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  1. OU Viability Thread

  2. OU Viability Thread

    I don't believe "one of the best spinners" would be weak to stealth rock and have no reliable recovery move, I get that you can switch this into Skarmory and Ferrothorn with ease but there are many other Stealth Rock setters now that Torkoal can't realistically Rapid spin on them. The main niche for Torkoal is setting up sun and without any viable sun abusers I don't think Torkoal is viable, quite frankly it has a minuscule roll in OU, which it performs quite badly as well because Tyranitar and Pelipper switch in with ease to cancel out the sun. You make a fair point that Torkoal is difficult to ohko on the physical side but realistically you won't be securing ohkos back with Flamethrower (aside from Scizor and some Ferrothorn) if you go bulky. Besides you are better off running Lava plume on a bulky set to up your chances of a burn. With a base speed of 20 I doubt we will see many shell smash Torkoal sweeps.
  3. OU Viability Thread

    The list was made assuming things would be working like sash and abilities. I didn't delve deep into descriptions just the first things that came to mind when writing a brief summary of why I believe it should warrant that rank, pardon me for being a bit lazy I just wanted to have a little something for each mon. Anything that was in S was iffy at best, there were many /s for a reason. I felt I gave it out too often but wanted to leave a list that could help someone make their own decisions seeing as a viability thread would be mostly subjective until someone gives a solid reason as to why something should place at x rank. I don't think it would be wrong to have an initial list for people to build upon, even if some reasoning may be flawed.
  4. Icon enlargement

    1) Menu 2)Settings 3)Interface 4)Uncheck "Small HUD Menu"
  5. I wonder who caught that wooper. Kappa
  6. Overwatch

  7. moving to a new ball

    You can see what ball a player has when they send in a Pokemon, so say you know a player runs x set on a Poke ball but you also know they run y set on a Great ball then you will know what to expect.
  8. moving to a new ball

    Alright, so you don't have an actual reason why this would damage the flow of the game. If anything this helps players put their Pokemon into a desired ball, many players bred Pokemon prior to the update without knowing this Pokeball scouting thing would be a thing (seeing as how the developers caused this issue I believe this suggestion is reasonable). I don't think it would hurt to see this as another money sink to help those players out against scouting.
  9. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    "The EVs have been used to maximize defenses while a Calm Nature is used to allow her to absorb special attacks more easily." lol with reasoning like this idk what to say. Anyway, I'm just presuming here but I'm pretty sure the rise of fighting types in BW might have made people use this as the standard spread to just avoid sponging physical hits. However, I don't think this makes any sense here since our current OU list's special attackers get shafted by Blissey even with just hp invest. Aside from this, many players have already made Chansey's with this spread, which they would happen to evolve for the current meta. Yeah I know this reasoning isn't very concrete as players adapt eventually but we will see this spread going around for a while.
  10. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    Hold up, what kind of Blissey spread is that? 4hp and 252+spdef makes no sense, you get way more value out of 252(or 172 for leftovers)hp and 252def+ since Blissey eats all special hits anyway. Regardless, in the tournament yesterday I managed to two hit a Blissey with Volcarona. +2 252+ SpA Life Orb Volcarona Bug Buzz vs. 252 HP / 4 SpD Blissey: 175-207 (48.3 - 57.1%) -- 38.7% chance to 2HKO after Leftovers recovery I know I got a roll but this means Volcarona can still beat Blissey. I'm in no way advocating for the ban of Volcarona just yet, it seems strong but always has some counter to it depending on the set, priority from Dragonite, Azumarill, Kabutops, Bisharp and somewhat Lucario also dent it hard or OHKO it. On another note, I think we forgot that Dugtrio has 100 base attack here, this thing is not fun to play against, the only way to possibly punish Dugtrio is to have a flying/levitating setup Pokemon in the back to abuse the CB lock, even then Dugtrio can just freely come in to trap if you have a check/counter to said flying/levitation Pokemon. I believe it warrants a discussion.
  11. Cannot leave Pallet Town

    Type /unstuck after that wait 2 minutes and you should be teleported back to pallet.
  12. allow the usage of underleveled pokemon in matchmaking

    What's the problem with the FEAR strategies? They are pretty easy to play around and I personally find it dumb how they are disabled, with the addition of stealth rocks they are just a meme.
  13. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    My donphan wasn't able to get ice shard
  14. must be update hype


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