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  1. Hola, entiendo lo que dices, pero debes saber algo, hay reglas que existen para mejorar la convivencia social entre los jugadores. Cualquiera puede acceder a ellos para que no se justifiquen, los castigos y baneos se investigan cuidadosamente, para no sancionar al jugador a la ligera, si se le encuentra culpable, de acuerdo a su mala conducta será sancionado.
  2. Hi new, nice to meet you
  3. Although it is only a maintenance aimed at the physical components of pokemmo, as such it is not known if it will affect the meta of the game or not.
  4. It is a maintenaance, not an update, the physical components of pokemmo (hardware) will change.
  5. Zekeen

    Player Profile

    With the fact that you can put private how many hours you have been playing among other elements is fine, it is respectable, but if you hide all your information as unique achievements, the suggestion that i proposed would not apply. Thanks for your comment.
  6. Zekeen

    Player Profile

    Let's remember that we are inside a game, wi will always be exposed to trolls, but this will not stop putting god things into the games, you do not need to hide your achievement information that can be shared so as not to be a victim of trolls, i would believe it if you were a famous but you are just a common player like me. Thanks for your comment.
  7. I don't know what many will think of this suggestion, but i have thought about player profiles, when we want to add a person we go to the friends menu and below we select add friend, but it would be nice that when we want to add them, it gives us information about their profile, something where you have achievements, like if i managed to stay in the ranking for a season, if you've been playing for more than 1 year, how many hours, etc. i understand that most of the information is in the user file, but you can only see it yourself, maybe if the person who wants to add you could see it, it would be something unique, what do you think?
  8. In support, sign in whit a usarname, password, not a email.
  9. Hi, create a ticket in support, click where it says type of ticket, choose support request. https://support.pokemmo.eu/support,
  10. What you propose is interesting, it would be more comfortable using commands, hotkeys do not facilitate anything.
  11. Hi, you can checks this link that i leave you, and post your questions about forming a pokemon team. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/35-competitive-assistance/
  12. Zekeen

    JKB Team

    What a mess!! hahaha
  13. As some colleagues have already mentioned, there are those options, they are not in the commands for some reasons that we do not know, i imagine that there would be users where they would not know how to use the commands and to facilitate. they did it in the icons, there are basic commands that you can write like /dnd, /w (username) for private whisper, etc.
  14. What you say to motivate them to use the tapes is fine, but i think there are many players of years who must already be bored of getting the tapes, when you see an online game of something you like there is a lot to learn the modalities, go for tapes for a pokemon let's say that it is a bit forgotten, but it is optional on the part of the user.
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