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  1. King

    You're stupid.

  2. King

    You're in trouble.

  3. Emlee

    hi can we hold hands? 

    1. Deejaye


      I'll hold your hand!

    2. Emlee


      Yay!! :)

  4. King


  5. Emlee

    Cute cute CUTE

  6. Emlee

    hi. you seem cute.

  7. King

    Cringe thread

    ahahahahahahhaa he plays PokeMMO
  8. King

    Cringe thread

    Oh fuck please don't go what will we do without you??? :(
  9. King

    Cringe thread

    But edgy borderlands avatars are cool?
  10. King

    Cringe thread

    Ahahahahahaha because anime is cringe r-right guys??
  11. King

    Cringe thread

    I post this in every cringe thread we've ever had but watch this shit again.
  12. I don't even know who you are anymore See you merlin tho
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