Akshit's Asylum [Vanity Items]

    I'll take the remaining tickets.
  8. [PSL9] Week Four

  9. Gosh, who's the handsome lad in the middle?
  10. [PSL9] Week Three

    me and schu in 10 mins
  11. [PSL9] Week Three

  12. [PSL 9] Betting thread

    i'll take
  13. [PSL9] Week Two

  14. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    Imo Conkeldurr is the most busted mon in the OU metagame at this current period of time, the best counter is psychic Reuniculus but this can get punished by pursuit and a possible payback switch in. In a 1v1 scenario a bulk up Conkeldurr is likely to win against a psyshock Reuniculus. To top it off Conkeldurr is difficult to revenge kill due to access to mach punch and drain punch after boosting with bulk up. The only time I have seen Conkeldurr having an underwhelming performance is against rain teams because it has difficulties with setting up. Even if you status Conkeldurr all you're doing is boosting it with guts, the most common haze users Milotic and Mantine fail to 1v1 it due to thunderpunch/drain punch either flat out killing or healing off the scald damage (and eventually burning it thus activating guts). Honestly, when the best way to deal with a Pokemon (that can fit in almost any team) is to let it kill something and then bring in a special attacker that lives a +1 mach punch it should probably be banned.

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