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  1. yo when you want to do the psl duel?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. eloyraptor


      After I wake up ( 17:00 CEST ) because I work at night

    3. xilias


      okay bro we'll try doing it in saturday at from 4pm BST to 11pm BST,otherwise it'll be sunday in the same time,okay?

    4. eloyraptor


      yes, its fine

      I forgot something, must be the sunday

  2. So, at what time we play? Im free now

  3. Sup' man, I'm against you for this week PSL OU battle, I'm available Friday afternoon/night, and weekend, time GMT+2 (mostly prefer afternoon/evening)


    If you can tell me a time that suit you~


    See you soon.

    1. eloyraptor


      We can play the friday or the sunday, we have thr same horary

    2. MisterHide


      Ok, lets see friday about which time we'll do it

  4. Hey man, haven't seen you in game at all. So just wondering when you can get on so we can schedule our match.

    1. eloyraptor


      I just end my exams today. I should be free 16:00 CET to 20:00 tuesday to thursday and all the sunday

  5. Eloy, Jay really insists that you talk to Yagami about your game and get it played, please. He does not want this to go into a void. So, please play your PSL game. Thanks :)

    1. Magnet


      Make a profile feed on his profile so Jay can feel assured, thanks again :)

    2. eloyraptor


      we will battle today at 16:00 CEST we spoke it by personal message

  6. hey, so psl match this week. Can do tuesday/wednesday after 8:30pm edt. Thursday before 4pm edt. Friday after 4pm edt and saturday after 2pm edt

  7. heeeeeeeeeeeeeey o/ eloy whats up? is tomorrow good? say 4-10 EDT (your in edt iirc?) if not how bout saturday? 4-10 EDT? sunday 2-6EDT?

    1. fredrichnietze


      also lel at the only post on your feed being me from last season of psl

    2. eloyraptor


      lol, I just discovered this. I never noticed the existence of the feed. The sunday Im free all day, we can play then. My time is CET.

    3. fredrichnietze


      sunday works for me ^^

  8. clear out your inbox so i can pm pls

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